lord of change 40k stats
Even the Fateweaver could not fully foresee the future destiny of a Primarch, a veritable demigod of Mankind.

Weapons batteries, Auspex arrays and enginariums were blasted one by one, leaving the crusade ships drifting and defenceless. Librarian Pollonius cried out in sudden agony, hands clamped to his skull and eyes bulging as the energies of his own mind were turned against him.

Unfortunately, the other head simultaneously responds with a contradictory answer, the falsehood being as believable as the truth. In the realm of realspace, these Greater Daemons appear as towering beings with gangling limbs and are deceptively delicate-looking. A fresh wave of leaping Flamers and cackling Horrors surged through the bulkhead and leapt to the attack.

Already, the daemon could see several moments where unleashing a Primarch driven insane might produce most intriguing results. [1], Indirect action is their preference; manipulating things from the shadows.


One by one, the guns fell silent as the horrified Ultramarines complied. The Thousand Sons Sorcerer Ahriman and a Lord of Change.

The Seer Council states that need necessitates such daring, as the threads of fate must be twisted in many places simultaneously to avoid greater doom. One of Kairos' two heads will always answer with the truth. Kairos Fateweaver prepares to assault the foes of Tzeentch. The Primarch narrowed his eyes as the vessel's primary Auspex array took a direct hit, and the pict feeds drowned in sudden static. Stripped of their weapons and their honour, Guilliman and his surviving followers -- a force that included hundreds of Space Marines, Grey Knights and Skitarii, along with their engines of war -- were dragged into the depths of the Traitor fortress and hurled into psychic spell-shielded cells. After the Shards of Magnus merged, Kairos transported the Thousand Sons back to the Planet of the Sorcerers and then vanished back into the Warp. Throughout this time, Kairos fateweaver began to psychically torture the primarch, enhancing his vast reserves of guilt and anguish over his inability to save the Emperor from His terrible fate during the Horus Heresy. After the Heresy had begun, Kairos once engaged in battle with the primarch of the Dark Angels Legion, Lion El'Jonson, aboard his flagship, the Gloriana-class Battleship Invincible Reason. If they did not, the Primarch would be crushed and throttled to death before their eyes. Unfortunately, the other head simultaneously responds with a contradictory answer, the falsehood being as believable as the truth.

Now they sought to steal as many of the Terran Crusade's warships as they could, along with the arms and armour within. Chaos Portal Tzeentch: Watching Lord of Change. One of the mysterious and powerful Blackstone Fortresses gifted to Huron Blackheart by Abaddon the Despoiler. This path ran through a massive graveyard of starships. But the Changer of Ways was himself afraid to enter the roiling currents of the Well, and so he sent his most powerful and trusted Greater Daemons in his stead.

The resurrection of Roboute Guilliman during the Ultramar Campaign in 999.M41 sent bow waves of psychic energy rolling outward through the Immaterium, racing tsunamis of turmoil that did not go unnoticed. For those of you keeping track, yes that gives the Necrons three Lords of War in their codex, compared to the ZERO for the Space Marines.

At some point after the fall of Prospero, Kairos was found by the Thousand Sons bound into a device known as the Iron Oculus. Those shots aimed at Kairos puffed away as clouds of glittering dust, while the Heralds remained shielded behind squirming bulwarks of daemonic flesh. A Greater Daemon of Tzeentch is driven by the need to redirect the predictable course of history itself and to set it upon a new, unexpected path.


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