nct bias sorter

(Which basically means those born in the year 2000 and later).


Tell me if you used it and it worked.
Leave a comment below the post or send us a message here, If you enjoy this website please consider donating towards covering domain & hosting costs. Which of the many members is the one closest to the man of your dreams?

He is another one of your favorite preschoolers, NCT Dream!

Kpop concept swap:Taeyeon →  Taylor Swift. ..  im in love with them khDJFH, maybe ill make more for another artist in the future <3, also the something new one is supposed to be reputation and i know it's not exactly like The Same thing but i wanted to give these a bit, more taeyeon to not lose their own colors, taeng's album covers are beautiful as well. NCT 2020 was already a god send.

My fandoms: ~ELF S NE NCTZEN InSomnia Mily Shawol EXO-L MeU WhiteAngel JumpingBoA MyDay EVERY VIP ㄴㅇㅅㅌ Cassiopeia Blackjack Melody Inspirit Goldeness Byulharang Miyane Golden Star Namnation~

me doing the nct bias sorter: i like both, i like both, i like both, TEN, i like both, taeyong, i like both, dOYOuNG, i like both, no opinion, i like both, i like both, i like both.

Eat it.

sun. Also, to keep things above board, no underage NCT Members are included in the results!

Sell it. Also, have you heard his voice??

Bury it. I'm not going to kill anyone but I'll watch. Looking forward to NCTzens discovering old talent videos of the guys!!

NCT 127 bias sorter. !

ENTERTAINMENT 180.4K PLAYS By: Steven Miller. Degrade the body with chemicals and them turn the ashes into soil. SORTER . I made nct and its units. Press RETURN/ENTER to add an entry! she no longer needs ˗ˏˋmeˎˊ˗ bias sorters Ask me for a sorter ;). But what about when it comes to finding your ideal type? members across all the units in NCT, you’ve probably found it hard to narrow down your bias list. So i started making bias sorters.

And really, they’re all so charming in their own way, it’s totally understandable if you’ve given up on having just one bias.

Give it to my friend as a present « » Log in or sign up. feepit608 …

With 21(!) TIP! But now we get two new members?!

Belinda_C made herself very hungry after coming up with the questions for this quiz. she no longer needs ˗ˏˋmeˎˊ˗ bias sorters, okay once i finally put these up on the post . Looking forward to NCTzens discovering old talent videos of the guys!

Which NCT 127 Member Is Your Bias? (Which is a lot.) Send it to a foreign country. members across all the units in NCT, you’ve probably found it hard to narrow down your bias list.

I know they’re bias wrecking some of us already As little as $0.50 really does go a long way!

I agree!!!!!!

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I am freaking out. 9.

1. Amazing.

Broken link? It'll melt your heart when you see how much he dotes on the other members - especially the younger ones!You are the luckiest person on earth!! Take the quiz and find out!

Taeil is my NCT 127 bias but Jaemin is my dream and overall bias~ #2 Icy68446, Oct 16, 2018. eggyolks and Chuuriah_Carey like this.

NCT 2020 was already a god send. Where would you hide a dead body?

→ requests for icons and headers are open, do not forget to ask! CURRENT LIST. Ive heard Shotaro was a pretty big tiktokker? I saw a few of his old tik toks this morning on insta Definitely excited to see more of those and old talent videos as well! ADD. I am freaking out. THIS IS SO GREATTT!

Share your love of pineapple-topped pizzas with her on Twitter. Feel free to ask me for a sorter of whatever you want ^^, Yuta having the members as his lockscreen. I would never kill anyone! And is he also (one of) your bias(es)? Let us know in the comments below? But now we get two new members?! Just leave it there. Also they’re gonna pull a Jisung Hyung on us *CRIES*, TRU- WE WERE ALL DEMANDING FOR IT AND YET- T^T, Broken link? With 21(!)


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