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LEAP selects willing and able Airmen and Space Professionals who exhibit demonstrated ability and commitment, develops and sustains Language Regional Expertise and Culture skills throughout a career, and postures them for utilization in assignments, contingencies, and deployments.

so you can find some really useful information here. Applications received after the cut-off date will not be considered. PSDM 18-59: Expanded Aviation Bonus (Pilots & CSOs) There's a big change to the flying bonus for Pilots/CSO; adding new tiers for guys like me eho have never been elligible.

The program is open to all Department of Defense officers, enlisted and civilian personnel who meet the eligibility criteria. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Exerpt regarding eligibility: As a reminder the common AFSCs are: 14N, 17D, 17S, 62E, 63A, 1N0, 1N1, 1N2, 1N4, 1N8, 3D0 and 3D1. Assignment Dress and Appearance Evaluations Fitness Program Force Development ID Card Entitlements Interservice Transfer Military Personnel Records Military Tuition Assistance Program Post-9/11 GI Bill Promotion Recognition … This guide provides information for officers and enlisted E8s and E9s who applied and are approved to transfer to the USSF. ,random This latest modification, which is one of many improvements to how the Air Force manages talent, is designed to ensure education, training and recruiting is the best it can be. Applications are now being accepted for the USAF Test Pilot School (Test Falcon) Selection Board, which will convene on 27 -31 July 2020. You pick # of years ADSC you want to sell, contracts can take you out to 24 years. This guide also includes information for unit commanders to use in notifying those individuals who applied, but were not selected to transfer. A gender marker change must first be made in MilPDS and will flow to and update the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

I've made it this far as an idiot and I don't plan on being a learned man anytime soon.

Applicants will submit two electronic files containing the following documents to 6.

TPS is soliciting application packages to select officers for the TPS Faculty-Pipeline PhD program.
Detailed information about the application and selection process may be viewed at AFI 99-107. Are the specialty code designations defined across the DOD,the DAF,or the USAF? In another spot in the PSDM it said before the end of October the targeted email would be out. They pay you little more. Electronic submission is required; contact USAF TPS at if unable to provide transcripts as part of the file.


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