loading 45 colt

AA No. positions were closer in speeds and the spreads were noticeably

725 846 (mild) ### my actual in 20" rifle barrel 941 Cowboy MAX 730 (Actual in 4 5/8" bbl revolver) (No.

Titegroup 6.5 gr. 761 minimum

ZIP 5.5 gr. ----------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

Trail Boss 6.5 gr.

685 Hi=740, Lo=647, ES=93 Bullseye 6.0 gr. 731 855 (IMR Max load) Remember to include the cost of the brass as well, and the cost of the reload equipment, and amortize that over however many loads you expect to make. 883 start When cowboy action became popular, there was a long learning curve and eventually most competitors settled on the .38 Special. 5 8.5 gr.

This load shot dirty, velocity was too high for this game, really heated up the barrel, and was a shade too long after barrel was fouled. IMR4227 19.0 gr. By the standards of the day when it arrived in 1873, and even to this day, the 45 Colt was and is a powerful cartridge. 785 cowboy mild

1020 Maximum HS6 13.5 gr. RNFP)

225 grain LRN, FP or SWC (Lead Round Nose) ### my actual in 20" rifle barrel

One caveat re Rugers,check the smoothness of all the chambers.In the 40 years I’ve had Rugers,sometimes one or more chambers is rough,resulting in sticking cases and extraction.With a Ruger Super Single Six I sent it back to the factory for deburring.If there is fouling buildup in specific chambers this could be another sign of a rough chamber[s].

But the power you get at 1050 fps would depend on the size bullet you are using at that MV. N32C Tin Star 8.3 gr. Titegroup 5.0 gr. Brand new brass seats in the cylinder perfectly. 761 FPS minimum The top of the can says "NOT FOR HANDGUN LOADS". 231 8.3 gr. 905 MAX LOAD (I got 932.2 in revolver)

980 max if ( notice ) 830

* 1,000*

Trail Boss 7.3 gr. 776 Unique 6.8 gr.

(Note: No. Note: Powder Mfgs. While I have not shot any specific ‘Cowboy’ loads, I have shot a lot of the lower cost .45 LC rounds just to keep the cost down.

Hence, in Marlin: 292 grain bullet, 21 grains IMR-4227, Starline case, Fed 155 primer = 1350 fps.

AA No. 800 731 minimum No. Trail Boss 6.5 gr. Manual (1996) - - Speer Reloading Manual, #12 - - Winchester

ZIP 5.5 gr.

Filling the case to the base of the bullet with a specific powder to obtain a specific velocity is known as shape charging. Your email address will not be published.

Titegroup 6.4 gr. 995 FPS Universal 7.8 gr. Zip 5.8 gr. 761 minimum

The difference is about 130 ft. 5 10.4 gr. 1,239 fps(* Plus P) 807 (cowboy load) 843 (Actual in 7 1/2" bbl revolver) AA #9 16.0 gr. 766 ( mild cowboy) This way you can find the desired ammo for whatever purpose you want. Some have more merit than others. 870 FPS CAUTION!!

Clays 5.9 gr. 21.5 grains of H-110 will produce 1250 fps. * 888* FPS 9 17.6 gr. 744 Titegroup 6.2 gr. I chose 7.0 gr of Unique mainly because I had it and didn’t have any of the other powders listed. ==========-[only RUGER and T/C below]========= With above suggested loads, cut powder charges to obtain 1250 fps.

Its clear to see why it got it well deserved reputation as a man stopper. 5 10.9 gr. 2400 21.4 gr.

HP38 9.0 gr. 727 FPS MAXIMUM

If you have an older can of Scot Nitro 100 or Accurate Nitro 100, please note, it is NOT the same as the "New Formulation" at Western Powders.

(See note on NEW Nitro 100 powder at bottom of page) HS6 13.5 gr. 250 grain lead RNFP Cowboy loads before firing each round and gently bring the gun to the horizontal AA No.9* 15.2 gr.

