rock house cave

When rainfall is abundant, springs of water permeate through the porous sandstone and flow into these troughs fashioned by man and, when full, continue across the floor and out of the windows. Rockhouse Cave is the oldest continuing tourist attraction in Barry County and exists today as a link to a most colorful past. For one thing, Huntsville is known as a cave destination, and as a few beer aficionados may know, it was referred to as “Cave City” before it became the “Rocket City.”  Knowing that, how can you live here without having visited at least one cave? It is a tunnel-like corridor situated midway up a 150-foot cliff of Blackhand sandstone. And please, bring some garbage bags.

(Purple Blazes) As one might imagine, Rock house was used for shelter by past visitors. We actually first heard about Rockhouse Cave from a reader of the site, who was having trouble remembering where it is located. At ¼ mile in length, it is also one of the most extensive caverns to be found in the Table Rock area and is maintained as a free private-owned attraction especially suited for the education of youngsters on field trips or outings. Good luck. This website was founded on the premise that Huntsville needs an online compendium of great makeout spots. You can get there by exiting I-565 at Exit 2 and heading south until you find Rockhouse Road. It looks like this: A little bit beyond the entrance to the cave is this very serious warning, which caused several in our party to give up spelunking forever: (In all seriousness, we’ve spoken to the people at Wheeler about the all the graffitti and the trash, and they have basically asked us to help find somebody who can keep this place clean. Rock House has a colorful past and has long been a popular tourist attraction. The cave was excavated in 1935 by Lee Adams, whose report is printed in Tyler's "History of Rockhouse Cave" book, 1980, pg. In summary, if you live in or around Huntsville and appreciate the outdoors, this is definitely somewhere that should be on your list of places to visit. That was in 1882. In this way, residents were able to maintain a small water supply in Rock House. Rockhouse Cave is actually a series of caves (we counted 5 entrances), located on Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, just a couple hundred yards from the northern banks of the Tennessee River. Rockhouse Cave retains something of the spirit of each generation which has called it home, and owes its charm largely to the fact it has managed to escape the changes of modern days. Once you get past the spraypaint, you will quickly realize that this cave is something pretty special. Not that we necessarily endorse this; it looks like pretty dangerous crawling. So, if you are interested in a public interest project, let us know and we will come too). Try asking around. West Huntsville Receives Much Needed Nature Preserve, Introduction to Mountain Biking in North Alabama, Greenways: Huntsville partners with the Land Trust, Huntsville is known as a cave destination, Tracking the American Alligator in Limestone Bay, Top Swimming Holes in the Huntsville Area. . He's been four feet from a grizzly bear and he's held an alligator. The cavern was eroded out of the middle zone of the Blackhand sandstone. We have the largest selection of lodging in the area and can be easily reached for questions.

Once we finished up in the main entrance, we checked out the other four potential entrances. Rockhouse Road dead-ends into a dirt road, at which point you are very close to the cave. Numerous dated carvings in the rock bear evidence of this area's long-standing popularity.


The records of 1888 tells it this way: "The. Bring something to fight zombies. Read Later ; Print. Later, around 1862, the Federals built a stone outpost just below the big cave from which the valley eventually took the name "Rock House." So what is Rockhouse Cave? Further evidence of past use is the presence of chiseled out troughs or holding tanks found in the stone floor. The year of 1880 brought the organization of the town of Mineral Springs, just west of Rockhouse one mile, and the original road between Cassville and Shell Knob (via Mineral Springs) passed by Rockhouse Cave.


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