losmandy g11t review

It was limited to using the Meade LXD-75 and the Celestron equivalent Advanced GT mount. The other thing that I like about Losmandy is that you can pick up the phone and talk to the guy that makes these things!

In the early 2000’s I had an observing buddy that had a g11 that he used with a c14 witch created some long lasting memories of the setup.

The iPad version installs flawlessly. You need to use the "full edit function" after you make a post.....to add pics. Back then that seemed like such a setup, and it was!

the RA is the silver disk that looks like swiss cheese haha. Having owned one of my g11’s for about two years I have used it in a variety of conditions from home(where I use it primarily) to star parties.

The DEC is still G11 as is the Gemini 2, tripod, etc. I have the new G11T here for the next few days and wanted to share with you my excitement over this new mount and give a bit of a first impressions and tour.

You'll find on the Groups.IO page that folks are also using The Sky X, Stellarium, SkySafari (with WifiScope), Cartes du Ciel, and AstroTelescope (Mac application that uses INDI).

Alas, it is just not enough mount for my 178ED….

For visual use, a spot-on polar alignment is not necessary, as the app dynamically points/tracks on both axes to compensate for drift due to a less than accurate polar alignment. What's cost?

The gear diameter of the G11T is 172mm for precise tracking under load. The UI is a bit less than intuitive in some places, but overall, it’s easy to use.

First up are some comparisons to the G11 and first impressions (NOTE: if someone can explain to me how to upload pics so they show inline, please pm me because I can't get it to work). I can't wait to try one out at NEAF in a few weeks. Losmandy mounts are machined from stainless steel and aluminum in California and have a much-deserved reputation for being one of the finest precision mounts in the world. The G-11 is often described as a "bargain premium mount."

The weight of the mount itself was also certainly higher.

This was a $10.00 purchase from Losmandy and took about 2 minutes to install. Once you have used it a few times it’s actually not bad at all though.

i'd be surprised if something as simple as that would be a problem on a new mount. Very, very nice! I definitely prefer using the iPad version of Explore Stars over the Android and Windows versions, but that's very likely my own personal bias as an Apple user. Weight limit - Losmandy is quoting 75lbs weight capacity. Curious how much of an impact there is. By: Vlad Fedosov. i'm using an ONAG so it's doing autofocus for me. As mentioned in the inro the first g11 that I bought was already hypertuned by Deep Space Products.

Thanks - I agree with you and have contacted Losmandy. Do you have the same?

I have removed the motors and the worm gear on the RA axis. the worm block is stainless, and won't be anodized. If you are someone that can not/will not work on their own equipment I think that the Losmandy mounts are not that much of an advantage from the Chinese competitors from Meade and Celestron besides the nicer machining on them. I also had to swap out the RA extension plate on the DEC, i guess it needs a slight update (or at least mine does), which Scott provided to me, Next up is mounting the OTA and balancing, which surprisingly i can still do on my own. Because this is an open-source project, anyone in the community can take it upon themselves to refactor the driver as well. Software   There are two ways to control the PMC-Eight. Carrying capacity wise I had mounted a 60lb 14″ LX-200 on the g11 and it carried it well for both visual use and EAA. - 866-252-3811, Astrophotographer Robert Vice to Give Workshop at the Arizona Dark Sky Star Party, iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight GoTo Equatorial Tracker Mount, iEXOS-100 HD PMC-Eight GoTo Equatorial Tracker Mount System, Losmandy G-11 PMC-Eight GoTo Equatorial Mount, Directory of Astrophotography Ambassadors, Explore Alliance Astrophotography Contest, How to Choose and Eyepieces for Any Telescope. I’m very happy with how the Losmandy mounts are made.

I don't recommend the app for scope control while imaging.

Support The level of support for this product is what I've come to expect from Explore Scientific. It looks great. I really like them.

The app connects over WiFi and works well. I can carry out just the g11 but not with a scope or counterweight mounted on it.

It too has the upgraded clutch knobs and the Gemini 1 GOTO system. Electronics The PMC-Eight controller requires 12 volts and uses the generally accepted standard 2.1mm x 5.5 mm plug. I had no problem centering objects on a 20 mm 70 degree eyepiece in an f/8 refractor. i'm around 4" PE, and under 1" guided on an orion 80 short tube with lodestar. There were a few points of contention that I had regarding what should be, in my opinion, "core functionality." The Gemini 1 system was the other component that really took some getting used to after the Meade Autostar and Celestrons Nexstar controllers. Yes, I'm also interested in learning more about this.

I can move an 11 lb weight by more than half the length of the shaft before it moves one way or the other. Keep in mind that this information is subjective based on the experience level of the user. I do have the tucked in motor upgrade on my G11 and from what I can see it has no appreciable impact on PE.

Very nice! Your 12" RC is very close to the C14 in weight so I am curious to hear how it will perform.

Splits into two pieces for transport: R.A. 44 lbs and DEC. 18 lbs; Removable counterweight shaft with safety stop; 1.25” diameter; Includes one 21 lb weight; Split dovetail saddle plate design. ASCOM Driver code is available for anyone to view. I had one for a relatively short time that I got as part of a trade. In all honesty, unless the mount is well leveled and relatively well polar aligned the GOTO accuracy is still not as good as the Meade and Celestron units that I was used to even though they are much more entry-level mounts. I assume it's either an additional "gearbox" or a belt that's been added to couple the worm with the existing gearbox.

I'm also bringing up the new 12" rc and the on axis guider, so there are a few variables going on, but so far, it's been a breeze to setup.

THe mount is just so sturdy and beefy. Losmandy is based out of California and all of their products are made right here in the USA. © 2020 Explore Scientific LLC. i'll be assembling things hopefully tonight and the weekend, and having more info.


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