Easy to shoot well, low recoil, good accuracy, and down right cheap to load. 731 setTimeout( 800 Hi=910 Lo=813 ES 190 Unique 6.8 gr. 932 minimum

Nitro 100 6.5 gr. 1051 Maximum * For Ruger and T/C ONLY ! HP38 7.5 gr. 817 cowboy MAX 700

785 minimum Nitro 100 5.5 gr. HP38 5.8 gr. While some are low cost, other loads are more often lower in cost, cost per round, which is shown in this Excel file as well. * 1,130* Clays 4.2 gr. 708##(lo-649/hi-762) Nitro 100 use 6.1 to 6.8 for normal Colt 45 loads (old formulation Unique 7.0 gr. 5 12.1 gr. 708##(lo-649/hi-762) True Blue 8.9 gr. Unique 9.5 gr.

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Trail Boss 4.5 gr. 2400 12.5 gr. considered more the norm. Clays 5.0 gr. To prove this, I have an Excel file that lists ammo from many suppliers for 30 handgun calibers, and 18 rifle ones.

Nitro 100 7.3 to 8.1 gr. Universal 6.5 gr. MAXIMUM+ Use at YOUR OWN These revolvers handle .38 Special as well. lbs., which makes the max 44 Mag about 9.5% more powerful than the max 45 Colt ammo.

773 (very mild)Hi=830 Lo=718 ES=112 881 Maximum 727 (Actual in 7 1/2" bbl revolver) -----------------------------------------

260 grain FMJ or JHP 45 Lil'Gun* 20.0 gr. 230 grain Round Nose LEAD (also see 225 gr. You can pull the bullets and save your powder, but youÔÇÖre taking a chance decapping live primers, so you might want to start fresh with new brass.

596 Hi=649, Lo=564, ES=85 (too slow) 785 cowboy mild Titegroup 6.9 gr. AA No. 1,140 start 5 10.0 gr. I love reloading. 846 (mild) HS6 13.5 gr. 742 FPS minimum 2 5.9 gr. ZIP 6.6 gr. Clays 5.1 gr. I purchased 230 gr round nose hard cast bullets, supposedly .452 (I haven’t miked them). and Sierra even AA No. Trail Boss 5.5 gr. Are you measuring power somehow, and if so how? There are safer powders for heavy loads.

No. No. IMR4227 17.0 gr. 865 near max since you are shooting a Blackhawk, you can get away with heavy loads of smokeless, but anyone shooting a colt, or Uberti clone CAN NOT. 995 FPS

19.5 grains of IMR-4227 will produce 1250 fps, accurate but lots of unburned grains of powder in barrel. 840 minimum Other loads in this paragraph are 25,000 CUP or less. 9 16.3 gr. Bullseye 6.0 gr. 2

749 FPS minimum 838 minimum I have used most of the popular old west calibers at one time or another, including the .32-20 and .41 Colt. Unique 7.8 gr. (Experiment with A5744 powder) lbs.

Bullseye 5.0 gr. I load my .45 colt with a 255 gr cast lead bullet (custom mold to approximate the original bullet) over 40gr of FFFG Goex black powder. ***1,023)* (13.6 to 15.1 MAX is good range) check to make sure its chambered in 45 colt.

Silhouette 9.5 gr. 700 This case was designed for 40 grains of black powder although modern cases with their solid heads will only hold 38 grains of FFFG black powder. H4227* 20.0 gr. 800 Hi=910 Lo=813 ES 190 IMR800-X 8.0 gr.

685 (IMR start load) True Blue 8.5 gr. 1,191 start Alliant 2400).

As for using black powder, it sounds like it may have some advantages since it is not as hard on the cases, nor the guns themselves. 260 grain JSP Speer It is a known fact that if powder charges have enough room to wander around inside the case, pressures and velocities may not be consistent.

905 MAX LOAD (I got 932.2 in revolver) 5 9.4 gr. Titegroup 6.4 gr. Lil'Gun* 20.0 gr. AA No.

No. Lil'Gun* 18.0 gr. HP38 7.5 gr.

1,000 (Maximum) My favorite, hands down, is the .45 Colt.

*** ONLY USE in Ruger, T/C and modern guns.

I do have some new cases I can try. 606 FPS minimum 690 723 Unique 9.0 gr. AA5744 is most consistent powder I have found, point up or down in case before firing. H-4227 24.6 gr. 933 MAX I find the 45 Colt offers more options than the 44Special/44Magnum loadings. 853 (Powder UP - see note)

Clays 4.8 gr. AA N100 6.9 gr. 1,043 Max 5 10.0 gr. },

But the .45 LC has a vastly bigger range of ammo AND at much lower cost per round as well. 850 start

1,343 max

Titegroup 9.5 gr. Please be respectful of others.

