shriners hat meaning
YOU BEEN MISLEAD BY ALL THESE SECRET SOCIETY ORDERS."JEZUITZ!" Security code is wrong! The two claws represent the two divisions of the Shrine, the fraternity, Shriners International and the charity, Shriners Hospitals for Children, joined in the middle by the head of a sphinx which is representative of the Imperial Council of Shriners International, the governing body of the Shrine.

= GENOCIDE OF THE REAL NATIVE AMARUKHANS OF THIS LAND. The problem with Islam is they do not believe Jesus is the son of God, this is why satan is using Islam to try and take over the world,Islam contradicts the Gospel and is used to interject confusion and division as a spiritual weapon to cause as many as possible to everlasting damnation! It is not in the nkjv or kjv or good news for modern man or the living's also not in the hallelujah Scriptures either I'm just curious what version of Christian Bible would use the term Allah, So who is your Worshipful Master? Activities include Parades, Picnic, Kid’s Christmas Party, and many more fun filled events throughout the year. Every Chicago Area Master Mason should belong to Medinah. A post by first hand knowledge. They see Shriners at circuses dressed as clowns, delighting youngsters. Most authors just write gibberish concepts where they explain all that they know without imparting the true meaning of Freemasonry. The fez was chosen as part of the Shrine's Arabic theme, around which the color and pageantry of the Shrine are developed.". A Informative Website Investigating Governments, Corporations and Secret Societies that Effect World Affairs. It is believed that Florence conceived the Shrine’s Near Eastern setting while on tour in Europe. The Jew World Order. Shriners Hospitals May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you for your candid reply. To what degree are the Khazarian Mafia actually responsible for what real Jews are being accused of. They explain its benefits, symbolisms, philosophies, universality, history and virtues in several paragraphs. The 'funny hats' Shriners wear are actually called 'fezzes' (or fez for singular). Mysterious Monuments: Texe Marrs On The Alex Jones... Shriner Red Fez Hat A Symbol For The Death Of 50,0... Canton City Schools Early Childhood Program Wants ... Freemason North American Union Pyramids In Princet... Cantontruth Red Level Alert! There is so much here, i could be up all night composing responses. AND IT BELONGS TO THE "ANCIENT NORTH AMERICAN KHANZ/KINGS." However, I can refer you to several men in this community who have come out of Masonry and the Shriners and who have committed their life to Jesus Christ as Lord who can verify all that I have written here. 9/11 Truth: How Many People Question The Official ... 6,700 Tons of Radioactive Debris Shipped From Kuwa... Democrats and Republicans, Two Sides of the Same Coin. The reflection you get is what you put in it. It is a reminder to every Freemason that every act they carry out is done in the presence of God, the Master Architect of the Universe. Man’s Greatest Philanthropy- SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN. The below excerpt about the Fez is FROM A SHRINER WEBSITE Since first thy symbols met our gaze And claimed our constant thought, Till patient search at length revealed The hidden truths they taught. Israel. Could you cite the historic source for your claim that the Fez was dipped in the blood of christians? Only when a Master Mason has proven proficiency in the Third Degree can he petition to become a Noble of the Mystic Shrine. It derives its name from the place where it was first manufactured – the holy city of Fez, Morocco.

The term "black ball" comes from the Masons when they vote on a fellow mason to move up or not (it is actually a black square) along with white balls.You have to ask yourself why a shriner would wear a fez hat with an Islamic sword a muslim crescent moon and star in it with some having Islamic terms?Mason's are a secret society, but they say they aren't but a society with secrets.Big dif huh? Friends, if you are judged at the white throne judgment, you are already lost. It is this Stone that Muslims first grade 2 and called Allah. The name Yeshua HaMashiach ,Jesus Christ used to address His Father is Abba not Allah! Amen.". Not just some in general god title term sense. Why Shriners wear a Fez. Again the prophesy by Judah ben Samuel from the Sage of Vilnia, is coming to be seen by some. Please investigate yourselves.Like Jesus said: John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Situated in the middle of the moon symbol is the Sphinx. All Masons are asked to spit on the cross of Christ, if they do, they move up quick, if they don't they stay on the lower levels but are told either way they chose wisely. When heart at name of Brother thrilled, And loyal but to thee, We loved thy Square and Compass, and Adored thy letter G.The Chapter held recovered truths, Why not possess the same, That thought awoke a new desire And fanned it into flame. It is often reported on many Christian websites that the color red represents the blood of Christians and Jews spilled by the Muslim conquerors.

This is why I have long contended that a person cannot be both a Mason and a Christian. Another fact is freemasonry was also banned from the church but now the pope is a freemason. The Shrine is best known for its colorful parades, its distinctive red fez, and its official philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children, which is often called “the heart and soul of the Shrine”. There is still room for you at the CROSS . (sun worship) which stands for heaven and earth combining as above, so below.


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