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Furthermore, this drastic act also gave him a political benefit of separating the growing Safavid state from its strong Sunni neighbors—the Ottoman Empire to the west and the Uzbek confederation to the east.

With discernment come to know the King. This Dahnâmah belongs to a literary genre which was very popular in the Persian and Turkish literatures of the 14th and 15th centuries.-Sıfât-ı gülşen-i bahar –Kış gitti yine bahâr geldiGül bitti vü lâlezâr geldiKuşlar kamusu figane düştüAşk oldu yine bu câne düştüYer geydi kaba-yi Hızr pûşanCümle dile geldi leb hamûşan. I have recovered my father's blood from Yazīd. At thy gate I am the smallest and the last [servant]. The Encyclopaedia of Islam, New Edition, vol. His other serious works include the Nasihatnāme, a book of advice, and the unfinished Dahnāme, a book which extols the virtues of love. :186-188, Lieden: E. J. Brill,1978. The major impact of his religious writings, in the long run, was the conversion of Persia from Sunni to Shia Islam. He makes a march against Urum In the battle near the city of Merv, some 17,000 Qizilbash warriors ambushed and defeated an Uzbek force numbering 28,000. the light of all is Muhammed, valiant thou' Ali valiant The poems, on love and human relationships, The Divan, the oldest and most authentic manuscript was completed in 1541, It contains 254 kasida. Despite his defeat at the Battle of Chaldiran, Ismail quickly recovered most of his kingdom, from east of the Lake Van to the shores of the Indian Ocean. ‘Abu'l Fat'h Sultan Moez od-din Bahram Mirza, Safavid conversion of Iran from Sunnism to Shiism, Soldiers Three: The Story of the Gadsbys, In Black and White. Ismail I (Persian: اسماعیل‎, romanized: Esmāʿīl, pronounced [esmɒːʔiːl]; July 17, 1487 – May 23, 1524), also known as Shah Ismail I (شاه اسماعیل), was the founder of the Safavid dynasty, ruling from 1501 to 23 May 1524 as Shah of Iran (Persia). Princess Mahin Banu Khanum (1519 – 20 January 1562). No one knows the secret of the saviour Ismail is also known for his poetry using the pen-name Khaṭā'ī (Arabic: خطائی‎ "Sinner"). [3][4][5][6] It also reasserted the Iranian identity in large parts of Greater Iran. Read all poems of Ismail Shah and infos about Ismail Shah. Varub her dükkânda metâın çözme The poems, which contain the sign of Hurufiye ecole. He fills the cups step by step According to Encyclopædia Iranica, "Ismail was a skillful poet who use… His ancestry, he is the son of the Shah He is considered an important figure in the literary history of Azerbaijani language and has left approximately 1400 verses in this language, which he chose to use for political reasons. From the spiritual and significant viewpoint, it is possible to divide Hatayi’s poems into four groups; Hatayi was greatly influenced in his poems by the work of the Hurufi poet, Nesimi. [39][40], One year later, Ismail forced the rulers of Khuzestan, Lorestan, and Kurdistan to become his vassals. I am the signet-ring on Sulayman's finger. — С. The Safavids later briefly lost Balkh and Kandahar to the Mughals, and nearly lost Herat to the Uzbeks. "Safavids" in Peter Burke, Irfan Habib, Peter B. Aşk oldu yine bu câne düştü [34] His relationships with his Qizilbash followers were also fundamentally altered. In 1488, the father of Ismail was killed in a battle at Tabasaran against the forces of the Shirvanshah Farrukh Yassar and his overlord, the Aq Qoyunlu, a Turkic tribal federation which controlled most of Iran. Early in his reign, with few exceptions, he composed poetry in Turkish dialect of Azerbaijan and Kizilbas (Kizilbash). Bizden evvel bunda gelenler kani Ismail was wounded and almost captured in battle.

My name is Shah Isma'il. Bir kötüde nâmus âr olmayınca, Şah Hatâyî’m edem bu sırrı beyan

He is as brave as a game cock, and stronger than any of his lords; in the archery contests, out of the ten apples that are knocked down, he knocks down seven.[58]. Kişi çekmek gerek gussayı gamı Read Qaus-e-quzah In English By Famous Poet Ismail Merathi. History of the Ottoman Empire. [8] He also contributed to Persian literature, though few of his Persian writings survive.[9]. Hinz. The major impact of his religious propaganda, in the long run, was the conversion of Persia from Sunni to Shia Islam.[40]. [28] I am the leader of all these ghāzīs.

