miyamoto musashi real sword
So, everyone treated Shinmen with uttermost respect. When this excelent blade got to me i fell in love with it. Thanks, Great sword and very beautiful. So in these models, they have perfected it.

The Tsuba is very plain looking which is exactly why I chose this one over the Bamboo models. Stunning and beautiful while still practical and affordable. The sword is everythign they say it is razor sharp it cut thore paper and bottels easy with my test, the ray skin is real, the hamon really got me it was really, the blade was not half tang but full tang!!!!!!!!!!!!! The art of Japanese sword making is a skill mastered by very few swordsmiths and passed down by each generation for over a millennia. So i Diced my Box up Real nice. Lightly ran my finger on the blade and that was all it took. Records also show that he had architectural skills. This training did not last for a very long time, as in 1589, Munisai was ordered by Shinmen Sokan to kill Munisai's student, Honiden Gekinosuke. He went back to his Dojo to teach his students his unique and remarkable techniques. This sword is simply designed and that is where it's beauty lies. However, the ha seems a bit soft (I would guess the low 50s rockwell). And it is beautiful, if anything shinier than I wanted, but absolutely no complaint. This blow struck Seijūrō on the left shoulder, knocking him out, and crippling his left arm. !
The way they feel in your hand, thats when you know that this is the best product, in my opinion, that this site sells.

I love the real hamon and same on this sword, and the bo-hi makes it light and fast. I want to start off by saying, if buying a sword that you might want to use given an extreme circumstance (and I'll add you need some training to do so), you shouldn't go any lower than the $99 Musha/Musashi brand katanas. Can't wait to place my next order! pretty decent sword. This is a good sword for $99, but there are 2 or 3 others on this site that are the same price but may actually be better. He knew that if he can defeat at least one of the member of the Yoshioka clan, he will surely establish his name. The Hosokawa sided with Tokugawa Ieyasu during the decisive Sekigahara Campaign, and thus were made fudai (inside) daimyō under the Tokugawa shogunate, they were given Higo Province, with an income of 540,000 koku, as their han (fief). The Samurai is the most powerful military caste who is famous to wield a sword. That's what happens when you buy a mass produced item.

Within the book, Musashi mentions that the use of two swords within strategy is mutually beneficial to those who use the skill for individual duels or large engagements. The only reason i didn't give it a 5/5 is because the scabbard seems to be a little light (probably because its made of wood) and the tsuba and butt piece look like they are made of plastic even though they are made out of metal and the blade did come sharpened but was not very sharp. The only real problem i have is that after not too many draws the fit in the scabbard becomes loose. Fits well in Saya. I knew if it used little effort cutting a plastic bottle it would slice right through this inferior subject. I will be shopping here again. The Bo-hi also makes a nice "Whoosh" when swung properly.

4/5, this is an excellent blade for $80, challenging even some $250 dollar swords. Sasaki arrived at the appointed time, but was then left to wait for hours; Musashi had overslept. I wish I could sit under a teacher and master the skill of wielding this weapon in the proper fashion. He also taught martial arts during his stay, specializing in instruction in the art of shuriken(ninja-star)-throwing. Another Yoshioka named Matashichiro, a 12-year-old boy challenged Musashi. Unlike Sasaki who wore an elegant dress, Musashi wore dirty attire. Much lighter than the other Musashi swords I own. This is not my first sword but it is the first one that has a clay tempered hamon line and it is beautiful. It looks great, it feels great, it is great!!!

From 1605 to 1612, he travelled extensively all over Japan in musha shugyō, a warrior pilgrimage during which he honed his skills with duels. I would nearly guarantee that you will be surprised at the craftsmanship and detail put into this inexpensive katana.

Very sharp, no blade or saya defects. Musashi applied to become a swordmaster to the shōgun, but as he already had two swordmasters (Ono Jiroemon Tadaaki and Yagyū Munenori—the latter also a political advisor, in addition to his position as the head of the Shogunate's secret police) Musashi's application was denied. Although the hamon isn't very prominent, the blade really is flexible! It was significantly heavier than I expected--not so heavy that I couldn't use it one-handed, but definitely meant for 2. Edged weapons such as this one easily have the capacity to kill or dismember a bystander should it slip out of your hand, or someone get too close, after all, swords were designed with one thing in mind, to kill. You cannot cut down a man with a long sword using this method. This is a good thing though. This is the only place ill shop for swords from here on out.

The katana itsself is amazing. It doesn't feel cheesy in the hands like other inexpensive katanas I've held and nothing rattles, or shifts in my grip when swinging, I'd definitely purchase again, and will be looking at more products from Musashi. Trueswords has the lowest prices for the best steel blades, you will pay twice as much as other sites.

