pca test quizlet
DNR form assistance (with writing), who helps?

what type of environment does pathogens live in? to our nurse manager, supervisor and a SAFE report filed, -being pushed or pitching forward out of bed/chair, what is the number one reason a patient falls and what can you do to prevent it, -going to the bathroom alone, stay with patient and make sure they are safe.

What are the four phases associated with nociceptive pain? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. develops after 2-4 hrs after death (stiffness), corner made by folding and tucking the sheet so it lies flat and neat.


when ambulating a patient with a can, the device goes on which side? it removes waste products and excess fluid from the body, kidneys, the ureters, the bladder, and the urethra. what position should someone be in when in restraints? when performing a transfer who should be in charge? when will a patients vital signs be taken more often? Introducing Textbook Solutions.

PCA Test. a patient is going to surgery, they need to be prepared how? Test. A type of seizure that involves a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. low blood pressure when standing up or sitting up. Terms in this set (351) 5 rights of delegation. being responsible for ones actions and the actions of others: urine collected from patient in the middle of urination. 1 . factors that affect the frequency of urination? a continuous positive airway pressure device used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. what is administered if blood sugar < 40 begin with 2 carb choices ? how many side rails for high risk vs. low risk? if you cant get to soap to wash your hands, what should you do?

first aid for any suspected hot or cold injury is to do what? 1. PCA exam questions study guide by Laura_Zangraft includes 81 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Maintain Therapeutic blood levels of analgesia, Criteria for using a PCA for pain management, 1. mentally alert (able to understand concept), Who is not a good candidate for pain management, Delivers in ml/hour, ordered in mg/hour or mcg/hour, PCA pump administers small dose of analgesic every hour, IF set at wrong rate pt can get too high of a dose which could cause, Delivers a certain amount of medication within a specific interval known as the lockout interval, maximum total of medication patient can receive in 4 hours, Roles/responsibilities of the nurse and PCA pump (running iv vs. SL), Roles/responsibilities of the nurse and PCA pump (pump and dosing safety), Two nurses program setting into the PCA pump, Roles/responsibilities of the nurse and PCA pump (vitals), Roles/responsibilities of the nurse and PCA pump (complications), s/e of meds (Dec. RR, over sedation, n/v, itching, urinary retention, constipation), Roles/responsibilities of the nurse and PCA pump (documentation).

six factors that could affect a persons vital signs. Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts.

how much alcohol foam should you use to wash your hands if not visibly soiled?

what does a bladder scanner reduce the risk of? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. what agencies issue the standards regarding the use of restraints?

a patient should be encourage by the PCA to TCDB every _____ hours postoperatively A) one B) two C) four. Training and testing may be paced according to the PCA’s needs and abilities.

ALL ANSWERS ARE EITHER TRUE OR FALSE . 8/28/2019 Test: Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing Chapter 31: Pain, Comfort, and Sleep | Quizlet 1/15 72 Multiple choice questions 1. The pump can be used whenever the patient is feeling pain. are thick or thin fluids more easily aspirated? it more accurately indicates the constinuents of the urine being produced by the body. Many children who are as young as 6 can independently use the PCA pump. No answer given B. C. What is the treatment for phantom pain? unit of measure used to describe the energy content of food, water, tea, coffee clear fruit juices, broth and popsicles, -position upright in chair or 90 degrees during eating & 30 minutes afterwards, giving nutrients through gastrointestinal tract (N-G tube or G-tube) HOB elevated 30 degrees, giving nutrients IV through a catheter through a vein (TPN, PPN). ALL ANSWERS ARE EITHER TRUE OR FALSE .

Signs and symptoms of infections that need to reported to the nurse: how long should you wash your hands with soap, water and friction? Gravity.

aspiration is defined as leakage of what into the lungs. T F 7. Test_ Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing Chapter 31_ Pain, Comfort, and Sleep _ Quizlet_AMS - Test Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, Test: Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing Chapter 31: Pain, Comfort, and Sleep | Quizlet, pain associated with the dysfunction of the nervous system causing pain receptors to be more sensitive to stimuli, It involves inducing a trance-like state using focusing and relaxing techniques and giving patient suggestions that may be helpful after they return to an.


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