In me is Prophethood (and) the mystery of Holiness. Shah Ismâil I, the founder of the Safavid dynasty, was a poet who wrote under the penname, Hatayi (Khata’i). host of Sanctity is enough (to defeat them). [15][16] His ancestry was mixed, from various ethnic groups such as Georgians, Greeks, Kurds and Turkomans;[17][18][19][20] the majority of scholars agree that his empire was an Iranian one. The Ahl-i Hakk, who incorporated him in the syncretic pantheon of their sect, considered him to be the pir of Turkestan, in whose person God spoke in Turkish, Hatayi de türki dedi, and finally the adepts of the Shabak sect in Irak included the poems ascribed to Hatayi in their secred book, the Buyruk.

Excerpt from pg 259:"Доказательства, имеющиеся в настоящее время, приводят к уверенности, что семья Сефевидов имеет местное иранское происхождение, а не тюркское, как это иногда утверждают. [47] Selim and Ismail had been exchanging a series of belligerent letters prior to the attack.

my soul stayed in blasphemy, thou' will not insist on my sin It is further demonstrated how the poetry attributed to Shah Ismail is integrated into ritual structures. Вопрос о языке, на котором говорил шах Исмаил, не идентичен вопросу о его «расе» или «национальности». Today I have come to the world as a Master. İki başdan muhib Yâr olmayınca, Gele gönül hoş görelim bu demi Poetry from other composers about Ismail, I. Stanford Jay Shaw. [65], The following anecdote demonstrates the status of vernacular Turkish and Persian in the Ottoman Empire and in the incipient Safavid state. [48] This proposal was rejected by the powerful Qizilbash officer Durmish Khan Shamlu, who rudely said that Mohammad Khan Ustajlu was only interested in the province which he governed. Most of the poems are concerned with love—particularly of the mystical Sufi kind—though there are also poems propagating Shi'i doctrine and Safavi politics. forgive this sinner, i lead my face to your holy dergah ), Milano, 2003.The Encyclopaedia of Islam, New Edition, vol.

[27][28] Thus, Shirvan and its dependencies (up to southern Dagestan in the north) were now Ismail's. The tribal rivalries between the Qizilbash, which temporarily ceased before the defeat at Chaldiran, resurfaced in intense form immediately after the death of Ismail, and led to ten years of civil war (930-40/1524-33) until Shah Tahmasp regained control of the affairs of the state. Bir başdan ağlamak ömredir ziyan I was on the gibbet with Mansur; with Abraham in the fire, and. I am the faith, Come to meet (me), prostrate yourselves (sijda).l I am the faith, In flying 2 I am a parakeet, I am the leader of a mighty army, a, Wherever you sow me, I will grow; whenever you call me, I will. Хинц приходит к выводу, что кровь в его жилах была главным образом, не тюркской. From ere he is the leader of the 12 Imams IV. It is thought that the manuscript was copied and illustrated for Sultan Ismâil himself, although the Divan of Hatayi has no colophon. Hata-i says: "thou' Ali, my body is filled up with sins", the light of all is Muhammed, valiant thou' Ali valiant[68], From Pir Sultan Abdal: My mother is Fātima, my father is 'Ali; and eke I am the Pīr of the Twelve Imāms. Roger M. Savory. Her çalı başında ötmeli değil, Şah Hatâyî İmam Câfer muhbiri Despite his defeat at the Battle of Chaldiran, Ismail quickly recovered most of his kingdom, from east of the Lake Van to the Persian Gulf. His work is most popular in Azerbaijan, as well as among the Bektashis of Turkey. However, the Ottomans managed to annex for the first time Eastern Anatolia and parts of Mesopotamia, as well as briefly northwestern Iran.[51]. When the Safavids came to power in 1501, Shah Ismail was 14 years old; by 1510 he had conquered whole Iran. Bir ahdine bütün yâr olmayınca, Yürü sofî yürü yolundan azma [58], During Ismail's reign, mainly in the late 1510s, the first steps for the Habsburg–Persian alliance were set as well, with Charles V and Ludwig II of Hungary being in contact with a view to combining against the common Ottoman Turkish enemy.

THE POETRY OF SHAH ISMA'lL I 1008a was still attached to the Sunna,1 and its conversion to the new Shl'a doctrines could be envisaged only with the help of the supporters of the first hour.

His work is most popular in Azerbaijan, as well as among the Bektashis of Turkey. [2][41] Ismail then began destroying Sunni sites in Baghdad, including tombs of Abbasid Caliphs and tombs of Imam Abū Ḥanīfah and Abdul Qadir Gilani. He also employed a poet laureate and two other poets, Riyadi of Zaveh and Abdullah Hâtifi; they were engaged in writing long poems in honour of Ismâil, but died before the poems were completed.


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