rh negative traits
Low self esteem Can be either I had interferon treatments for hepatitis C and didn’t really suffer all that bad and came through unscathed and cured. We both have peircing big eyes mine a weird green orangy even red color while hers are a peircing blue. Blonde, blue eyed, not afraid of confrontations will not back down if right. I am A negative, have hazel eyes, dark brown hair with a red tinge, freckly fair skin, large piecing eyes, looked older when I was in my teens now look younger in my 40s, have a wide face/forehead/brow.

I have Arthritis. Not me at all. Two children one O- and one O+. Mood changing eyes; one hazel one blue, both hazel both grey. My parent’s both positive but A negative on Dad’s side and B negative on Mom’s side.

I have all three. I have large green eyes that are deep green on the inner side fading to a lighter green then into a gold around the outer of the iris. (I know … perfect match) Confirmed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgCpa1RlSdQ. Don’t let anyone convince you that you’re crazy. I’ve always been the guy who defended the little guy against the bigger guys (to be honest, when in high school I hadn’t learned to be this way 100% of the time yet). Faint, but they’re there and get darker every summer. I have brown hair, no red. I also have an IQ of 185 in science. I am A-. We’re all very restless, Mum and son more so. Not so much. I have all the qualities!! Just always thought it was a fluke. We all have yellow and blue eyes that I suppose could look green in the right light. We are generally well liked but also introverted. I was a red head before it turned white. My extended family is mostly negatives. Could never drink milk–yuck. I am left handed and have webbed toes. Personally, I have been Type 0 and Rh negative, all my life. My answers to your Q’s, re: me There have been times where I was able to see what they were seeing at the same time through my mind’s eye. Hair has auburn tint but didn’t experience premature grey…have very little grey and almost 57 years old. Skin problems with eczema, dermatitis etc. Antigens were formed in a previous pregnancy against positive blood because no Rhogam was administered to prevent female from forming antigens against a subsequent conception that is a positive baby. This is quite common. BROWN HAIR, RED HIGHLIGHTS, FRECKLES AS A CHILD, I have 17 from the list except for big eyes, red hair and freckles. Born with red hair and freckles. My mother’s ancestors, passed through Iberia on their journey, then S.E. 4) A high percentage of rh negative people is green eyed. I’ve many different people that are around me for a while mention that people who are complete strangers just start confiding their deepest darkest secrets with me only moments after meeting me which I’d always known but I didn’t realize it didn’t happen to others. I had also done several blood testing just to confirm it. Lower body temperature I am RH B negative and recently donated blood for the first time. When I was less wise, I used to curse my sensitivities to light, noise, people, emotions, etc.

Piercing eyes I guess as others have most certainly commented.

Perhaps it was detected (I hope and running a scan right now to view hx) and I just did not receive an automated pop up notification.

age 64. Finding none, she suddenly went to a picture of his parents on top of a tv set. I’ve had my DNA tested and I’m 3.1 Neanderthal but don’t know about my Mum and son.


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