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Valentin Tim Benjamin Wirth

Liu Ya Qin Laurent Gorga Martina Klimundová Pascal Le Guinio Lyle Otis Bilek-Burt

Administrative Assistant Yang Ji Hao Martin Dvořák ", "Topsy McGee VS the Sky Pirates is part of #NYCIFF's #shortfilms selection. Debbie Irwin Ľubomír Dekan

Lieke Mandemakers Rob Williams Jay Acovone Engineers Eliza Decroce-Movson Rachel Edwards John Epp

"Con Artists: Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt", "Shelf Life: Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt Bring Action Figures to Life in Web Series", "Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal Talk About Their SHELF LIFE Web Series, Their Comic-Con Experiences, Tips on How to Succeed in Voice Acting and Much More! Rego Sen Erik Vesely SuperGenius Industries Priscilla Abdelazim Erin Mooney Daniel Whitton

Zheng Wang, Senior Technical Artist Ryan Cooper Chen Tai Ji Philip Anderton Emmanuel Beau Sanchi Vithaldas Senior International Product Manager Lead Pipeline TD Gentle Giant LTD Lowenthal moved to Los Angeles and worked in live-action and theatre roles, To supplement his on-camera work, he and his wife Tara Platt took a voice-over class. Wu Di1

Naomi Lorelei Howard

Sofia Vassilieva Mike R.S. Syn Chua Gilles LeSage David Todd Haris Orkin [40][41], Lowenthal provided the voice for the protagonist in Persona 3 and Yosuke Hanamura for Persona 4. Christopher Funke [43][44] In 2011, Lowenthal and Platt produced Shelf Life, a web series where they act as action figures in a Toy Story-like environment, but with more adult humor. Karina Riesgo

Shelby Martin Luis Miguel Durán Ramón Tomas Grunwald Petra Jelinkova & Ivana Zdrahalova Motion Capture Lenka Janíková

Cody Flowers Casey Matsumoto VP, Product Development Luke Villanueva, Lighting Artists Bonnie Blue Anthony LaMarchina Pablo Menéndez After two years there, he still wanted to try acting full-time, and moved to New York City and participate in theatre in shows that were off-off-Broadway. Rodney Houle Lead (Support Team) Sergio Ocio Ken Jordan Filip Korbel Engineers Arwen Keys

Ryan Jones Zhou Ying Qiao Allan Arinduque

Mass Media Jonathan Roumie Lucie Hrebickova Yosuke Yano Customer Service Manager Emily Alyse Conrad John Wesley Edwards Julien Roby Kelvin Ahn

Leo Marks Martin Zavřel Xiang Zi Xiong Occupation

Daniel Tan Asher Danyi David Lodge Stephen “Yoshi” Florida Sergei Shaykin

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Kalilah Harris Takako Davis Ronnie Brown Cody Flowers Alexander Bogovyk Lincoln Clay (Motion Capture) Xu Rui Sr. Data Analyst

Sajjad Majid Brian Hudson Login External Localization Teams Deng Jian

Charles Dworetz Robin Lavallee Matt Montuya Otakar Hladík Dominik Regec Alan Ricardez, Director of Engineering Katie and Loki Zammit Su Wan Qing 60fps He also said that at comic conventions, he was able to walk the halls unbothered until the Ben 10 panel, after which he was "outed". Amelia Orenich Michael Švestka, Junior System Administrator

Erik Koehlert Fan Fu Qiang Valentin Tim Benjamin Wirth Martin Zavřel David Todd Megan Rohr, Developer Support Team – Producer Darren Gladstone

Mikuláš Podprocký Ben Miller

Carlo Volz Kyle Bellas He didn't do much acting until the end of high school when he tried out for drama class in his senior year, but it was enough to get him interested in acting. Animators Mark Friesen Mafia III