Universal 9.2 gr. *Blackhorn 206 22.2 gr. all cowboy loads below: H-4227 20.0 gr. 810 I feel that in general, the official ‘Cowboy’ rounds are over priced for what you get.

5 12.1 gr. AA5744 17.0 gr.

1,455 max HP38 8.5 gr. Titegroup 6.0 gr. notice.style.display = "block"; 5 11.8 gr.

IMR 4227* 18.0 gr. 759 minimum --- 9-9-11 loading smokeless over 900 fps will likely damage or destroy a Model P. as for loading costs I have broken down what it costs to load .45 Colt, if you cast your own bullets. * 1,150* W-296/H-110* 24.9 gr. * Blackhorn 209 is a black powder substitute with smokeless Unique 8.0 gr. 935 AA5744 17.0 gr. * Blackhorn 209 is a black powder substitute with smokeless Shooting the first 2 boxes of factory ammo was a very pleasant experience except at the checkout counter, so I prepared to handload (I load for numerous other calibers anyway). (Hi=872.5 Lo=827.5 Spread=45 fps)(some unburned powder) Take time to learn the .45 Colt and your handloads will be versatile, accurate, and powerful. 932 minimum

7* 14.5 gr.

True Blue 7.5 gr. (I do not recommend over 8.5 gr of Unique; tough on guns)

Regarding XMP-5744, Accurate Arms claims that this powder is insensitive to position in the case.

I even tried some lead bullets I used for my .45 Auto that mike about 0.449. True Blue 8.5 gr. Bullseye 6.3 gr. 734 minimum Bob Campbell. This change has enhanced accuracy. 839 (mild) HP38 5.8 gr. So, when I decided to get a .45 LC handgun, I choose NOT to get a 44 mag, which was at one time the most powerful handgun in the world (alla Dirty Harry!). VV N320 6.8 gr.

Lil'Gun 23.5 gr. (back off 15% to start these loads)

Clays 6.0 gr. 2400* 16.0 gr.

Silhouette 9.5 gr. 640 731 minimum the 45 colt was originally a black powder round and has a large case capacity. It appears to beat least $.20 per round, without paying for bullets nor cases, so what is the total cost? Also, newer lot #'s of WW-296 are more consistent than older lot #'s of this same powder. Universal 7.2 gr. AA5744 17.0 gr. * 1,100* 7 14.6 gr.

Clays 4.2 gr. AA No. Loads for .45 Colt:

935 Hi=974, Lo=877, ES=98 in 8.5" bbl

lead loads) WW case, 155 primer, 292 DKT bullet, 19.5 grains H-110, COL 1.665" = 1250 fps. 983 start all cowboy loads below: Bullseye, Unique and 2400 are products of Alliant (formerly Hercules) Powders. 800 5 9.4 gr. 2 5.9 gr. 628 Hi=677, Lo=594, ES=8.3 (too slow, but good spread) -----------------------------------------

942 start ----------------------------------------- Cowboy shooters often load down to 700 fps or so. VV N320 5.9 gr. Unique* 10.5 gr. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. Randy, thanks for the explanation on how you are measuring fps, and hence power. CAUTION!! 871 Hi=938 Lo=797 ES=141 (Colt Anaconda 6") HP38 9.0 gr. RISK 824 MAX.

777 minimum AA No.9* 15.2 gr. Clays 5.1 gr. Clays 4.4 gr. 917 minimum

812 Hi=898, Lo=707, ES=191 8.5" bbl Trail Boss 6.4 gr. 884 max - OK for all guns.

I'll finish the rest of the canister in 500 Linebaugh or 45 ACP. Clays 5.0 gr. type of bullet, seating depth, primer type and other factors, 727 (IMR max load) These loads are OK, I suppose, at shooting paper and serve a purpose. I find that it is strongest in the early afternoon. Clays 5.1 gr. 200 grain LRN or SWC (Lead Round Nose) 634 Hi=665, Lo=619, ES=26 (too slow)


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