river wandle perch
Cross the park diagonally and walk under North Road. They have been culverted since before 1900. William Morris stocked his stretch of the river with perch from the upper Thames, so that he’d never be far from his favourite fishy delicacy.

Using a bow-and-arrow cast,.

Take the footbridge over the river and turn sharp left along a path into the corner of … The hand-carved wooden benches on route make a perfect place to stop off and admire the view. The perdigon was just too heavy for my light set up; I had to switch back to the smaller shrimp.

To the East the river now emerges in Wandle Park and Waddon Ponds near Croydon, while in the West they rise in Carshalton Ponds and around Beddington Park.

The river was used to power 68 water wheels, of which only a few survive, such as at Merton Abbey Mills for paper, print and tapestries.[7]. About the Wandle Trail The Wandle Trail passes through the boroughs of Croydon, Sutton and Merton, and joins the Thames at Wandsworth. I moved position to another more accessible pool. In Victorian times the Wandle was one of hardest working rivers in the world. This takes you straight to the step-free Hackbridge station and back to London.

However, even a small size 16 fly was too big for most to take, until one fish with a mouth big enough, intercepted the fly. If you’d like to try out some more rides, try this map of car-free routes and these great traffic free family rides. It ran along Southbridge Road and upon reaching Old Town it reached a maximal 20 ft (6 m) across and began to divide into smaller channels. The River Wandle rises from a spring near the Tesco (previously Swan and Sugarloaf public house)on Brighton Road in South Croydon. [17] In 2009 it was the greatest penalty for a one-day unlawful discharge into controlled waters. London's Lost Rivers - Book and Walking Tours by Paul Talling, Woolwich - Dockyard & Royal Arsenal Canal Walk, Isle of Dogs Canal and Millwall Docks Walk. Look out for this bridge: Follow the sign to Hackbridge along the canal for ten minutes and at the end turn left onto Hackbridge road. Restoring it would allow the tide to clear out silt and restore a natural tidal river.

The river is first visible at Wandle Park in Croydon. [4], The river then flowed through Pitlake and on through two marshy fields — Froggs Mead and Stubbs Mead — drained to form Wandle Park in 1890. The discharge killed over 2,000 fish of various species. Rain falls on the North Downs, filters through the chalk and emerges on the spring line.

The River Wandle is a tributary of the River Thames in south London, England.

Dry fly fishing was first started for catching trout from the river. From there it’s a short cycle through quiet back streets to the start.

Morden Hall Park, a beautiful former deer park, is the last stop on the ride and is one of the few remaining estates that used to line the River Wandle during its industrial heyday. I moved upstream, to where the water tumbled down a weir, hoping that I’d find trout in the faster water. The River Wandle has a long and illustrious history as a chalkstream fishery.

Another shoal of chub – bigger fish this time – were hiding under trailing bankside brambles. If you’re there at lunchtime you can help feed the pigs! [2] A series of ditches and culverts carries the water from Purley to Croydon. The predominant geology of the south part is chalk interspersed with flint and narrow alluvial gravel beds in the south. Straightened, it roughly bounds Croydon and Lambeth Boroughs forming the ancient boundary of Croydon and Norwood (once the large woodland in Norbury parish). The River Wandle is a tributary of the River Thames in south London, England. Now, however, the Wandle is on its way back as a fishery. On 17 September 2007, a chemical was accidentally flushed into the Wandle from Thames Water's Beddington sewage works. In 2012, the Wandle was restored to the surface in Wandle Park.

I relocated to another favourite stretch of the Wandle where I often see big wild brown trout.

The company apologised; it offered to meet local angling clubs and the Wandle Trust to discuss restocking and long-term support for the Trust's work. For part of its length, the Wandle forms the boundary between the London Boroughs of Croydon and Lambeth and, further downstream bounds Merton and Wandsworth. Other species including bream and barbel are present with flounders and mitten crabs in the Wandle delta.

This is no rural idyll. Look out for The Art Trail – it features numbered gateways, viewing platforms and numbered bridges – each individually designed – and unique way-markers.

