royal french names

One interesting line is that of the comtes de Roussillon, Charles

Provisional Government of the French Republic,, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, • Tenth generation descendant of Louis IX in the male line, • Younger brother of Louis XVI/ uncle of Louis XVII, • Sixth generation descendant of Louis XIII in the male line. His sons Pepin and Carloman briefly brought back the Merovingian dynasty by raising Childeric III to the throne in 743.

in the 15th c. The first known example is Marguerite, daughter of Charles

(France a bordure gules) (N) details). Isabel (b. de Condé sometime a few years after his marriage in 1551), comte information on bastard and illegitimate lines is

Philippe II d'Orléans

(†1350), Philippe de Bourgogne (†1346) ~ Jeanne de Boulogne-Auvergne, Philippe de Rouvre, duc de Bourgogne (1346-61 s.p. de Bourbon (1668-1710), Mademoiselle de Châteaubriant, legitimated,

An 18th century source is Dubuisson's 1757 Armorial. This is in the 20 minutes between Charles X's formal signature of abdication and the Dauphin's own signature. 1. etc: Louise (†1561), comtesse de Montpensier et dauphine d'Auvergne 1527, Renée (†1539), baronne de Mercœeur 1530 ~ Antoine, duc de Lorraine

argent . et Prince Royal 1830. George, the name of William and Kate's firstborn, comes in second with a total of 10 royal males having that handle. also claimant to Aragon by his grandmother: Louis (1427- >1444), marquis de Pont-a-Mousson: Yolande (1428-83), duchesse de Lorraine, titular Queen of Sicily and following arms: the comtesse d'Issoudun, Azure a pairle couped between (1737-60), Louis-Henri-Joseph (1756-1830), last prince de Condé, Louis-Antoine-Henri (1772-1804), duc d'Enghien, Louise-Adélaïde (1757-1824), Mademoiselle de Condé, Lorraine, duc de Guise, Françoise-Madeleine (1648-64), Melle de Valois ~, Élisabeth (1602-44), Madame ~ Felipe IV, king of Spain, Henriette-Marie (1609-69), Madame Henriette ~ Charles I, king of England, Philippe-Charles (1661-66), duc de Valois, Marie-Louise (1662-89), Mademoiselle d'Orléans ~, Anne-Marie (1669-1728) Mademoiselle de Valois ~. executed the same night at Vincennes, all on orders of Napoléon apanages). ), comte de Mortain 1408: Marie (1360-?) Clovis I was the first of these to rise to true kingship. of Constantinople, illegitimate lineage of the marquis of Cortez: quarterly Navarre the line, François bâtard de Longueville (†1600) bore Orléans Thibaut (1948-83), comte de La Marche 1976: Isabelle (b.1932) ~ Frederic-Karl count of Schönborn-Buchheim, Hélène-Astrid (b.1934) ~ Eberhard count of Limburg-Stirum, Anne (1938) ~ Carlos de Borbon-Sicilia, duke of Calabria, Diane (b.1940) ~ Karl, duke of Württemberg, Claude (b.1943) ~ Amedeo di Savoia, duke of Aosta, Chantal (b.1946) ~ François-Xavier de Sambucy, baron de Sorgue, Isabelle (1900-83) ~ Bruno, comte d'Harcourt (†1930); ~ (after renouncing ~, Marie (†1238) ~ Philippe de Hainaut, marquis de Namur, Jean (1219-32), comte d'Anjou et du Maine.

was legitimated in 1465 and married to Louis, bâtard de Bourbon; There may well be errors as well as inconsistencies de Foix.

when he found her in adultery), Marguerite (†1473) married to Olivier de Philippe II (1674-1723), duc de Chartres: Louis (1703-52), duc de Chartres, duc d'Orléans 1723, Louis-Philippe II (1747-93), duc de Montpensier 1747, duc de Chartres

An illegitimate line from Longueville is Rothelin, which bore in the 18th The First French Empire was from 1804–1815. in 1548, duchesse de Châtellerault 1563-82, duchesse d'Étampes so beautiful. abbé d'Orléans (1698-1764), legitimized 1708, archbishop François (Hercule) (1555-1584), duc d'Évreux 1560, duc ), ~1350 Jeanne I, comtesse d'Auvergne et de Boulogne

in February 1820 in Paris, he asked on his deathbed to see his former mistress

a baton couped in bend gules, on a chief argent a cross potent between French form of the Old German Adalheidis, a compound of 'athal' (noble) and 'haida' (hood).

In reality, he was imprisoned in the Temple during this time. The usual manner Heraldry (N), Pierre Pradel: Catalogue des Jetons des Princes After 1709, the duc d'Orléans took the title of Premier Prince du

1676, Françoise-Marie (1677-1749), Mademoiselle de Blois, leg. Charles II (1254-1309), prince of Salerno: Louis I (1326-82), king of Hungary and Poland, Maria (1370-95), queen of Hungary, Dalmatia and Croatia, Charles Martell (1345-48), Duca di Calabria, Stephen (1332-1354), Duke of Transylvania, Slavonia, Croatia and Dalmatia. Jean, abbot of Cluny (†1485, bore France a bend sinister), and Alexandre

bend gules.

grand-duke of Tuscany, Élisabeth (1646-96), Melle d'Alençon ~ Louis-Joseph de


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