springfield armory saint problems

Which shouldn’t all rifles be?? This is good. There are two obvious competitors at MSRPs $100 and $160 lower.

Those that are saying this is just a Sport or Ruger AR556 are not giving those aforementioned upgrades their due. Recently purchased the SA Saint AR-15 and was finally able to take it out today. What I have now is the stuff of endless attention by any guy or gal who’s seen this completed setup and the AR I’d envisioned enjoying and potentially relying on to preserve what matters most to me, God forbid.

Jeremy, I also meant to say thank you for the nicely detailed review. It seems that is an embarrassing failure that they would want to fix – even if it was an extreme condition. The exclusive Bravo Company PKMR two-piece handguard features KeyMod-compatible attachment points at the eleven, one, and six o’clock positions for accessories. Built to equip those who wake up every day determined to protect what they have, believe that safety is their responsibility, and are unapologetic and uncompromising about defending their legacy, the SAINT™ is what an AR-15 should be. However, like those above, I’m concerned about a gun that has major parts melt off after a couple of hundred rounds of fairly rapid fire. I Put a Aimpoint pro on mine with a bcm vertical handle and got damn near sub MOA. Of course, an ATI or Del-Ton or Palmetto or dozens of others can be had for another $150+ less still. Elsewhere on the range there were canisters holding larger quantities of explosive, and two taxi cabs at the very back, which we were told to save for last if possible.

At this point I was compelled by a chafed middle finger to make a field-expedient modification to my scope-equipped SAINT. https://www.instagram.com/secondamendmentmommy/ It’s not an issue to me since it LOOKS BLACK IN PERSON, but some (at least one guy) returned his upper to Springfield because of it.

Two taxis were harmed in the making of the SAINT event. I love my Saint!

Lou- “I’ve run M-16s until their barrels were a light red/yellow in the dark” All the negative comments (aside from those who actually own the firearm – very few on both accounts), false statements, and baseless opinions from the very large crowd of “self-perceived experts” and “pretend operators” are B.S. I have A LOT of weapons, including a few AR-15’s, but I use my Bushmaster LR-308 Check. If these attachment points might be problematic under normal use, I intend to cause that problem. Many people were really skeptical about buying into Springfield’s very first version of the AR-15, but since, it has become one of the more popular budget-friendly AR-15sfor both entry-level shooters and veterans alike.

We were then told to grab our MRO-equipped SAINT and a glove, and move to another shooting bay….

Comparing “street price” of one product to MSRP of another is totally disingenuous. Cons Yes and no…. Which is tighter than expected from the SAINT, and it’s fair to say that the Sandman helped the cause. The lead and other fouling goes in the water, which goes on the beverages, which go onto people’s mouths. I’ve had a couple of guns show up purple in photos that were always just black in real life (that’s “IRL” for the millennials), both blued and anodized, but most recently it was the BFD doing it hard on camera and even slightly IRL in the right light. Also, please don’t stick hot firearms in coolers that are intended to hold beverages. So many guns-not enough dough…. It’s high quality at a medium price. After some fair to moderate use, a normal, completely stock AR-15 tends to rattle a bit or get kind of shaky. Seems like a nice, solid AR I like the idea of the PD10, but I’d feel a lot better about it if it had SA’s name attached instead of this unknown Avidity Arms. But especially now that it’s broken in, and having shot it back-to-back with a couple of “Mil-Spec” jobs, getting rid of most of the grit, improving the smoothness of the reset, crisping up the break, and dropping the pull weight down a few pounds paid off. We left for dinner, and returned to the craziest thing I have ever seen…. However using a lifestyle “assault rifle” to sweep out the trash when something goes bump in the night, but one called the Saint is just asking for it. But starting at like $400 more than the Springer here and going up very quickly from there. Better components – barrel, trigger, BCG – better furniture (the stock, grip, and trigger guard are great, and I’d still take the handguard over the GI-style polymer one found on most comparable rifles), and better assembly. The heat plate inside the barrel grip smoked a little after the first 30 shots so I took it a little slower- I am sure it was just the newness burning off and the heat plate getting “seasoned”. Let me add that loading the PMAG that came with the gun felt loose and not that solid but when I loaded the 2nd purchased POMAG it felt much better. Barrel finish, mid length gas system, neater longer handguard with ability to mount accessories, 158 c bolt, m16 carrier, nickle boron polished FCG, staked castle nut, H2 buffer, darn nice stock. If the SAINT had a better trigger (e.g.

The SAINT ran great, but was just as gassy and made what seemed like just as much ejection port noise as any other DI AR carbine. Can’t compare prices honestly and how the flash hider finish is a failure but the fact that the entire barrel on the Ruger has the same finish is a non-issue? It isn’t the ashy type where it seems dry and rough and more dark gray than black, and it isn’t glossy or the kind that looks slightly wet/slick/oily all the time.

At that price point there are better options or you can build your own.

A AR While this strikes me as not only possible, but probable, we’re working on getting the raw footage.].


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