restart my phone without power button
You are not the only one. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to restart iPhone without Power button.

Draining your phone’s battery is one of the easiest ways to learn how to restart iPhone without Power button and frozen screen. But if the phone is power off, the situation is much more tricky. But some users complain that the app doesn't work on their device.

If unfortunately, neither of these features available on your Android device, it is literally torture when the power button on Android is not working.

Part 4: How to restart iPhone by draining its battery? If you have enabled USB debugging before the phone is off, you can try to install ADB on your computer and use command prompt to turn on the device. Simply tap on the “Continue” button and wait for a while as your phone will be restarted automatically. Let’s get it started. Step 4.

Read the reviews carefully before you install the app on your phone.

- The AssistiveTouch works as a great alternative to the home and power button for iPhone users. This will erase all the saved network settings on your phone and will restart it in the end. If your phone is on, it is very simple to wake it up. Draining your phone’s battery is one of the easiest ways to learn how to restart iPhone without Power button and frozen screen. Download the Activator app on your iPhone from here. Now, tap and hold the “Lock Screen” option until you receive the power screen. - If your smartphone does not have this functionality, and volume buttons don’t help either, just plug the phone into a charger and the screen will light up.

Consider using the following application to restart your smartphone with insignificant hassles. Oct 23, 2020 • Filed to: Fix iOS Mobile Device Issues • Proven solutions. The software issues are often caused when the operating system or applications get corrupted either due to an abrupt app crush or rogue application performance. The essence of the power button is, however, increasing day by day due to the invention of smartphones with full display. If this is the case, connect it to a charger and wait for it to restart.

You can wave hands over proximity sensor to lock and unlock screen. If it still fails, try out other tactics as outlined below. With the above tips on how to restart Android phone without power button, you can quickly reboot your Android phone when your phone power button jams. Though if you wish to learn how to restart iPhone without Power button and frozen screen, then this solution might not work.

This post is to put an end to the torture. Additionally, you can use gestures to do the same if you have a jailbroken device. Afterward, it is possible to reboot your phone easily by replacing the actions of power button with those of volume up button, for instance.

These all can wake the phone up and let you use the phone again.

Though its ok but I would rather loved to have a restart button or if the same button on long press could have given me option to restart and shutdown both.

First, determine the correct key combination to access your smartphone’s recovery menu.

I was having the same problem as my Power button was broken and I really wanted to restart my phone after regular intervals to get it's performance balanced.

Copyright © 2020 Wondershare. Now when you know five different ways to restart iPhone without lock button, you can simply follow the most preferred option. Step 5. Tips and tricks for recovering data from iOS Android devices. 1. The gravity app can be freely be downloaded from Google App Store.

If it doesn’t, call the device from another phone. However, before starting this process, you should ascertain that the USB debugging mode is turned on in your phone.

If you are willing to take this small risk, then you can easily follow this method and learn how to restart iPhone without button.

After the phone gets sufficient charge, try to test the power button again. Hi everyone. iPhone/iPad Power Button Cannot Work, How to Fix? - If that also is not possible, ask a friend to give you a call. From here, you can access gesture control on your device to perform various tasks. However, this option is complicated because it requires your phone to be rooted. After successful installation, go to the directory where ADB is installed and open the cmd.

You can make a selection of your own as well. The boot menu is often used to either clear cache or factory reset an Android device.

As its name implies, the app allows you to use volume button to replace power button to wake up your phone.

Keep on checking on the status of battery level from the screen. Whenever you wish to restart iPhone without Power button, just tap on the AssistiveTouch box. If the Home or Power button on your device isn’t working properly, then don’t worry. With the above tips on how to restart Android phone without power button, you can quickly reboot your Android phone when your phone power button jams.

Aside from this, several other applications allow users to not only turn off and on their screens but also reboot their devices via the software option. The proximity sensor is  located besides your phone's earpiece. This command will reboot your phone. Tips and tricks for phone to phone data transfer. This post is to put an end to the torture.

There are chances that your phone is off due to low battery. Learn how to restart iPhone without lock button by implementing these steps.

Tips and tricks for transferring data to new iPhone 12.

Please select your question type and we'll guide you to the right service team. Change GPS location on iPhone/iPad easily.

Part 1: How to restart iPhone using AssistiveTouch?

In case your button is simply missing i.e.

You can simply connect your phone to a lightning cable to restart it.

Simply choose an Activator gesture of your choice to restart iPhone without Power button.

We have heard from lots of iPhone users who wish to restart their phone as the Home or Power button on their device has stopped functioning.

I have the solution. Best large file transfer Apps for iPhone&Android. Learn how to restart iPhone without lock button by following these easy steps. Moreover, you have to press and hold either of the Volume buttons and wait for the Power slider to appear on the screen if you want to restart an iPhone X and later..

In this article, you will learn about the ways of restarting your Android smartphone without the power button when it is either on or off. All you got to do is follow these steps to reset network settings. The boot menu can be used to solve numerous issues with your gadget. In specific scenarios, you may have encountered software problems with your Android smartphone.

Android Data Recovery; Broken Android Data Extraction; Android Data Backup & Restore, iPhone Data Recovery; iOS System Recovery; iOS Data Backup & Restore.

Additionally, you can give the "adb reboot" command also. To do this, visit your phone’s Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and turn it on. This will enable an AssistiveTouch box on your screen. Connect your phone to a charger or computer with USB cable, ask a friend to call you, press Camera button if you have one. You will be asked to enter the passcode of your device. Here is how to restart android phone without power button.

Dr.Fone gives discounts and free phones,etc.Stay tuned. And when you take the phone up or out, the screen will automatically wake up.

Not only are bold texts easier to be read, but the feature will also be implemented only after restarting your phone. Learn how to backup and transfer WhatsApp,Line,Viber,etc.

You can get your device's name and ID by offering the commands "adb device". So no need to press the power button. mу nаmе іѕ Moez (Techno Geek) frоm аnd in this content, I’m gоіng to show уоu how to restart уоur іPhоnе without the роwеr buttоn іf уоur іPhоnе іѕ running iOS 11.. Nоw it’s quite ѕіmрlе to do.

Even though you can lock and unlock screen with apps, you get the power button fixed permanently so that you can normally use the power button to power on the device, take a screenshot, put device into recovery mode, etc.

Nevertheless, while following this method, the stored Wi-Fi passwords and paired Bluetooth devices would be erased. Follow your preferred alternative and make the most out of your phone. Here, select the option labeled "Reboot system now" to reboot your phone simply. Match the designated passcode and tap on the “Reset Network Settings” option.

Firstly, visit your phone’s Settings and tap on the General option. Related Articles: Alternative to Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android


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