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Naraka is the lowest level of reincarnation. Hanzo offered to work with the Akatsuki, and organized a meeting to discuss an arrangement. Ultra Rare (1/360) Hanzo, leader of Amegakure, took particular notice. This path enabled Pain's absorption of chakra. Nagato also takes his name from a Japanese battleship of the 1920s, as do his parents, Fuso and Ise. When Pain decided to invade the Hidden Leaf in Naruto he set a precedent for the rest of the series. In Chapter 565, Naruto and Bee discuss this when they are fighting against Tobi's Six Paths of Pain.

Nagato's Rinnegan was placed within him by the villainous Madara Uchiha.

RELATED:Naruto: Every Hokage Ranked By Strength. spins His spirit turned on its captor and fought for the forces of Konohagakure, ultimately helping them win the war. Nagato had the misfortune of being the latter: His parents were killed by a pair of ninja warriors who broke into their home, searching for food. Yahiko took the decision out of Nagato's hands by impaling himself on Nagato's kunai.

This was very much according to Madara's plan, ensured by his underling, Tobi, who manipulated Nagato into villainy, following Yahiko's death.

The animal path is the the first level of reincarnation that allows a person to come back to Earth, albeit below the status of a human. Pain isn't the only person to wield the legendary Six Paths technique. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nagato and his companions trained under Jiraiya for years.


Kekkai Genkai Rather, the three kids began to dream of a day when they, having taken power for themselves, would transform their world from a war-torn wasteland into a peaceful place of harmony and love. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

This was the key to taking Pain down once and for all. Madara, knowing his death was near, passed the power onto the young boy as part of a plan to restore himself to life. We're here to explore his story from its brutal beginning to its elegiac end. Each of the six paths are named for (and based around) the six Buddhist paths of reincarnation: the Deva, Asura, Human, Animal, Preta and Naraka paths.

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Pain was not, as you might have guessed, born Pain — names might get weird in Naruto, but not quite that weird.

Nagato, in many ways, never stood a chance. The Rinnegan is one of the Three Great Dojutsu that was first mentioned by Jiraiya as the power of the Sage of Six Paths.

Prior to this arc, Naruto Uzumaki wasn't as strong as one would like him to be.

Within just a few episodes, fans get to see the entire village blown to bits and Naruto arriving quite late to save the day.

Preta are ghosts filled with desire and possessiveness. Thanks to aid from Fukasaku and Shima of Mount Myoboku, Naruto managed to learn the ways of the Sage Mode, a technique that boosted his powers considerably and allowed him to compete with Pain on an equal footing. He is the author of some of the articles here that you liked, and others that you didn't.

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Pain's Invasion is arguably the most iconic arc in the entire Naruto series and what many fans consider the very peak of Masashi Kishimoto's masterpiece. Pain maintained his terrifying control over the recently deceased through a technique known as The Six Paths of Pain. RELATED:5 Things Sasuke Can Do That Naruto Can't (& 5 Naruto Can That Sasuke Can't). His aesthetic choices furthered this deification: Pain spent most of his life ensconced within a wooden altar.

But for Naruto fans, Pain's circuitous story is a feature, not a bug. These three great fighters had differing opinions on how to handle the children. In desperation, they approached the Legendary Sannin. Beyond their borders, people believed Amegakure to be locked within a never-ending civil war.

He chose Nagato for being an Uzumaki, a Clan that's infamous for there endurance, they live longer, are more resistant to illness, and can survive normally lethal injuries., The Rinnegan increases your total HP and chakra to 150 (from 100), All of the Rinnegan's abilities deal good damage, it requires close to medium range to use its moves.

At the same time, the real threat of the Akatsuki was found out to be the Masked Man, and finally, thanks to help from his father, Naruto was able to compose himself and defeat Pain once and for all. But it was too late — Nagato, reeling with loss, unleashed the Rinnegan unknowingly impanted in him by Madara Uchiha, killing the men easily. They formed the Akatsuki, led by Yahiko, an organization dedicated to ending war and promoting peace. Pain, along with other dead members of the Akatsuki, was brought back to life by the villainous Kabuto and Tobi.

One of the Three Great Dojutsu, the Rinnegan is an eye technique considered to be the most powerful of its kind.

Having incorporated some of his chakra into the Eight Trigrams Seal, Minato was able to meet Naruto and tell him that he was, in fact, his father.

Boruto: How Old Is Naruto In Boruto?

It was an ambush, however — Hanzo and his forces captured Konan, threatening to kill her if Nagato did not kill Yahiko. Then, he began to train the three in the art of war — setting the orphans on the path to eventually forming the Akatsuki. After discussing it with Itachi Uchiha, Pain came to understand exactly how thoroughly he was manipulated in life — and how those same people who sought to control him and his Rinnegan were still pulling his strings. You can spin for this as well as buy it for 600 spins. Their plans grew more and more complex, masterminded by the brilliant Yahiko. Pain eventually attacked and killed his former teacher with his six corpses. Deva is the highest form of reincarnation still subject to the cycle. read as he commands the S-ranked criminals and the shinobi world gets upside down. But how did that transition come about? it can be obtained with only a 1/360 chance of being spun, which is equivalent to the Tenseigan's rarity. Jiraiya, however, felt shamed by the children, knowing that he had played a part in the war that orphaned them.

Though Pain can seemingly summon endless soldiers at will, Jiraiya noticed that Pain himself was not among his summoned fighters. Several other fighters have commanded its power, expressing it in unique ways. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Remember, this is a series that revolves around a plot to cast the entire world into an eternal dream state utilizing a statue pulled down from the moon.

Similarly, Naruto's Nagato was forced to take his clan underground in order to preserve their ultimate goal. All Uzumaki descendants have massive inborn chakra reserves that make them incredibly likely to become powerful ninja. Universal Pull is known as Banshō Ten'in, Shinra Tensei is known as Almighty Push, and Chibaku Tensei is known as Planetary Devastation.

But it wasn't in vain: A moment of recognition before Jiraiya died unraveled the secret to defeating Pain and, by extension, the Akatsuki. Make no mistake, they were schemers — but these weren't cynical war orphans, out to protect no one but themselves. The Asura path finds a soul reincarnated as a warring demon who lives in a realm of violence and betrayal. NEXT:Naruto: Top 10 Strongest Teams, Ranked, Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga.

But what made it such a great arc? Nagato Uzumaki, the guy who was controlling the Six Paths of Pain, had access to Madara Uchiha's Rinnegan and it granted him tremendous power. This path allowed Pain to read minds.

This arc also allowed the fans to properly understand what the Rinnegan as capable of and moving forward, it became one of the most important powers in the entire story. Accordingly, he renamed himself Pain, and shifted the Akatsuki's goals: Now, the group was dedicated to bringing so much suffering upon the world, it would have no choice but to work towards peace.

Even against that wild backdrop, Pain's path is a twisted one.

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Naruto, our unimpeachable hero, has more than a few connections to the fiendish, complex Nagato. It goes without saying that he's arguably the greatest antagonist in the Naruto story.


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