rosh chodesh musaf
The repetition of Musaf on Yom Kippur also includes the recitation of various piyyutim (liturgical poems), a detailed description of the priestly service in the Temple on Yom Kippur, and the martyrology, a gruesome recounting of the deaths of ten famous rabbis at the hands of the Roman Empire. Likewise, if this already occurred, one is to precede Mincha to Musaf, as the main opinion follows the stringent opinion. [60] The custom[61] of Ashkenazi[62] Jewry is to mention the verses of the particular Musaf sacrifice of each holiday on that holiday. Rashi, on commenting on this passage, delineates the activities from which they may refrain: spinning, weaving, and sewing, because these are the skills which women so enthusiastically contributed to the building of the Mishkan (Tabernacle). Mincha versus Musaf-Which is one to Daven first:[18] If one delayed Davening Musaf until the time of Mincha arrived, which is from 6.5 hours into the day, and hence now has two prayer obligations in front of him, one of Musaf and one of Mincha, then if it is past the time of Mincha Ketana he is required to first Daven Mincha.

[61] However from the letter of the law simply mentioning “the sacrifices that are mentioned in scripture for this holiday” suffices, as explained in the background. [82] He is to say Kedusha with the congregation, although is not to say the entire Modim [only the first three words].[83]]. 2) The Rosh Chodesh Musaf prayer speaks of the special sacrifices which were brought in the Holy Temple in honor of Rosh Chodesh and implores G‑d to grant us a prosperous and happy month. It’s Rosh Chodesh today!

The entire reason the Sages instituted to recite the seven blessings of Musaf is only in order to “Neshlama Parim Sefaseinu”, to verbally make up the sacrifice, and thus certainly in this regard if its time has passed its sacrifice is annulled. Where to find a free online service for the Day of Atonement. This "additional" service is recited on Shabbat, major Jewish holidays and on Rosh Chodesh. However other Poskim[69] rule that he does not fulfill his obligation and is to retract to the middle blessing, or to the beginning of Shemoneh Esrei if he already completed his prayer. However this does not consider one to have Davened Shacharis with a Minyan, or even to have Davened Shacharis at a time that the congregation is praying.

[19] Likewise, even prior to Mincha Ketana, if he desires to now eat a meal, whether large or small, then he must precede the prayer of Mincha. Festivals, Rosh Chodesh, Musaf Amidah for Rosh Chodesh, Passages Ending Amidah חגים, ראש חודש, מוסף עמידה לראש חודש, אלוהי נצור יִהְיוּ לְרָצון אִמְרֵי פִי וְהֶגְיון לִבִּי לְפָנֶיךָ. Since 12 lunar months do not add up to one complete solar year, additional "leap months" are intercalated into the calendar in seven years out of a 19-year cycle. Days in our calendar must begin at sundown, regardless of when the conjunction actually takes place. 3) Interestingly, the minhog not to remove tefillin before musaf on Chol Hamoed and Rosh Chodesh was even known among Italian Sepharadim, mentioned in שו”ת דבר שמואל, brought in שע”ת סי’ כה ס”ק כב. Rosh Chodesh, itself, is celebrated with a partial Hallel, musaf (in remembrance of the extra sacrifice brought on Rosh Chodesh), and Ya'aleh V'yavo is added to the Amidah and Birkhat HaMazon.

It is here that we find the most iconic prayers: the cantor’s Hineni where he or she pleads to be worthy to lead the congregation in prayer; Unetaneh Tokef, the prayer which includes the well-known and haunting passage “Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die” and the “Great Aleinu” during which the cantor lies prostrate in front of the ark in utter supplication. One already Davened Mincha:[17] Even if one already Davened Mincha he may nevertheless still Daven Musaf. The final part is a prayer attesting to the joyous nature of Shabbat and asking God to find favor in our rest. This series of petitions addressed to "Our Father, Our King," is recited on Yom Kippur and other fast days. It’s Rosh Chodesh today! [It is rather equivalent to Davening in private.]

It’s up to each generation to decide where that path leads. See Kitzur Halachos Umilium p. 83! If one accidently Davened the weekday Shemoneh Esrei instead of Musaf, then if he mentioned the Rosh Chodesh Karbanos in any of the blessings of the Shemoneh Esrei, he fulfills his obligation. The order of the three sections is not random — it astutely captures our modern relationship with God. [24] Practically, the widespread custom today is to always precede Musaf to Mincha even if it is past Mincha Ketana and one desires to eat a meal. Ask the Rav: Is a shower really valid as a mikvah alternative, Gambling: The definition and moral and Halachic perspective, Ask the Rav: The number level of jaundice/bilirubin for which a Bris must be delayed.


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