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Hi Ingrid, Can you do Persian to translate the todhunter moon book into Persian? But maybe, just maybe we might get a TV box set happening. `And can Marcia be more of a main character – she wasn’t even in the second todhunter moon book, Hello Sage! best wishes, Angie, I’m so happy that Ask Angie is running again. I’ve tried to run two at once and it is just plain weird. It just didn’t work out with them … I do listen to my characters when I write and it seemed to me that it was the wrong thing for them both. I have fallen in love with the plot, characters, and places and I cannot get enough. also is it very popular in england because it isnt popular in the US enough. hi, I’m a new fan to Septimus Heap, This is a lovely series and I love all the sibling relationships, Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I will check there for your email. In the end it is the story you write and the characters in it that counts. P.S. A whole lot better than I think I would do, anyway…

Based on the seven-book chidren's series. It’s great to hear from you – and so good to know you’ve enjoyed Septimus so much. (by the way, in my opinion, Septimus Heap is better than Harry Potter). *** Whether she has or not, are there any of our female characters that have? And as for the TV thing … you bet I am encouraging it! You have created an amazing place where I, and many like me, love to spend my free time. (when I can find the time…. Alther’s death. Hi Colin, it’s great to hear from you!

oh and happy hallloween! OMG when i saw this my jaw dropped like, 10 feet i was so exited Im a total book worm and until i read this i didn’t have a favorite book and now i do. I have loved your series since the beginning! Or will there be a continuation of TodHunter Moon stories? He does indeed desire the very best. Strangely, I am at this moment writing about the first time Marcia meets Silas. But there is Rose – although by the TodHunter Moon series they have broken up. The pig smell spell – you’ve got me there I’m afraid. He has just started as an Apprentice to Alther. I finished reading the TodHunter Moon series a few weeks ago, and I love the characters, the plot, and the atmosphere around the story. BROWSE INSIDE I was curious to see if you would ever make a book about how magyk came about? It’s like 1000% better than Harry Potter. Wishing you and yrou family a very Happy 2020, I read them first as a kid and I finally picked them up again just a couple of weeks ago and I am enchanted all over again. Anything else you can tell me about her would be great. Recently I’ve just re-read the Septimus Heap series and I’ve fallen in love yet again. thank you so much! I would like to do a lot more around Septimus still.

Again, I’d love to spend more time on that. I am not sure about Jenna and who she will be with. I didn’t have anyone in mind when I was writing, although I do think that Emily Blunt would make a superb Marcia. But in the new story about her trying to get her Apprenticeship we do see her with Endor. Anyway, have a booktastic day! I’m a really big fan of the series and the spinoff series! 6 I am sorry that Marcia was missing the the second THM book – as the books had to be 25,000 words shorter I did have to make some cuts that I would rather not have. I need to clear my desk first so I can give her all my attention.

Wishing you a very happy summer! Authors – well, I read way too many books (!) Thank you for writing this book. I hope William does. I do hope that one day you will be able to read the TodHunter Moon books in your own lovely language. You are a great writer! It so great you’re a big fan of the books! I think. Thanks so much for your questions too… Hi Angie! As you know, Marcia will stand for nothing less. Angie, Hello Angie, So after all that blabbering, I just want to know what you thought about it. I always allow them to decide as I write, I don’t decide for them in advance. Thank you so much for reconnecting me with some parts of Septimus that I’d lost touch with. 4. Yes, I saved the ‘future’ reveal right until the very end although it was one of the few things I did know about the world right from the beginning. I am still writing the Marcia book. But I kind of think it might do … I was wondering if you are ever going to write the book you mentioned about Marcia. I am so sorry it is taking so long. I think it was a bit of fan fiction myself. And if you’ve used a text translator, it seems to have worked very well! Hi Braedyn, or queste. It is great to have you and your friends here. If you have any Septimus Heap (or Araminta Spookie) questions this is the page to ask them on. Do you have a specific outline that you set before you write, or do you just let your characters lead the story? Hello Ms. Sage! Hello i got a question, maybe my english is not quite right because im from the netherlands and i want to ask about the todhunter moon books. There Is DomDaniel, Daniel Hunter, and now Dagger Dan (I’m on Darke). And many good things in the future. what do you think about writing? FInally, if this takes place 10000 years in the future how come they don’t have the things we have such as a tv, a toaster, etc. Movies in Development (Page #12) - Septimus Heap • Significant Other • Smash and Grab • Star Blazers • Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic • Static Shock • The Alchemyst: Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel • The Athena Project • The Best Thing About Pam Rooney • The Boys in the Boat 5.

very best wishes 1. The Forest Heaps – Edd and Erik: in THM you will find them doing their Apprenticeships in the WT.

Angie. She offered him a pretty good deal in the Red City and I’m not at all surprised he went. However, I feel that Septimus Heap really is quite different, deep down. I need to read Max Fly now! Royal sons have to go off and make their own fortune. I feel in Magyk that was rather passed over – I’d love to rewrite that bit. But I would need to write a book for an older audience, based maybe a few year on from the TodHunter Moon series, to really discover what happens. But anyway, I read these books by Melvyn Peake when I was 20 and they had a big effect on me then. I got in touch to tell her and she was at first horrified – “I wasn’t that bossy, was I?” she asked. Jenna and Milo have come to terms. I’d like to write about Sep and Rose and how it went for them, but I’ll see how much time I get – there is so much Septimus I woudl like to write about still!. She is such a strong character (not that she needs to have gone through anything bad to be so strong) and I find myself taking comfort in that and hoping to come out on the other side of this like her. Thank you for creating this amazing place. I was having trouble finding information. We are still trying for that, but it is complicated. I know I don’t know the actual answer, but here is why I think you wrote you’re book on magic fiction. There are so many books I would love to write to expand the Septimus world and I am hoping, by the end of the year, to get back to doing this. ... Septimus Heap Audiobook Flyte Chapter 49 -HT. Speaking of Marcia. Just about. its syren. The main characters show strong friendships and family relationship throughout this series. Wishing you all the very best for 2020 too! If you send another question to me from an email address that accepts replies, I will email you from my own address and then you can ask me specific questions. Those are my numerous questions, and I really hope you’ll answer at least a few of them! And the Hunter? It has taken me a very long time indeed to be able to write things that I am happy with and – even more important – what people want to read. So that is why I wrote Septimus at that time – just boring life events. Who knew?! very best wishes TodHunter is her mother’s surname and Moon is her father’s surname. Original E-Novella: THE DARKE TOAD, Follow The Official Septimus Heap Blog on, Happy Halloween! Definitely some celt going on there, I think. Wishing lots of good times – and success too – with your own writing. What a great Idea. Jim Knee, I think, is a couple of thousand years old. I agree, this site is not ideal. I’m thinking of novellas with one simple story focussing on a few characters. *** I think one of my favorite moments in the series is when she slips and accidentally calls Septimus her child when he Jenna, and Marcellus are trying to escape the ice tunnels in Fyre. But I am getting back to Marcia now. She was immersed in a whole load of new worries and problems during the aftermath of DomDaniel’s takeover and even now I rather think she has not processed it. Maybe not, since two years is a longs time but I would still like to know. And I’ll try to answer your questions…


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