3. That being said, don't expect a mirror finish on the blade and be prepared to buy a sword bag (the one it comes with is something akin to burlap). Honestly, words can not describe how nice this sword is. Hey, I just got my Best Mitamoto Sword today, and I like it. Somehow, a duel was proposed between the two; in some versions, Nagaoka proposed the duel, in others with Sasaki proposed it out of rivalry or jealously. As far as blade tempering i dont know yet. Regardless, as the Toyotomi side lost, it has been suggested that Musashi fled as well and spent some time training on Mount Hiko. Musashi believed that having a Dojo will not recognize his talents in the fighting. Which only took four days, by the way.

After he dodged a blow, Sasaki was blinded by the sun. The habaki on ronin is ground uneven and very sloppy shaped, the musashi is well shaped. I bought a Musashi Bamboo Warrior and a Musashi Best Miyamoto at the same time. The only thing that I didn't like, was that the sageo is a little loose, and therefore slides whenever it is grabbed. The ito (handle wrap) is nothing exceptional and does feel a little shoelacey, but it's extremely tight and feels nice and comfy in your hands. He was popular in ancient Japan for an alias as a great flying swordsman. We offer standard, 3 day express, 2 day express, and overnight express shipping options for your convenience.

Musashi briefly established a fencing school later in 1612 after the duel. The father of Miyamoto Musashi is told he was Tori-ryū (當理流) master, Miyamoto Muninosuke Fujiwara Isshin (宮本無二助藤原一真). Omitting the Battle of Sekigahara from the list of Musashi's battles would seem to contradict The Book of Five Rings's statement that Musashi fought in six battles, however. Start changing your life today! I bought this sword with a little skepticism of how good could a real clay temperd $99 katana on promo sale for $69 be...!? In Musashi's Dokkōdō, his stance on religion is further elucidated: "Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help."[25]. Ordered this on Christmas eve and got it Friday, couldn't be happier. After his victory, Musashi immediately jumped back in his boat and his flight from Sasaki's vengeful allies was helped by the turning of the tide. I can tell me and this sword are going to get along nicely. In 1614–1615, Musashi participated in the war between the Toyotomi and the Tokugawa. The two then travelled, eventually stopping in Osaka. The sword is beautiful, and definitely hand forged. WRONG!! Normally, with the few small issues these swords have, I'd give it a high 3 or 4. You cannot shave with it. This truly is the "Best Miyamoto Sword"

Arrived within 3 days, boxed in a Musashi brand container. These too, are similar to the events which are seen to have warriors and soldiers thrive; the rise and fall of prefectures, countries and other such events are what make uses for warriors, as well as the literal comparisons: "The carpenter uses a master plan of the building, and the way of strategy is similar in that there is a plan of campaign". These and many other details are likely embellishments that were added to his legend, or misinterpretations of literature describing him.

Don't get me wrong, the packaging was safe and secure, but they didn't waste money on a fancy box, very smart I think.
The Menuki, Tsuba, Ito and other fittings were completely solid.

It has dual pegs so the blade won't separate from the handle. Sword was ordered late Wed night arrived 11am Sat! The foreman carpenter knows his tools and men so well that he is able to guide them; delegating who does what based on their abilities, while also being aware of their morale. Musashi, however was reputedly injured by a thrown rock while scouting in the front line, and was thus unnoticed. This katana is everything they advertise it to be. The tide carried him to the island.

Everything came perfect and a very quick shipment from TS. i have only tested this katana on the shipping box it came in, and destroid with clean cuts. You can not ask for more than this sword delievers for $79.99 ! It is prfect!

I love True Swords. As he sailed over the Kanmon Straits, Musashi carved a crude oversized bokken from one of the ship's oars with his knife, making an improvised wooden sword, possibly to help wake himself up. The Niten Ki records "[he] received from Lord Tadatoshi: 17 retainers, a stipend of 300 koku, the rank of ōkumigashira 大組頭, and Chiba Castle in Kumamoto as his residence."[17].

But ive got to say excelent i cut the big wate bottles from top to bottom and laid over like you were felaing a fish bad sharp so dont run your finger down the blade unless you dont wont it any more. He makes particular note of artisans and foremen. I did however manage to easily slice through the thick cardboard box that it was shipped in flawlessly, twice. - Charles de Gaulle. Good buy. And all the Miyamoto Musashi related ryūha were called "Musashi-ryū" (武蔵流) by other ryūha.

(NB - Mount Iwato is part of the Mount Kinpu range in Kumamoto and actually where Musashi wrote The Book of Five Rings in the Reigando cave. Dude, BUY IT. Musashi® swords capture this timeless art form in each katana produced. The blade was hardly sharp enough to cut through its own box on arrival, and the last two inches of the blade were not sharpened at all. However, the tsuba has some stamping marks. the firdt thing i have to say is that as soon as i recieved this sword i decided i will not be doing any cutting with it. This sword is very good. This katana is truly a work of art it is exceptionaly made and is beautiful to look at a splended addition to my collection i rcecomend this sword to any collcector i ordered the rosewood shirasara with it and have been excited for the order to come i am not dissappointed thease swords are amazing thanks true swords ill be back for future orders.


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