lr1130 battery same as 357
They had very good capacity, but also slightly lower voltage. This decision can be reversed. All Rights Reserved. Remove Cookies

Mercury-oxide batteries contain mercury and are not in use anymore. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Bulova 616, Citizen 280-58, Duracell D317, IEC SR62, Maxell SR516SW, Panasonic SP317, Seiko SB-AR, Sony SR516SW, Timex CA, Toshiba SR516SW, Varta V317, Duracell D317, Goldpeak 317, Rayovac 317, Renata 317, CA, S52, 1188SO, SR69, SP370, 1171SO, SP371, SR920SW, SR920W, V371, V370, G64, LR920, AG6, 605, GP71, RW315, 30, SB-AN, D1T, D371, 537,SR69, GS6, SG6, S18, 280-31, 280-51, 620, Z, S40, 617, 280-45, D373, SR916SW/SR916W, SP373, 41, SR916SW, TR916SW, SR1916W, TR916W, V373, HA, Bulova 617, Citizen 280-45, Duracell D373, IEC SR68, Maxell SR916SW, Panasonic SP373, Seiko SB-AJ, Sony SR916SW, Timex WA, Toshiba SR916SW, Varta V373, LR43, 386, D386, 386, 386(6), V386(548), V301, 301, 226, SB-B8, 280-41, H, D, SR1142PW (SR43), SR43W, 260, 280-01, L1142.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These tiny button cell battery replacements are not always easy to find. Voltage: 1.55v Size: 3.1mm x 11.6mm advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left in the lurch next time your battery runs out. The average capacity of an alkaline LR1130 battery ranges from 44 to 68 mAh. Common NamesBattery companies often use other common names for the LR1130 battery. Our equivalent is the 389 Battery. is to replace an MR54, you have little option but to try a 24 Pack LR44 AG13 SR44 357 303 LR44G Battery - [Ultra Power] Premium Alkaline 1.5 Volt Non Rechargeable Round Button Cell Batteries for Watches Clocks & Electronic Devices - 2023 Exp Date 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,106 Duracell’s latest safety features help keep children safe. There are several very important differences between these two chemistries: - alkaline batteries have nominal voltage of 1.5 V, while silver-oxide batteries have nominal voltage of 1.55 V. - voltage of the alkaline batteries drops over time, while silver-oxide batteries have almost constant voltage during the use, with the sharp voltage drop when they are almost fully discharged. Consult our 357 battery cross reference table to ensure you are making the right battery selection. Silver-oxide batteries are often used in watches (hence the 'W' in the label - not always, but often) and similar electronic devices. document.write(' manufactured by '); £1.75 for a pair. The LR1130 button cell battery generally powers various types of small electric appliances, such as handheld game consoles, calculators, watches and thermometers. Battery Cross Reference Guide - 9 Volt, AA, AAA, C, D, Button cells, and more. Every button cell battery on our battery cross reference guide is 100% guaranteed and ships same-day (M-F) and FREE right to your door. mm Height: For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. However, as long as you don't need truckload of these batteries, even silver-oxide batteries are relatively cheap, especially considering that in most situations these batteries power devices that are very important like outdoor watches and similar 'gadgets' that your life often can depend on ... just our 2c :). LR44, AG13, LR1154, SR44, 303, 357 etc batteries are 11.6 mm in diameter and 5.4 mm in height (thus some models come with '1154' in their label). P&P included. So, if you consider replacing LR44, A76, KA76, AG13, LR1154 etc with SR44, SR44W, 303, 357 etc.

However, these alkaline batteries can be replaced with silver-oxide batteries, with the most common equivalent batteries: SR44, SR44W, SR44SW, 303, 357, SB-B9 etc. For marine and similar applications in important electronic devices, go for SR44 batteries. Silver-oxide batteries have a capacity in the range of 80 to 86 mAh. Batteries, if ( &&,5) != "?var=") { Sold by MYBATTERYSUPPLIER and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. What Is an Equivalent for the LR1130 Button Cell Battery. All batteries are by quality branded manufacturers, normally Renata, Varta, Rayovac or Panasonic.

£1.50 per pair if you buy two or more pairs. Buy Fresh Batteries: With Medic Batteries, You’ll Never Get Anything Less, Buy Batteries in Bulk: Three Reasons the Strategy Makes Good Business Sense, Paintball Batteries: All the Power You Need for Every Facet of the Game, Laser Sight Batteries: The Power for Accuracy, Buy 48-Pack Duracell AA Batteries – Freshest Batteries, Low Cost Shipping, 100% Guarantee, Wondering Where to Buy CR 2032 Battery Packs Online? document.write(batteryType); cameras, calculators, toys and watches. positn1 =",", positn + 1); The name is a code for the battery specifications. LR54, G10A, KA54, 189-1, RW89, L1131, V10GA, GP89A, LR1130, 189, 389A, 390A, AG10, D189. After all, some electronic devices don't operate reliably when powered with voltages below certain threshold - alkaline LR44 quickly drops below, for example, 1.4V, while silver-oxide SR44 holds 1.55 V almost all the time. them in pairs. Price:

