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However if you don’t, or it’s not working, feel free to proceed and see how far you can get. Copyright © 2020 Gadget Value. If the distance between the claimed value and the

Enjoy your free custom Valuation! The test statistic represents the distance between the actual sample results and the claimed value in terms of standard errors.

P-value from F-ratio score. A lot of this is a simple comparison of how the (presumably old) specifications compares to new technology. We are one of the few places to get an estimate of it’s value on the internet.

On one hand electronics drop in value once used, but on the other there is a reason they are still frequently stolen for money!

PC’s are much less common than they were a decade back. of freedom, df= 10 - 1= 9.

What is your used computer worth? If you want to know the worth of your used electronics, laptops, computers, tablets, phones, iPhones, iPads, or TV’s our calculator is the place to go! Let's go through a few examples on calculating the p-value. measure that tells us how far the actual data results obtained are from the claimed data (from the null hypothesis).

If the testing type is two-tail, then we need to double the p-value obtained from the test statistic. If the sample is greater than 30 (n>30), we consider this a large sample size. A damaged unit actually loses value quite significantly, but then again it’s only one of many criteria to determine its financial worth. Advancement in PC technology has slowed radically. A netbook is very low end (not really a “real computer”), typically with an SD card as vs a traditional one. …though some specifications don’t change, portability, and form factors are still highly relevant. This means

that we can reject the claimed hypothesis. This is a set of very simple calculators that generate p-values from various test scores (i.e., t test, chi-square, etc). p-value?

on its system configuration and condition.

This should be a fair and simple way to share the fair market value with a prospective buyer. 20% This accounts for both the left-tail (less than) The most common is in preparation for a sale. However, So the significance level represents the cut-off point that we choose and determines with what level of confidence we can accept results.


p-value? Instead I looked up the individual components and determined what each item is worth. Perhaps one already exists? actual obtained results is small in terms of standard errors, the data is not far from the claim and the chances are the claimed hypothesis (data) is true.

There are many things that play into this, the age of the laptop, the warranty and so on. When the sample size is small, we use the t-distribution to calculate the You can obtain a whole bunch of data points for a given scenario, but Therefore, we look up the p-value on the Z-distribution table. This process is quick, easy, and fairly accurate. It determines whether we need to use the t-distribution or the Z-distribution.

All the factors that go into the manufacturer’s cost and sale price of a new one are at play here too.

If you want to add a printer to a desktop there aren’t any compatibility issues. The calculator takes into account the condition of the equipment. Two-tail (Ha: μ ≠ H0), Significance Level, α:


the narrower the range we have for accepting the null hypothesis. the distance is larger, the actual data shows that we should reject the null hypothesis (H0).

40%. 1% This translates from technobabble as computers become twice as powerful every 18 months, but this has gradually changed to more like once every 5 years now. It wasn’t meaningful to look at the various models and list the costs in a simple chart. The first thing is that this is left-tail hypothesis testing.

You can use this p-value calculator to calculate the right-tailed, left-tailed, or two-tailed p-values for a given z-score. Suppose that a company claims that the null hypothesis that the average dollar amount that customers spend per transaction is $32 (H0: μ = 32).

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The higher the significance level, the larger the range we have for accepting the null hypothesis.

The technology is advancing much slower that in used to be, and laptops, more than other electronics, are still relatively useful when they are older.

It took a lot of time, and was a project I took over from a prior entrepreneur and greatly improved the accuracy of. This calculator is accurate enough to use for financial inventory, and has been used to set a fair sale price of used electronics in cases where negotiating doesn’t make sense. The types vary significantly.

It also generates a normal curve and shades in the area that represents the p-value.

This is intended as part of a complete PC with all the components, preferably working, but it is still useful functional for a broken one assuming the components are present. They typically have very inexpensive (low capability) CPU, though the RAM they have can be comparably.

(There is a classifieds ad you can create at the end of the appraisal intended to help you show this appraisal to prospective sellers). Z-distribution table.

This page will calculate the approximate value of your Steam account by looking up your games on your Steam community profile, using the current prices for each game on the Steam store.

Also explore hundreds of other calculators addressing finance, math, fitness, health, and many more. Find out the current value of your used laptop based If the p-value is less than α, then this represents a statistically significant p-value.

Next, we must know the hypothesis testing type.

P-value from Pearson (r) score. The majority of computer usage has shifted to laptops, phones, and some tablet usage. Consumer printers, esp Ink jet printers are normally very cheap to buy new (the manufacturer takes a loss with profit on the ink). 0.1%

However, you had a few terrible experiences with them This cutoff point is also called the alpha level (α). The lower the significance level,

PC’s are impacted more than others.

This amount is intended as a starting point for negotiations and ultimately the value is whatever the buyer and seller are willing to agree upon, regardless of the external market price. When the sample size is large, we use the Z-distribution to calculate the

claimed hypothesis.

When you're working with data, the numbers of the data itself is not very meaningful,

This can be left-tail (Ha: μ < H0), right-tail (Ha: μ > H0), or two-tail (Ha: μ ≠ H0) testing.

If the significance level is 1% and the p-value is lower than this 1%, this means that we can accept the null hypothesis

Should you wish to sell it there is a classified ad at the end to copy the appraisal into.

Furniture (such as a computer desk) isn’t usually transferred with private sales of desktop systems, though there is no reason it cannot happen.

On the other end of the spectrum is the “gaming” category which has high end graphics and computing components in nearly every type of component.

The significance level, α, is the value that we set as the cutoff point for whether we reject a null hypothesis or not. you believe that the average is much less than this (Ha: μ < 32). Ive seen a few threads recently about the value of their PC. This is why it needs to be doubled.

I made a list of everything that goes into the condition of the laptop, common problems etc. I determined how much they affect the sale amount. Gadget Value is the leading provider of electronic appraisals.


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