list of bible characters and their flaws

The story of Jonah reminds us of the importance of listening to God and that God loves us all. He was a prophet who worked with Paul.

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He was also involved in sheep, cattle, and fruit businesses. instance.onSelect = function(){ _this.validate() }; Abraham and Lot are blessed with lots of silver, gold, cattle, and other riches, but since they are living right next to each other, their servants begin to fight, presumably over water and grazing issues. Manasseh was the king of southern Judea. Isaiah was a prophet for King Ahaz right before the Assyrian conflict began. When Abraham worries about not having an heir, God reassures him, promising that he would have as many descendents as there are stars in the sky. Manatita, I did mention "the one on the tree" in my article about the path downward. Abraham was willing to listen to God and obey him. Top 10 Flawed Biblical People that God still used. He hoped Paul would offer him a bribe, but he never did. He accompanied Paul on many of his missionary travels. If we think we can change, we will. Excellent message. Jackie, thanks for the encouragement. But he was wise, he was faithful, he protected his family and he did what God told him to do. Thank you.

}, An informative overview about Joseph's years in Egypt. } dropdown.onchange = (function(){ _this.validate(); }); Ms. Dora, I tried to share your article, but it seemed to be blocked. So beautifully written. Why did Paul think that it was God’s voice? He says there must be at least a few righteous people there, despite the depravity of the majority. You have chosen very nice characters. These letters were written to church congregations to address problems that had arose among the members. In addition to this, when God asked Gideon to destroy his father’s idols, he did it at night when no one could see him.

Moses was a tad-bit snobbish (Ex. Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on June 03, 2014: Ann, I am very pleased that you like the article.

The Sanhedrin was the Jewish supreme court that ensured all activities, especially religious services, were done according to the Law. Joshua was the successor to Moses. }, Balak is the king of Moab at the time the Israelites are marching towards the Promised Land. Abraham lies and says Sarah is his sister.

Sarah's egyptian maid becomes the mother to Abraham's first son Ishmael. Whereas in Luke - Mary is greeted by Gabriel; they live in Nazareth and travel to Bethlehem where Jesus was born in a stable and angels and shepherds witnessed his arrival. Peter and Joseph give me hope for sure. I appreciate your input. You're a good storyteller. What's unique about Habakkuk is that he engaged in dialogue with God.

Bible Characters and Themes.

His father is Eleazar and he appears to be an only child.

updateFormAfterValidation: function() { I relate to him too because I come up short in so many areas. Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:43-48 (Loving Enemies). '", Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:38-42 (Retaliation).

} this.submitForm(); We share a love for Bible reading. - Matthew Henry's Commentary.

He spoke and wrote often about the inequalities between the rich and poor. Reuben is the eldest son of Jacob and his first wife, Leah. Our God adored Bathsheba’s second-born son (2 Sam.

Do you feel you must control the things and people that are around you? Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:33-37 (Oaths), Jesus says, "It has been said, 'Don't break your oaths,' but I say, 'Don't make any oaths.

Ann1Az2 from Orange, Texas on June 03, 2014: MsDora, this was very well thought-out.

Abraham lies and says Sarah is his sister. if (selected) { Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on May 25, 2014: Lori, thanks for your encouragement.

Valentinus was an eloquent man who wrote extensively about his theological beliefs, which include many elements of Gnosticism. Once son raped a daughter, another son murdered the first son before trying to take the throne from David, and David did nothing to punish them. Philemon was a wealthy man who was good friends with Paul. Now, she did recognize that God had given the land to the Israelites and that He was sovereign, (Joshua 2:11, “For the LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below.) You can place many labels on yourself that serve only to hold you back.

:) There is only 1 who is good. He slept with a prostitute and was manipulated repeatedly by Delilah (Judges 16). All the rest of us ARE flawed. 1.

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Are you afraid that you're not good enough? He was rather short-sighted.

The people, the places, the struggles, the victories, and the defeats—they ALL lived, existed, happened.

In the Gospels, Peter’s life and relationship with Christ is like a roller-coaster ride.


emailValidation: function() { This sequence of events is suspiciously similar to those in Genesis 12, involving Pharoah in that instance. this.isValid = true; Apollos passionately taught others about and debates the principles of Christianity publicly. Haggai wrote during one of most challenging times in Jewish history. He took no credit for it, attributing all wisdom to God. text; 123 Ideas For Character Flaws. These sisters provided a teachable moment when Martha asked Jesus to ask Mary to come help her serve the guests. Esau was the older twin. From her son, Judah, came the line of David and Jesus. return 'checkboxes'; Naaman was an accomplished soldier in the Syrian army. .

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on May 26, 2014: Flourish, special thanks to you for reading and commenting. Did you know that Armageddon literally means Mountain of Megeddon, which perplexes scholars because there are no mountains on the site of Megeddon. Moses and Aaron were quite the team - Moses was like a god to Pharaoh; Aaron was like a prophet. ... but went on to repent wholeheartedly and raise money to build a temple to honor his God. There is no mention of hell in the Old Testament. Athanasius is known as the "Father of Orthodoxy."

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Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Canaanites are the people who lived in the land of Canaan before the arrival of the Israelites.The origin of the name is uncertain, but it comes from a term meaning "to be low, humble, subjugated.". Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 6:16-18 (Fasting). When he heard that Jesus was passing through town, he realized that his physique flaw would prevent him from seeing the phenomenal Master Teacher. I figured I'd hear about David, Peter, and Abraham.

Find out more about the backgrounds of Jesus' disciples. this.isValid = false;


He performed the first healing in the Bible. We are all certainly flawed and I know my faith grows by leaps and bounds, especially during those daily trials of life and seeing just how much He continues to love us despite our many flaws.

The temptation to ... 2. Saul, a member of the religious sect called the Pharisees, was highly opposed to the followers of Christ.

this.formSubmitting(); My power works best in weakness.' Find out some interesting info about his life, including his missionary trips to India. This is not the man one would immediately choose to lead the early Church, yet that’s what happened.


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