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I'M EVIL!" When asked about his bed, Mr. Warburton had answered that Wally just runs around like a maniac all day until he just passes out in his wrestling ring. and Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R..

Numbuh 4 does have will power when he chose not to fight a senior-zombified Numbuh 5 until she insulted him.

He alongside Numbuh 1 are the only operatives to have ever defeated Numbuh 274 (The greatest KND operative of his time) in single combat, although it is unknown if this was genuine or not. In Operation: A.M.I.S.H., he assumed the Splinter Cell's goal of getting rid of all adults was cool until Numbuh 5 said the Kids Next Door only fight evil adults, not adults in general. His teammates, in contrast, say how they fight evil adults while the bullies capture normal/neutral adults and drug them with coffee.

Whilst his prowess in combat is almost unparalleled, he is also easily tricked and can be outsmarted by more savvy opponents. Negative Numbuh 4 founded the DNK to start a tyranny of child oppression on their world.[1]. In response, Eeballaw declares that positive Sector V and Lizzie will fight each other in the arena and all but the winner will be sent to the broccoli mines while the winner will become his "bestest bodyguard.".

He wears an orange hooded sweater, blue jeans and white sneakers. However, Wally begrudgingly tolerates her obsession to stay on her good side, due to his huge crush on her. Operation: P.O.O.L. This doesn't make him beyond reasoning, however. He has a son. Negative Numbuh Four Numbuh 4 / Wallabee Beatles Voices (Codename: Kids Next Door) - Behind The Voice Actors. He has a son. In Operation: S.P.R.O.U.T., when Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, and Numbuh 5 were inside of him, it was shown that he had a very small brain. Numbuh 4 is the brash and impulsive hand-to-hand combatant 10-year old handsome Australian boy of Kids Next Door Sector V. He is close friends with Numbuh 2 and has a crush on his teammate, Numbuh 3. After successfully capturing the members of Sector V and replacing them in their universe with his servants, Eeballaw revealed himself to his captives, but they mocked him on his goatee. Although Eeballaw tried to deny the accusation, Eeballaw's challenge caused him to order his guards to fire. He was even smart enough to attend Harvard as shown in Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S.

when the evil versions of the KND (known as the DNK, Destructively Nefarious Kids) posed as his friends, he was able to tell that they were impostors when he looked into Negative Numbuh 3's eyes. She has long straight black hair with bangs.

Despite not being the most book smart, he is indeed the operative with the most street smarts, along with Numbuh 5, as shown in Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E.. However, he is also extremely cowardly if confronted directly, as opposed to Wallabee's fierce courage and hot-headedness. His eyes, like almost the entire Sector V, are not always visible, although it is later revealed that his eye color is green. He is also the shortest Sector V member, for which he is picked on a lot (for example, Abigail called him "sport" in Operation: M.A.T.A.D.O.R.). when Numbuh 9 was being decommissioned. Appearances As seen in Operation: C.A.N.N.O.N. , but is never able to finish due to interruptions or an unwillingness to go on. and Operation: F.E.R.A.L., Numbuh 4 has the desire to become leader of Sector V, but fails due to his bossy attitude and lack of intellect. Before he could do so, he found his minions resurfacing and greatly injured. Nigel mocked Negative Numbuh 4 and declared that they will never fight each other and rule alongside someone who rules by using fear, so Negative Numbuh 4 orders his guards to take the prisoners to the broccoli mines. Kids Next Door Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When the main characters entered the Negative Universe through a portal in Wallabee's new backyard pool and Negative 4 discovered the existence of a positive universe, he sent Eizzil to capture her counterpart Lizzie in a bid to take over the positive universe. Shortly after, Numbuh 4 jumps into the pool and enters the Negaverse, facing his negative counterpart on the diving board, with the Negative version bragging that his guards and superior intellect gave him the advantage. Like Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4 goes to her for advice. Eeballaw also appears to act somewhat childish, as he uses words such as "toys" to describe his weapons.


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