Jiri Krouzil

Jamerson Johnson Nick Pylvanainen Environment Artists

Mike Orenich Luboš Kresta, Programmers Yaroslav Kholodov

Ralph Beerhorst Jeffrey Mott 22nd Century Toys Ima Somers Who'd a thought anyone'd ever follow a little Jewish kid from Nashville. John Lynk

Jindřich Kotula Tang Shu Nicholas K. Arinduque

Lisa Kapitsas Marilyn Escobar

Karel Heřman Michael Grecco Navigation Data Specialists Alena Janackova Clement Mosca Lisa Kapitsas Barbora Hálová Motion Capture Media Supervisor Drew Chenzhu Jason Johnson Jindřich Kotula Kris Terhune Tomas Jelinek Jamie Uhrmacher What's not to like? Sr. Market Researcher Matt Mercer

Matt Bromley Adam D. Bormann Elaine Clark Take-Two Channel Marketing Team Lowenthal won an award for best character at MockFest as well.

Rachel McGrew Gian Marco Romano Chris White Metric Minds GmbH Lightstage LLC Ryan Girard Dani Oprea Alexandre Vancomerbeck, Mission Designers Angelica Sanchez Eva Tichá Tom Quy Alex Cox Justice Nnanna Andre Garcia Jaroslav Å aÅ¡inka Eric Neff

Kayla Mager Lead Producer

Ronnie Brown Sr. Nicolas Bonin Patrick Murney

Jeremy Rice Brian Reiss

He's known for voicing: Teen Ben Tennyson in Ben 10, Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto, Suzaku Kururugi in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Simon in Gurren Lagann and Yosuke Hanamura in Persona 4: The Animation and the video games. Eliza Jane Schneider Jim Brown

Margaret Cox TAKE-TWO ASIA OPERATIONS Fu Ting Yao Martin Sobek Stephen Selvaggio Accountant/ Payroll Specialist Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Lee Uren Alison Fraser Debbie Irwin Neil Davis Matt Bauer Wu Xiao Bin, Quality Assurance Associate Leads Additional Development

Lead Architect - City [55], He co-wrote the screenplay for The Arcadian, a film by Dekker Dreyer that was inspired by underground science fiction comics of the 1970s and 1980s. Media Producer Mao Ling Jie Vladimir Bondarev The show was renewed for a second season,[37] and would be followed by Ben 10: Ultimate Alien which ran from 2010–2012, and Ben 10: Omniverse[38] which ran from 2012–2014.

Liquid Advertising [19] The Prince became one of Lowenthal's favorite roles, and he was pleased to return to the role for The Forgotten Sands. Andrew Johnson Richard Epcar Marilyn Escobar Sean England Katka Adamcová Kusá Kent Faulcon Associate Localisation QA Lead Eva Gaborjak and Oliver Malnai EastWorks Peter Kepič Sean Butterworth Bert Ruiter

Living World Designer Andrew Johnson Cameron Steed Sean Thomson Nancy Hayes Casting, Voiceover Directors ", "I'm a Tennessee Jew, y'all. Jose Gutierrez Lee Ryan Adam Różycki Eric Chung

QA Lead KertzFab Take-Two Legal Team Kamil MIčák

Lucie Hornofová Production Emma Lee Petr Čapek Dmitry Makarenko Sagan Lewis was an actress who played a surgeon on St.

Matthew Wolf Alexander Burback Developer Support Team – Animators

Olesia Ponomarenko He is best known for doing voice-over work in animations, anime, and video games. Rick Wasserman Tomas Grunwald Tianli Bi [36] In portraying Ben, Lowenthal was given guidance by series director Glen Murakami who he had worked with on Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. Nicholas Crowley Chris Crawford Kent Faulcon Lisa Nersesyan, Diana Nersesyan, Karen Nersesyan Arzin Chibber Anna McGee Ben Stoddard, Senior Mission Designers

Dana Blasingame Lisa Lau Beresford Bennett Jeremy Wages, Motion Capture Audio Engineer Zhang Yi Founder and CEO Noreen Reardon Christel Makker Dasa Rentkova Estela María Moya Trigueros Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, [62][63] He is slated to participate in an independent film called Any Bullet Will Do which stars Mark Ryan and was filmed in Montana. Fanatic Games Alexandre Vancomerbeck

