orr certificate database
ORA updates the ORR Rule Book and handicap system on a regular basis to stay current with the latest VPP research and boat design development.

The VPP output is reviewed by ORA’s National Technical Rating Committee and relevant subjective corrections may be assessed.

Facts and Figures 300 million hectares of PEFC-certified forests, 20,000 Chain of Custody certified companies... our stats at a glance. If you have questions, contact the ORR-Ez rep closest to you. Check with your nearest regional rep to have a discussion and learn how it to use the tools.

Contact your nearest Ez rep. ORR-Ez Race Committees: Do you want to learn more about ORR-Ez's Race Committee Toolbox? ORR is an objective rule whose rating calculations are based on the measurement of all the speed-related features of the competing sailboats. ORR-EZ. In some sailing areas, sailors and race organizers have been looking for objective ratings that can work in fleets of mixed designs on varied racecourses—windward-leewards, around-the-buoys, and around-the-islands. Organizing Authorities and Race Committees: If you have questions, contact Jim TeetersemailProtector.addCloakedMailto("ep_825aa65b", 1);, Technical Director or John HortonemailProtector.addCloakedMailto("ep_f91b1f05", 1);, Executive Director. The Offshore Racing Association now offers ORR-Ez, which is largely based on a regularly updated velocity prediction program, yet kept simple enough for organizers and race committees to apply it to low-key Wednesday night races, and it's catching on. Website designed & developed by Design Principles, Inc. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. New ORR Certificate/Transfer of Owner-Request for Ratin. New ORR Certificate/Transfer of Owner-Request for Rating, ORR Certificate Revalidation and Amendments - through Universal Certification Syste. The Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) grew out of a desire by North American sailors who felt the International Measurement System (IMS) was no longer meeting their needs. Since its inception, the VPP has been heavily modified as the result of annual updates reflecting the latest technology and scientific research. Providing detailed polars and specialized performance information, this product available from the ORA is delivered as an Excel spreadsheet compatible with on-board navigation equipment and software packages.

© The ORR is not a development rule and is not intended for sailors who are looking to “beat” the ORR handicap system. ORR Valid Boat List file . Learn more about the history of the ORR. Online Course Catalog. 2020 They don't want to spend their time and money changing boats every couple years and constantly running trial certificates to beat the system.

For boats currently holding a year valid certificate, any changes to the configuration must be reported and a new certificate reflecting those changes issued. Using a simplified measurement profile based on existing measurement databases of production boats and simple sail measurements, ORR EZ offers entry level access to the measurement rule. For Fully Measured certificates, relevant parameters may need to be remeasured by a US Sailing Official Measurer.


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