list of perfumes that contain ambergris
My choice if I am announced as a winner: The pleasant and spicy opening scent of Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan immediately draws you in. Top 5 Best Amber Perfumes 2020 – Our Reviews: Best Cruelty Free Perfumes 2020: Reviews & Top Picks, Best Perfumes for Women 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks, Best Polo Colognes For Men 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks, Best Ralph Lauren Perfumes For Women 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks, Best Body Sprays For Men 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks, How to Make Perfume Last Longer? Interesting read and great article! The amber notes are brilliantly blended with coconut water and rose, resulting in a sophisticated scent that leaves you feeling warm and comfortable. 1) Parfums Dusita Issara Great article, Elise! It’s fascinating, even miraculous, that ambergris can age for so long as 100 years. I have read about ambergris in the past. Great article. Parfum dusita issara. – Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion kit The smell now is gorgeous”. I find the search for its synthetic replacement to be very interesting.

I had no idea that the whale dies at the time of ambergris expulsion – I didn’t know it was such a violent procedure, although I understand that it is completely natural and has nothing to do with mankind. Dragons sleeping on rocks that drool ambergris into the ocean? I have wondered if I can one day find the real stuff in a beach. This clearly pointed to a digestive tract origin but the question remained…from which end. I have made a note of synthetic ambergris replacements for personal reference as well. Marketed to be worn during spring, this Dior perfume is appropriate for any occasion and can be worn at work.

The Chinese legend about ambergris is fascinatng. JK De Lapp of The Rising Phoenix Group Photo of  Ambergris on the Beach Bahamas ©. I was fascinated by the idea that something of this quality like feces can be transformed with natures help into such a treasure. AMBROCENIDE© also goes through from top to bottom like ‘an elegant shimmering dagger.’ Then there is AMBER EXTREME© from IFF that pulsates in the center of the perfume and helps fill in for woody notes. Parfums Dusita Isaara, 3. I’m in the usa. JK De Lapp of The Rising Phoenix Group Photo of Grey Ambergris.

4) Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla & The Sea –All Natural I found it extremely interesting the descriptions of the compositions for replacement Ambergris. This is a great opportunity to have chance to own/smell a fragrance with real ambergris. Ambergris always reminds me of the Bob’s Burgers episode where they find a washed up chunk of ambergris- an enigma of gross-great! During the dry-down period, you will also notice a few spices and a touch of oud. Ambergris Perfume Oil Jovan 1/3 fl. Ambergris adds tenacity, radiance, sillage, lift, marine and woody notes, and a very special beauty to perfumes. Thanks to the very informative post about ambergris.

– The Rising Phoenix Group a  mini vial of Silver/White ambergris all natural. I would have a little sniffing party with my perfume friends.

I’m in the USA. Fortunately, I have picked some amber perfumes that could suit your taste. At that time, it seems they couldn’t decide whether it was vomit or poop.

If I won, I’d be bowled over with delight to get Issara (a new favorite scent), or Rendez Vous, or the Rising Phoenix tincture. I am so curious as to its scent in the fragrances.

I had no idea it was banned! Very interesting article.

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the perfumes that most people buy). Amber Musk smells like a grown-up scent and I think it would be highly appropriate for office wear. The Rising Phoenix Group mini vial of Silver/White Ambergris Tincture (natural) Thanks so much for the draw! In the USA. Anya’s Garden Fairchild Pierre Guéros, Perfumer at Symrise, reminds us that “There are a lot of ‘ambery’ notes, that could go from vibrant ambery woody notes (very popular right now especially in masculine fragrances, like AMBROCENIDE©, NORLIMBANOL©, AMBERMAX© or KARANAL©, to woody, smoky leather ambery notes (derivates from cistus/labdanum like ambrein or hydrocarboresin) and finally the classical ambery – Guerlinade accord (coumarine, vanillin, cistus once again).” He further states that AMBRINOL© (AMBRINOL S© from Symrise) is a key substitute for the ambergris tincture with its marine and animalic note". I do have a small chunk of it. –Elise Pearlstine, Editor and Perfumer for Tambela. DSH Rendezous My choices would be Parfums Dusita Issara (Pissara Umavijani) Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit containing Ambergris,DSH Perfumes “Animalic, sexy and salty Rendez Vous” mini flask Eau de Parfum , Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla & The Sea –All Natural . – The Rising Phoenix Group a mini vial of Silver / White Ambergris Tincture So complete and informative. I have learned that ambergris is a very complex note that could go in different aspects. I can’t stop waxing lyrical of Aerin’s take on amber. The house of Creed have Ambergris as a signature of most of their fragrances. Its scent will remind you of a chilly evening when you cover yourself up in the coziest cashmere blanket you own. I live in Europe. I learned so much about this substance that “The magic of time and sea takes ambergris that is animalic and fecal, rounds and softens the edges, putting them in the background and The magic of time and sea takes ambergris that is animalic and fecal, rounds and softens the edges, putting them in the background and adds the beauty of the sea and the sun the beauty of the sea and the sun.” live in the US and would choose Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit, Bassett Opulence Eau de Parfum, Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla & The Sea or The Rising Phoenix Group a mini vial of Silver / White Ambergris Tincture. I hoped for vomit. I live in Europe. Queen Makeda -TheTrue Name of the Ethiopian Queen,…, Aldehydes In Perfumery + It’s Chemistry Baby Draw, CaFleureBon Musk in Perfumery: Of Skin and Skank +…, Givenchy L’Interdit 2018 Review (Dominique…, Smoky Eyes and Smoky Perfumes: The Allure of Scents…, Fragrances of Film Noir: Scenting Five Femmes Fatales, New Fragrance Reviews: Ivoire de Balmain (1979)…, In Defense of Natural Perfumery as Olfactory Art by…, CHANEL Gabrielle (Olivier Polge) 2017~New Perfume Review, Guerlain Mitsouko Centennial 1919-2019: The Scented Skein, ÇaFleureBon Ambergris in Perfumery “Sperm Whale Poop and Floating Gold” + 7 Rare Ambergris Fragrance Draw, ÇaFleureBon Profiles In American Perfumery, ÇaFleureBon Creative Directors In Perfumery, Perfumes (Created/Bespoke) For ÇaFleureBon, Twisted Lily Fragrance Boutique & Apothecary, Reviews and Articles by Sr. Editor & Emeritus Robert Herrmann, Reviews and Articles by Deputy Editor Tama Blough, Sintra by Memo Paris Review (Alienor Massenet) 2020+ 4 Cs of Sintra DRAW, État Libre d’Orange La Fin Du Monde Review (Quentin Bisch) 2013 ~plus Interviews with Quentin Bisch and Étienne de Swardt + Laughing at the Face of the Apocalypse Draw.


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