Senior Software Engineer Senior Customer Service Associates Video Editor Harmonica Jian Han Xiang

Will Vossler

Joe Hanna Benny Johnson Ramond Torres

Vince Pontarelli Lucas Germer Lauren Scott “MEJET” Tim Russ Chris Cox Zheng Wang, Adam Kruták Jakub Knápek

Geert De Cnodder Enzo Conti

Zachary Zainuddin Hilde De Vry Filip Korbel Tomáš Hocek Sharon Youney

James Mendoza Chris Crawford Braylon Stringer Zhao Hong Wei Karl Unterholzner Akiko Arinduque Robert Klempner Velina Brown Jason Dou Luo Zhi Hui

PJ Leffelman, Developer Support Team – Animators Yang Wen Jing Haden Blackman Robb Zindt on DVD Tuesday", "Afro Samurai: Resurrection Review – Page 2 of 2", "The Next Level: Actor's voice exhibits a heroic quality", "Geeks and the city: New York Comic Con draws record crowds", "Ben 10: Alien Force Sets Cartoon Network Records", "The Voices: Talking to Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt".

Robert Clotworthy Martin Schücker Todd Phillips Masana Pawlan Homer Rabara, Developer Support Team – Capture Specialists Brad Leland There is no biography on file for this developer. Joe David Christopher Wade Lyndsy Kail Chris Jones Louis Ewens Ken Tilakaratna Ashish Popl

Sabina Hálová

Sourav Dey Petr Klimunda Christopher Wade

Morgan Wagnon

Bartlomiej Walecki Tomáš Novák

Petra Bučková Chris Burton Monika Walecka Daniel Einzig Ravi Teja Sanampudi Lincoln Clay (Voice) Mark Downie Gyula Szentirmay Dai Jing Wen Eric Parsons Joshua Turner Shawn Lucas

Lenka Snajdrhonsova Sachit Vithaldas Eric Silver

Sean Nolan "Yuri Lowenthal Interview: "I'll likely do this until my last breath. Additional Motion Capture Performers Wolfgang Engel

MODCo Media Ernesto Rodriguez-Cruz Matt Montuya

Jakub Marušák

Localization QA Testers Ou Xu Corey Reed Scott Lawrence Tian Cheng Adam Harrington Tony Nicholson Rodney Houle USES BINK VIDEO. Siobhan Boes He has a production company, Monkey Kingdom Productions, with his wife, Tara Platt, where they have produced several feature films and a live action web series called Shelf Life. Marlene Bergo Kyle Richards The film was featured in several film festivals,[53] and was an official selection at Fantasia Film Festival[54] and a special audience award at MockFest 2010. Paul Ghiringhelli

Areas Active Iris Loison Community Manager Josh Lagerson, Quality Assurance Test Manager (Support Team)

Jan Hubáček Radim Bačík

Jake Atkins Megumi Reis Ed Kahana Janna Bossier Luo Zheng Li Technical Art Director Chris Crone Derrick Greene

Josh Zammit Drew Bradford, Head of Global Business Development and Strategy Ben Stoddard Senior Producer Senior Technical Artist In his press release in 2005, he names Yuri in Kyo Kara Maoh! Tony Vella Michael Feinsmith

Caesar Baldassari Kari Hattner Kevin AuYoung Hannah Bergo Administrative August Marino Tess Butera

Shawnda Thomas Rob Bilek Romulo Bernal Liam O'Brien Zdeněk Truhlář Roman Scharnberg Chad Max Elise Verhagen Joe David Katlan Merrill Dennie Thorpe Agilitas

2K INTERNATIONAL Vijayendra Nath Sanampudi [20] According to Lowenthal, his well-received performance put pressure on him in future games from both fans and staff, as he needed to remain true to and improve on his original portrayal. Rick Fox Thanks!


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