rapper rank list
In his own words, "Ever since I made the change over to platinum, the games been a rap. SKIES THE LIMIT. Kendrick Lamar is really good at music and rap. For New York, Kool G was the counter-offence against the rising dominance of the West Coast. Great at rapping fast as well. His lyrics are for the PEOPLE in the STREETS, not Hollywood or upscale boutiques. But that's just another skill that not every other rapper has. As a feature on a track or with other features, no one out shadows Busta. Our criteria was based on longevity, initial impact, rhyming ability, flow, collaborations and charisma. Anyone who votes for Big L should know that Rakim is better. DOOM comes up with such innovative raps and never disappoints.

Black Milk: Curtis Cross is a rapper/producer and an underrated veteran in the world of rap. Big Boi: While Andre 3000 was the consistent pop voice in the duo, Big Boi's obtuse and more aggressive lyricism was a flavour of the south that Andre couldn't provide single-handedly. Let’s not forget his career spans now into 4 decades from the 90s to current. 1.

You're not listening to rap anymore, its just garbage pop with people thinking they're hard. Would have easily been number 1 if not for his untimely death in 1997. The man lives what he rhymes about. Are you kidding? Laugh out loud at all these people saying, "yo dawg, wayne is the truth man, listen to his lyrics man, they're so deep and he kills everyone else, even 2pac dawg" Man, hip-hop is dead in the mainstream, DEAD. Every word you didn’t realise was gold, is gold. Kool G Rap is The Godfather of Mafiaso Rap. He's better. As far as his generation of rappers, there aren't a lot of people even close to TI in terms of natural flow and being able to make great songs.T.I.

Yes, Eminem, 2Pac, Jay-Z and all those people up there may be good. The Rap Jesus, Blastmaster KRS-One, Tell me how big pun is before T.I? 40. Now, we're talking about best rapper not best producer, but now listen to his first three cds (College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation), you hear nothing but genius lyrically. Examples are the references he uses and than puts it together and he in general has good rhymes. Schoolboy Q: Gangsta, Gangsta, Gangsta - that's right, Schoolboy Q is a gangsta. If it sells, nice, but I'm looking for someone who can flow over almost any beat with ease, whose lyrics have depth to them, and who can deliver them with proper tone and timing. Essentials: 'Kick Push', 'Jonlyah Forever' and 'American Terrorist'. KRS-One can go from a serious protesting rapper to a flat out fun rapper to a lyrical genius. Essentials: 'ZZZ Top', 'Battery', 'Citronella'. His work after his first two albums is not as good aside from bin laden. Today, Lamar’s name is a significant mention in the rap industry, and many enthusiasts of rap music claim he is the best rapper both in the US and the entire world. 6.

Essentials: 'Fast Life', 'Take 'Em To War', 'Ill Street Blues'. He raps fast in that while changing the flow to the beat. Eazy always stayed true, he wasn't afraid to say he represents the grit and violence of street life, and he represented that all the way up to the last day. He should be a top 5 and above Lil' Wayne. Killer Mike: The inherited chief of Atlanta, Michael Render spent too long edging the borders of the greats before he became widely appreciated via the success of Run The Jewels. His voice commands your attention. In my opinion, he is a perfect example of the evolution of rap. He could have been the best rapper like Biggie or Big L. He rhymed better than Black Though! Reported to have hit the sales of over 50 million albums, Jay-Z has found himself among the best-selling musicians of all time.

It is hard to decide who is the best rapper. Despite Rakim transforming the Golden Age into an age about gold chains and stacks, the competition and hunger behind his lines will always be his legacy.

He has been in the rap game more than he's been out if it. Unlike some of the rapper today he put his soul into his music. As the trumpeters and drummers play in the music. Jay Z: 'I'm not a business man, I'm a business, man.' Born in the German region of Frankfurt, J Cole doubles up his rap music with acting. BY WAY FAR. Essentials: 'Get Ur Freak One', 'Work It'. He also has some classic boasting raps such as obnoxious. His rap technique switches every song, making it a diverse but often alienating experience, much like the gangsta life. It's okay kiddies keep drinking the kool-aid that these "rappers" feed you, it's all good. In his latest album he is more consistent he always has been. Not only that but Jay-z runs one of the best rap labels there is with rappers like Kayne, Nas, and many others on it. He still is one of the best his rhymes are clever for instance in straight outta Compton he gets two rhymes in each line mostly comparing it to mc ren and eazy e more in a complete word way but ren and eazy have syllable rounding in there verses. Dre is a boss at flows and rapping fast doesn’t not matter as much but it still is cool and Dre raps about as fast as Eminem. Essentials: 'Potholes In My Lane', 'Ring Ring Ring', 'Ghetto Thang'.

His first eagerly anticipated solo album The 18th Letter was a critical success and a present for all of Rakim's fans. He can freestyle and battle rap, unlike all the commercial rappers. He's not near one of the greatest lyricists of all time and his flow isn't that great or at least it isn't anymore since he dumbed it down to fit in with the mainstream. While he doesn't have the mass success of Jay-Z or the everlasting hype of Jay Electronica, Monch holds his own by pure proficiency. Sorry it's a disgrace that Lil wayne be put above him.. Long live The Flow. S kendrick lamar and J Cole collab album in the future.

Listen to Ova Here, Bridge is Over, South Bronx, Cleam em' Out etc. Essentials: 'Award Tour', 'Excursions', 'Feelin'. Essentials: 'Nosetalgia' featuring Kendrick Lamar, 'Exodus 23:1' and 'New God Flow' featuring Kanye West.

And for the fact that almost all these rappers hail from the US, one would easily agree that the USA is the core of global rap music.

Therefore, he doesn't have money to spend on high-profile producers or advertising. Born Aubrey Drake Graham, sixth on the list of the best rappers in the world; Drake is a Canadian superstar who is best known for his versatility as an actor, rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, songwriter, and singer. Adding to this comment, the best part is his "too cool to even try" attitude, He's snoop dogg. Essentials: 'Cold World', 'Duel of the Iron Mic', 'Protect Ya Neck'.

He can also sing as well as rap his new album Take Care is the most phenomenal thing I've heard in a long time, every single song I can listen to without skipping this shows he's wicked! He has made lots of his own music but he and other rappers use samples from others like how no money mo problems used in coming out Diana Ross or ice cube no Vaseline with dazzOr dr Dre with express yourself by Charlie wright or will smith gettin jiffy wit it uses the greatest dancer by sister sledge. The amount of verses and production knowledge that stemmed from that first exploration of the 36 Chambers is immeasurable. Best song: South Bronx.

is too underrated! Born Sir Robert Bryson “Bobby’’ Hall II; Logic is an American superstar highly regarded for his proficiency as a record producer, songwriter, singer, and rapper. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Rap is one of the facets of contemporary music and without any illusions, it has gone beyond a swift manner of using slang. Following the launch of Overly Dedicated, Lamar started rising into prominence and a year after this, he came up with his debut studio album titled Section 80. He also plays piano pretty well he does keyboards and grand pianos. His metaphors are so deep, that you can hear every emotional twist that he adds to his songs for effect. In the subsequent year, he came up with another mixtape which he gave the title Young, Broke & Infamous. Jay Electronica: Jay is the true backpacker's artist, adored by any die hard fans of hip-hop music. I love reading all the comments that say Lil Wayne or Drake or Wiz Khalifa should be number 1, it's just so funny! Born Kanye Omari West; Kanye West is one of the leading rappers both in the US and the entire world.


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