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North America's Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Website. You’ve done your research and now you’ve come to the conclusion that a Sheepadoodle (or Mini Sheepadoodle) is the right dog for you and your family!

family pet and can even be very good health care service dog or guidance dog. Travelling With a Dog is managed by Dana (human) and Kaya (Sheepadoodle).

Please read through carefully and completely BEFORE applying. These dogs are at their happiest when they're involved in the family's activities, whether it's a walk in the woods or a nap on the couch.

Please contact us with your Sheepadoodle breeder’s website and pictures of your pup on Instagram (photos must be on your personal Instagram so we can verify your ownership) and we will consider adding them to the list. Don’t be put off by a waitlist, however! Shedding: Light

A Sheepadoodle is considered a designer breed, or, a cross between a female Old English sheepdog Learn more about each size Sheepadoodle below.

Yet If any of your potential breeders show these red flags, be very careful. Their obedience and love to please makes them a good choice for novice dog owners.

breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog, adopt a cat, adopt a puppy or adopt a kitten at their local animal Humane America Animal Foundation, dba, is a non-profit, tax-deductible 501(c)(3) adoption advertising charity.

Pricing info. Hi everyone I have set up a Facebook page for my beautiful kc reg old english sheepdog sky. History: The Sheepadoodle is a fluffy, lovable hybrid of the Old English Sheepdog and the Standard Poodle. Most of us in the Facebook groups know who the bad Sheepadoodle breeders are will be able to let you know if you have a bad feeling about the one you are speaking with. We are 100% volunteer-based and run completely on donations.

Founded in 2008, Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. (DRC) is a volunteer foster based rescue comprised of a "collective" of over 800 registered volunteers nationwide. transport, and quality forever homes for doodle dogs in need. Search and see photos of adoptable pets in the Montclair, NJ area. list. While getting a Doodle from a breeder is an option, there are still many Doodle breed dogs out there that are looking to be rescued and rehomed through specific Doodle rescue agencies.

The approximate wait time for a Feathers and Fleece Sheepadoodle is 6-9 months. To date, DRC has saved and placed over 4000 doodle dogs through our successful and highly regarded "Rescue/Rehome Program." Support Adoption and Rescue. DRC has adoption requirements and policies that are in place to ensure the safety, well-being and appropriate placement of every doodle dog in our program. We provide advertising for dog breeders, puppy sellers, and other pet lovers offering dogs and puppies for sale. Through our programs, DRC provides refuge, safe haven, vet care, rehabilitation,


Doodle Rock Rescue places them in temporary foster homes to work on their individual health and behavioral needs before finding them a perfect forever home. you can adopt? Tread very carefully if your potential breeders: Like any dog breeder, it’s important to do your research. Comprised of a "collective" of volunteers dedicated to Labradoodle & Goldendoodle rescue and education, DRC provides refuge, foster homes, vet care, rehabilitation, transport and quality forever homes for doodle dogs in need. What is the energy level of a Sheepadoodle? DRC has strict adoption requirements and policies that are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of every doodle dog in our program. Litter Info. Yabba Dabba Doodles was a recommended Sheepadoodle breeder however, they do not have Sheepadoodles currently listed on their website. Learn More Here ». Sheepadoodle dogs and puppies available for adoption near East Orange, Hoboken, and Millville!

Welcome to our crazy-dog-loving family!

And now you’re searching up “Sheepadoodle puppies for sale” or “Sheepadoodle puppies near me” to try and find the best Sheepadoodle breeder. Let us know what Lancaster Puppies ® is a federally registered trademark owned by Online Advertising, LLC. travellingwithadog May 6, 2019 Dogs, Sheepadoodle 2 Comments. Rehome member? In this case, you should be asking lots of questions, speaking to the breeder over the phone and reading lots of reviews. Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Three female puppies available for adoption. DRC is also dedicated to providing support services and re-home assistance for those needing to find new forever homes for their family pets.

They love to be

shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group. Lifespan: 12-15 years You also should ask how old the puppy will be when you are able to pick it up.

Over all, the Sheepadoodle's friendly, easygoing nature makes them a delightful companion.

It’s important to contact several different Sheepadoodle breeders to see what their waitlist policy is. Our Sheepadoodles range from between $3000 – $4000 depending on their coloration and size. oriented dogs, they want to please you in every way. (2020), Address: New Jersey and all United States, Address: 13302 Schroeder Rd., Houston, TX 77070. We are proud to work collaboratively and cooperatively with other rescue organizations providing loving foster homes, facilitating rescue efforts and adoptions and ensuring the safety of homeless doodles throughout North America.Through and with our programs, services, outreach and educational resources, DRC promotes, inspires and encourages humane volunteerism, responsible companion animal care, ownership and breeding practices and increases public awareness of the plight of the doodle dog associated with the commercial puppy mill and pet trade industry.OUR MISSION:To provide safe refuge, care, and quality forever homes for Labradoodle & Goldendoodle (doodle) dogs in need.To support and provide educational resources for doodle owners, aspiring owners, rescuers and enthusiasts.To promote, inspire and encourage humane volunteerism, responsible companion animal care, ownership and breeding practices and increase public awareness of the plight of the doodle dog associated with the commercial puppy mill and pet trade industry. This is how the Sheepadoodle was developed, along with many other "Doodle" breeds.

Sheepadoodle Litters For Sale. Travelling With a Dog is a community of dog-lovers who treat their furbabies like family members and like to experience all of life’s adventures with them! What are common Sheepadoodle health concerns? All BDRP dogs are fully vetted prior to adoption. Their puppies have the best of both breeds, and they are nearly 100% Although the coat is long, curly, and soft, this highly sought after companion dog only lightly sheds and is semi-hypoallergenic.

Because they are very family DRC DOES NOT OPERATE A SHELTER FACILITY DRC also provides re-home assistance, support services and educational resources for doodle owners, aspiring owners, rescuers and enthusiasts.WE ARE NOT A SHELTEROur doodles are housed and cared for in volunteer foster homes with loving families throughout the US and CANADA.


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