retired english setter for sale
NBHA National Amateur RU Puppy of the Year 2018-19 season. Registered English Setter Puppies 451.35 miles. You can pursue adoption by contacting. Setters & You. to locate game, they excel at returning downed birds or We are proud to be part of AKC's "Breeder of Merit" Program.

Over the years families probably over-nighted here while on their way to any one of a number of the nearby wild quail Valhallas. Free hunting dog classifieds for the upland bird hunter and wetland waterfowl hunter. Levi. Here you'll find horses and mules listed for sale, Murphys Mohawk Ryder x Rising SUN Bos Pearl, G F SOUTHERN DECEPTION x GROUSE FEATHER JILL, Pointers - English Setter - Litter Annoucement, Posted on 10/04/2020 - - Last updated on 11/03/2020, Pointers - English Setter - Puppies for Sale, Posted on 11/03/2020 - - Last updated on 11/03/2020, HIGHTAILINITS RAMBLIN MAN x JAYDOGS I AM IT, Stinnett’s Shadrack x Ron’s Dixie Kate, Pointers - English Setter - Finished Dogs, Posted on 11/02/2020 - - Last updated on 11/03/2020, Barbaro’s Southern Buster x Tomoka’s Southern Lady, Posted on 10/31/2020 - - Last updated on 10/31/2020, 16CH NSTRA TOMOKA’S SMOKIN GUN x TOMOKA’S SMOKIN KATE, Posted on 10/30/2020 - - Last updated on 10/30/2020, 2X NAT CH SHADOW OAK BO x FC AFC COLD CREEK PEARL, Posted on 10/29/2020 - - Last updated on 10/29/2020, Posted on 10/27/2020 - - Last updated on 10/28/2020, BOS BIG TIME JACKSON x SKEENAH GAPS PUMPKIN, Posted on 10/27/2020 - - Last updated on 10/29/2020, COPPER BIRD DOG OUTDOORS x HIDDEN ROSE BIRD DOG, Posted on 10/26/2020 - - Last updated on 10/27/2020, Posted on 09/25/2020 - - Last updated on 10/25/2020, Posted on 10/23/2020 - - Last updated on 10/23/2020, Carlyes Copperhead Ace x Mesquite Czarina Irja, Posted on 09/22/2020 - - Last updated on 10/23/2020, Posted on 10/21/2020 - - Last updated on 10/21/2020, 5 X RU CH TEKOA MOUNTAIN PALADIN x INDYS ROSE, Carpenter’s Blue Hawk x Foggy Bottom Peach, Posted on 03/31/2020 - - Last updated on 10/22/2020, ANDERSON RANCHS SMOKIN GUS x ANDERSON RANCHS LOST SHAMROCK, Posted on 09/04/2020 - - Last updated on 10/17/2020, Posted on 10/16/2020 - - Last updated on 10/16/2020, Posted on 10/15/2020 - - Last updated on 10/16/2020, Posted on 10/01/2019 - - Last updated on 10/14/2020, RU CH NORTHWOODS NIRVANA x PHILLIPS MORNING STAR, Posted on 05/12/2016 - - Last updated on 10/14/2020, 2X NAT CH SHADOW OAK BO x Trails End Dawn, Posted on 06/09/2020 - - Last updated on 10/13/2020, Posted on 08/26/2020 - - Last updated on 10/13/2020, Posted on 10/11/2020 - - Last updated on 10/12/2020, Posted on 09/05/2020 - - Last updated on 10/10/2020, Posted on 10/07/2020 - - Last updated on 10/08/2020, NFC GFC FC AFC FREDRICH GEORGE JETSSON x FREDRICHS JANE JETSSON, Posted on 09/16/2020 - - Last updated on 09/16/2020, Posted on 03/11/2019 - - Last updated on 09/05/2020, CH ERIN’S HIDDEN SHAMROCK x MILOMIX SPECK, Posted on 08/10/2020 - - Last updated on 08/10/2020, BLUE RIDGE MAC x Walker’s Sunkist Ellie, CH ERINS HIDDEN SHAMROCK x TALL OAKS COTTON, Posted on 07/25/2017 - - Last updated on 06/20/2020, CLARYS TEKOA SKYHAWK x CH CLARYS TOMOKA TROUBLE, Posted on 04/07/2018 - - Last updated on 05/31/2020, Posted on 03/21/2020 - - Last updated on 04/23/2020, Posted on 03/02/2020 - - Last updated on 03/02/2020, Posted on 02/24/2020 - - Last updated on 02/25/2020, Posted on 12/27/2019 - - Last updated on 01/12/2020, 3XCH/R-U CH RIDGE CREEK CODY x CH CLARYS TOMOKA TROUBLE, Posted on 04/07/2018 - - Last updated on 12/17/2019, BARBAROS SOUTHERN BUSTER x CHASES LUCKY MARYS ANNA, Posted on 01/27/2019 - - Last updated on 09/28/2019, Posted on 08/17/2011 - - Last updated on 09/11/2019, Posted on 02/18/2016 - - Last updated on 06/12/2019, H N H RAZORS EDGE x H N H CROCKETTS JUICE, Gun dogs, Bird Dogs, Field Dogs, Sporting Dogs ... and now Hound dogs, Pointers - English Pointer - Puppies for Sale, Posted on 10/21/2020 - - Last updated on 10/26/2020, Mackinaws Wingswept Obadiah Dancer JH x Mackinaws WindEm Winnie SH, Pointers - Llewellin Setter - Litter Annoucement, Texas Pinehill Bucksnort x Whole lotta Fugley, 4xGMPR HRCH 3 Ring Tychos Supernova of TGK MH x Hullmarks Give It The Gun Gabby JH, Retrievers - Labrador Retriever - Puppies for Sale, Posted on 09/03/2020 - - Last updated on 11/02/2020, HRCH UH Troddenmills Good to Go x HR Imperials Electric Barbarella, Retrievers - British Labrador Retriever - Puppies for Sale, Posted on 11/04/2020 - - Last updated on 11/05/2020, Flushers - English Springer Spaniel - Puppies for Sale, Posted on 11/05/2018 - - Last updated on 10/21/2020, Flushers - English Cocker Spaniel - Started Dogs, Flushers - English Cocker Spaniel - Puppies for Sale, Posted on 10/30/2020 - - Last updated on 10/31/2020, Versatiles - German Shorthaired Pointer - Puppies for Sale, Posted on 11/01/2019 - - Last updated on 10/21/2020, Hounds - Bluetick Coonhound - Puppies for Sale, Posted on 10/07/2020 - - Last updated on 10/07/2020, Hounds - Treeing Walker Coonhound - Puppies for Sale, Reload Version 3.5 - November 05th 2020    ©2005-2020 GUNDOG CENTRAL.


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