My lightweight 7X leader (with a couple of ‘wind’ knots) gave me concern, but I was able to get the fish in the next without too much bother. The river is first visible at Wandle Park in Croydon. Two fish was going to be the tally today.

1-08-17 Camera 1 #24 Camera 1 Head Cam, 2 camera running to day, different angles..

My other favourite stretch had no available parking – and no good fishing story every contains the line “I had trouble parking”.

The press has also noticed our success in restoring the Wandle.

Also found in the River Wandle are water voles, otters, the common toad, and grey heron.

The river gives its name to the neighbourhood of The Wrythe in Carshalton.

At Earlsfield take a left out of the station and look for the sign for Cycle Route 20 next to Barclays. It has its relatively few underground (culverted) stretches; these are in Croydon. The river Wandle lining the trail is famous for its brown trout and thrives with chub, roach and perch. I resolved to get some pink shrimp small enough for these fish to take. Your email address will not be published. I didn’t weigh or measure the fish – wanting to keep it wet – but this is easily my personal best chub.

Shortly before reaching the Thames the navigable Bell Lane Creek splits from the river, rejoining close to the confluence. All images are copyright. It passes through the London Boroughs of Croydon, Sutton, Merton, and Wandsworth to join the River Thames at Wandsworth.

Originally they rose further up the chalk slope but water abstraction and periods of poor rainfall have lowered the water table. On a previous visit to this spot, I’d noticed fish of all sizes very attracted by my relatively large size 10 pink Czech Nymph.

Clean-ups of the Wandle have improved the water quality dramatically, leading to a return of the river's brown trout. This had been built as the first part of a project to create a marina, however it had ceased to work some years previously.

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Very shy, the bird is usually seen as a vivid electric-blue streak, speeding along the river uttering a single high-pitched piping call.

Disappointingly, no such fish were here today. The whole trail is 12 miles, but if you fancy a shorter version, try cycling the 7 mile section from Earlsfield to Hackbridge. The Wandle is piped part-way-through neighbouring New South Quarter to flow under Purley Way (formerly Waddon Marsh Lane) and part of its retail park.

I was looking for trout, but this stretch seems to just contain chub.

[18] In 2010 a High Court judge found the fine was under the statutory rules governing pollution penalties "manifestly" excessive, reducing it to £50,000, noting Thames Water had donated £500,000 to clean up the river.[19]. I just can’t get the fly into position.

Thanks to our work with the South East Rivers Trust (previously the Wandle Trust), trout are thriving again in the river , though catching one on a traditional dry fly still isn’t guaranteed!

Click on these links to follow the river’s story as it runs through a new century – and a new age for this unique urban chalkstream.

Its logo was a water wheel above the London Transport roundel.

Until the end of the 19th century it was seen as one of the world’s great chalkstreams. This resulted in over 2,000 fish of various species being killed.

A stretch of the river between Trewint Street and Plough Lane in Merton has been designated as the Lower Wandle Local Nature Reserve (LNR).

This improvement in water quality has also seen other fish thrive with stocks of chub, roach and dace all flourishing once again with the most popular angling spots being in Hackbridge and Colliers Wood. It is lined by mature trees and patches of grassland. There are stocks of chub, roach and perch all flourishing once again with the most popular angling spots situated on the river at Colliers Wood. The river runs through southwest London. Or if you’re returning back via Earlsfield, you could finish up at Bean and Hop, a bike-friendly café with plenty of bike racks. A ‘bow-and-arrow’ cast is the only realistic way of placing a fly on parts of the River Wandle. The Wandle in The Angler. The river has been used since Roman times. The river has since the 18th century been largely terraformed with tributary artificial channels (becoming surface water drains) and runoff ditches.

5.4: General water chemistry The effluent carrier channel from Beddington STW significantly increases the flow of the main River Wandle below Goat Bridge by c234,000 m3 (2.708 cumecs) of treated sewage effluent per day.


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