Battery, Mobile 910A, LR1, MN9100, 810, AM5, KN, LR1SG, LR1G, 4001, 23A, 23GA, A23, E23A, GP-23A, GP23A, K23A, L1028, LR23A, LRV08, LRVO8, MN21, MS21, V23, V23GA, VR22, 1811A, VA23GA, 10A, 10AE, B0104, B20PA, DA10H, DA10N, 10HP, 230, 230E, 230EZ, ME10Z, P10, 10SA, S10A, W10ZA, 13A, 13AE, B0134, B26PA, DA13H, DA13N, 13HP, AC13E, AC13EZ, AC13, ME8Z, P13, 13SA, S13A, W13ZA, 312A, 312AE, B3124, B347PA, DA312H, DA312N, 312HP, AC312E, AC312EZ, AC312, ME7Z, P312, 312SA, S312A, W312ZA, 675A, 675AE, B6754, B900PA, DA675H, DA675N, 675HP, AC675E, AC675EZ, AC675, ME9Z, P675, 312SA, S675A, W675ZA. Since 2011, Duracell has brought its reliable power to thousands of families through the Duracell PowerForward program. today=new Date(); © The Small Battery Company 1999 - ... two or more pairs and take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left in the lurch next time your battery runs out. Low prices and Instant Online Coupon on replacement batteries – flat rate ship.

Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Our Energizer 357 battery cross reference table will make it simple to not only select the right battery, but also lead you to purchase the freshest batteries, and save 20-50% off retail prices.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. AG5, 309, F, WS6, SP393, SR48, SR54, SR754W, SR754SW, SR754S, V393, 255, SB-B3, S15, 255, D393, 16/15, SR48W, S320/GP93, 93, 193/G5/SG5, 09/393, 526/546, DR754W, 94, S26, 280-17, D394, SR936SW, SR936W, Renata 27, Seiko SR936SW, Seiko SR936W, SR936SW, V394, GP94, SR44, 1107SO, 1066A, AG13, S05, S15, BLR44, S15, 228, AG13, 280-08, 280-904, G13-A, 10L14, 10SL17, D357, D76, MS76, MS76H, BS07, BSR44H, A76, 541, EPX76, S76E, GP57, GP76, GPA76, G13F, G13R, GS13, KS76, 2013, 313, LR44, SR44P, SR07, MGA-2200, 357A, SP76, SR44, LX S-76, A76, 23-009, RS76, RS76-2, RW22, RW42, RW82, 228, R357, SB-F9, 76-S, KA, T535B, SR44W, SR44SW, V13GA, V76HS, V76PX , L1154, A01, PX76A, LR44, 357, A200/GP76A, KA76, KA, LR1154, L1154F, DL1025, BR1025, KL1025, L1025, ECR1025, KCR1025, E-CR1025, KECR1025, 5033LC, DL1220, ECR1220, BR1220, 280-208, DL1220B, BR1220-1W, CR1220-1W, KCR1220, LM1220, 5012LC, SB-T13, L04, PA, CR1220, CR 1225, CR1225, DL1225, EBR1225,  BR1225, V1225,  AWI L09 BR1225/BE, CR1225, HIMA TN 440000020, 1754 L28BBB, GuardPLC 1200, 1745 BAT, 1754 BAT, DL 1616, ECR1616, BR1616, 280-209, DL 1616B,CR1616-1W, LM1616, KCR1616, 5021LC, L11, L28, YA, DL1620, ECR1620, BR1620, 280-208, DL1620B, BR1620-1W, CR1620-1W, KCR1620, LM1620, 5009LC, L08, BR2016, DL2016, FA, 280-202/4/6, SB-T11, 5000LC, BR2025, DL2025, NA, 280-205, SB-T14, 5003LC, ECR2025, BR2032, CR2332, BR2332, DL2032, SB-T15, 2032, EA2032C, ECR2032, L14, L2032, LF1/2V, DL2430, BR2430, KL2430, L2430, ECR2430, 5011LC, L20, KCR2430, E-CR2430, KECR2430, LF1/2W, CR2450-1, CR2450N, DL2450, ECR2450, 5029LC, SR44, 1107SO, 1066A, AG13, S05, S15, BLR44, S15, 228, AG13, 280-08, 280-904, G13-A, 10L14, 10SL17, D357, D76, MS76, MS76H, BS07, BSR44H, A76, 541, EPX76, S76E, GP57, GP76, GPA76, G13F, G13R, GS13, KS76, 2013, 313, LR44, SR44P, SR07, MGA-2200, 357A, SP76, SR44, LX S-76, A76, 23-009, RS76, RS76-2, RW22, RW42, RW82, 228, R357, SB-F9, 76-S, KA, T535B, SR44W, SR44SW, V13GA, V76HS, V76PX , L1154, L1154F, 1175SO, 164, 280-34, 362, 364, 364BP, 531, 602, AG1, D 364, D364, GP364, L621, LR60, LR620, LR621, R 364/31, RW 320, S621S, SB-AG/DG, SG1, SP364, SR 60, SR 621 SW, SR60, SR60L, SR621, SR621SW, T, V364, 1176SO, 177, 280-39, 280-72, 376, 377, 377A, 377BP, 43, 565, 606, 619, 626A, AG4, BA, CX626, CX66W, D 377, D377, G4, G4A, G4A177, GP376, GP377, L626, LR626, LR66, MA, R 377/37, RW 329, S32, S626S, SB-AW, SG4, SP376, SP377, SP379, SR 626 SW, SR 66, SR626, SR626SW, SR626SW/W, SR626W, SR66, TR626W, V376, V377, AG10, D189, D389, D390, G10, G10A,1159SO, 1168A, 189, 189-1, 280-15, 280-24, 389, 389A, 389BP, 390, 390A, 534, 554, 603, 615, 626, GP189, GP389, GP390, KA54, L1131, LR1130, LR54, R 389/17, R 390/11, RW 39, RW 49, RW49, RW89, S1131S, SG10, SP390, SR1130, SR1130SW, SR1130W, SR54, V389, V390, WL10.


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