sample email to dissertation committee members

I have now alleviated this mountainous problem. Dr. Kelsky covers everything from contacting potential supervisors to mental illness in academia to getting tenure. Thank you very much for the blog. Thank you Dear Karen I followed your advices and wrote an e-mail to potential faculty for Ph.D program that I want to join. Thanks for this awesome post. It been a week but I have not received a reply yet.I want to ask if he received my email how should I write an email? I have had one professor leave the University and another…well…let’s just say he is no longer a welcome member of my committee and I need to fill two spaces. Really appreciate your work. Thanks again in advance! How to ensure committee reads and comments on dissertation draft prior to final examination? thank you Mrs. Karen for such a good post, i read it and its quite helping .i wanted to ask you that would it be good idea to go for a Ph.D after completing M.Sc. But then again, as many will end up wage slaves to people like you, it is a good skill to have. best wishes! I am going to continue my study in Computational Chemistry fields for PhD degree in abroad. I got same response. Seeing the posts, pics, and etc., could be helpful in getting to know the adviser better. Do we have to send emails separately?? If you accept our invitation to join the < XYZ committee >, please email < contact > at < email address > by < final date >.

Thank you so much! A lot of people find it difficult to compose a letter to the dissertation committee. Thanks! Not only the ones doing similar stuff to what I was doing, but people whose style of supervision I […], […] emails daily and many, many requests from prospective students every year. Just used your advices for a PHD request in Finland. Your advisor has to be in the Ph.D. program you enroll in.

Yes you can do as you say re question 1. I would like to thank you for your post, it is very helpful.

Thank you very much for your valuable post. All of this advice perpetuates academic arrogance because many of the students reading this will eventually become professors themselves and will in turn want to be treated the same way by future students. Thank you again.

Thank you! I plan to pursue a master degree in biomedical engineering with a focus in medical instrumentation at the university of Saskatchewan. What about writing an e-mail to request the addition of someone new to your committee?

I Will require funding. Professor encouraged me to apply in the admissions. Please email me at

Thank you again. If it is more than five or ten minutes, then it is best to wait for his reply. Email or a physical letter? Thank you for your reply but do you agree with me that it is really a difficult decision what to choose for your PhD topic which is innovative and also appealing to yourself and others?? I think your template is a very good format for PhD application. The age of the committee members is another point of difficulty when defining how to address them properly. I am about writing my very first letter to a potential supervisor. I preferred an Email (see bellow) to Ph.D. positions. I’m starting my PhD in Clinical Research and i will focus my attention in resistant schizophrenia. The age of the committee members is another point of difficulty when defining how to address them properly. Now I am planning to apply to some high-ranked US universities for a research position in electronics. I think it would also benefit for us to know about social/Facebook etiquette when involving potential graduate advisers. I feel I ALWAYS ask this question, but panels are often targeted on larger problems like GRE, NSF, and personal statement advice. I sent e-mail to a professor and he answered me asking to send CV, Cover letter, and Personal statement. Additionally, I have my courses in the master that I study here in Brazil, UFRGS. i recently completed my graduation in biotechnology. After all, it is a MSc and understanding to solve questions in exams is important than understanding the language itself. It shows that you have specific plans which have yielded specific questions. I have sent a very similar e-mail to my prospective supervisor. What graduate school are looking for in master applicants to accept them? Provide all the necessary information to the committee so it can make a decision and grant you a positive answer. I am a student doing my Masters (Thesis-based) and after three years I have decided to switch to a different university for a Course-based degree in the same program. I would like to send an email to all of them and now I am confused as to how to address them. My GRE (Q:800, V~510) and B+ GPA.

I am currently looking into potential advisors for Fall of 2013 and would like to contact them. I was always confused how to approach to the professor, i did get the reply for the emails i have sent to different school but this will make it more precise and would be easy for a professor to explain. I wrote to one of the potential advisor and he has replied back the same day with a request for cv. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

This step is not necessary.

General instructions and overview of the function and “best practices” of an initial query email to someone you hope to work with, 2. there were great tips i have never known. I just try to relax, supervise, and educate myself. I am working in government of India R&D sector and can get a leave (without pay) for two years only (otherwise I would have opted for a PhD). I am a prospective MSc student.

For more information, please see my CV in attached file. What's the (economical) advantage for a company by paying an employee severance payment short before retirement.


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