slipstream revelation specs

The SlipStream Genesis is a family of American, strut-braced, high wing, pusher configuration, tricycle gear aircraft, produced in kit form for amateur construction. No preimpact anomaly was found with the engine or propeller. Airfield By Appt Only . Control system continuity was established during an examination of the wreckage. Note for Canadian customers: Service Centers are currently seeing a 2-3 week delivery timeline. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10], Developed in 1991 for the homebuilt aircraft market, the Genesis is built from aluminium tubing, riveted together using stainless steel gussets for support. The Revelation is  a side by side Many options are available for the Revelation. Linking these decks, a hand-carved trio of totem poles stand guard over the glistening black fossil marble stairwell.

[1][3][4], The series is unusual in having control yokes in place of the more common control sticks used on this class of aircraft. 31 32 The wings and tail surfaces are covered with doped aircraft fabric or optionally with pre-sewn Dacron sailcloth envelopes. document.write("

"0" : "")+ X_now.getDate(); We simplified the building and had Dacron sails made for the wing and tail section. A T.U.F. 18 19 20 43 inch wide cabin. Slipstream Industries, W8407 Cottonville Dr. Wautoma WI 54982 . 27 ,