levon lyrics meaning
"Daniel" is a the grown-up ballad about a dissillusioned Vietnam veteran and was inspired by an article Bernie had read in Newswee... Lyricist Bernie Taupin -- the man who wrote the words for Elton John -- talked about how he turned such phrases into solid gold rock'n... Elton is singing about himself. The next line, which you didn’t quote, is, “And he shall be Levon.” Put together, it says, “Alvin Tostig has a son today, and he shall be Levon.” (Which, to extend it to the rest of the song, would make Alvin Tostig “Jesus'” grandfather.). LEVON as a good man worked hard and saved his money religiously to help raise and send his son to the finest schools named JESUS 'cause he liked the name to be resurrected as a crown of faith to pass on to his son in hope that would help the family business and humanity to thrive together in a Christian faith from the damage that was done by the wars of the past, where similar mentality followed to take more of the faith away and keep The ''god is dead movement'' alive in the mid 60's that was promoted on The Time magazine also.

Those who reject this belief tend to hold one of two views: Paul Buckmaster wrote the orchestral arrangements and directed the … (Taupin is the guy who writes or co-writes a lot of Elton John’s songs and who wrote the lyrics for “Levon.”). There is also no proof that he was bisexual but I think there was some anecdotal evidence of it in the lyrics of the songs that relate to him. Also, some have speculated that Levon contains veiled references to a popular book of the time, “Future Shock,” by Alvin Toffler. Also look at the play of words, " he will be Levon", misinterpreted as he will believe on. The Story Behind "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", The Story Behind "Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (part two)", The Story Behind "Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding", Jim Turano: One Of The Greatest Elton's Fans, About Recording "Madman Across The Water", The Story Behind "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word". I believe the true meaning is a mix of friends and Christianity. Levon follows the common occult/Wiccan practice of esconcing meanings by "backmasking", or spelling/saying things backwards. Linda Woodrow was his bride-to-be. Joseph also ran his family business, which Jesus did not want to do. I think that both Levon and Jesus are perhaps slow or challenged in my interpretation of this song. The background: OK, who the hell is Alvin Tostig? However, in 2013, Bernie Taupin said that the song is unrelated to Levon Helm. Joseph was forced to believe on, even though he was not convinced his wife to be was a virgin. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. First: "HE SHALL BELIEVE ON." There, one contributor states the following: In Susan Black’s book, Elton John in His Own Words, Elton says of Levon: “It’s about a guy who just gets bored doing the same thing. document.write('
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The people then on the most part did't know what to do with his understanding of the term that freed some people to be destructive instead, that pushed their thinking ego's towards physical war to be like a Superman over others in like what happened during World War I and II.


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