spruance class destroyer museum
The ship fully devoted her next stay, at Alicante, Spain (26–30 October), to crew leave and liberty; she then refueled at NS Rota (31 October–3 November 1993) and returned to NS Mayport on the 14th.

Space and power reservations have been made to accommodate future weapons and electronics systems as they are developed. The pair passed through the Turkish Straits and cruised along the Bulgarian and Soviet coasts, and MSC-manned Neosho (T-AO-143) replenished the ships underway to enable them to complete their voyage (21–29 November).

Spruance querried many vessels, resulting in boarding and inspecting three merchantmen bound for Iraqi ports, and diverting a fourth. The cells for the Mk 41 Vertical Launching System replace the ASROC launcher just forward of the bridge.

The two other engines are only activated when the ship shall reach its high speed of 33 knots. At least 13 missiles struck the walled compound. After crossing the Atlantic and returning to Mayport, Spruance’s chronicler recorded that she steamed 34,559 nautical miles, took part in six challenging multi-national exercises, and visited 13 ports during the deployment. Spruance Class; Spruance Class Overview. Spruance received the first liberty of her deployment upon arrival in Naples on 10 August 1988. From 27 February to 3 March, Spruance participated in National Week exercises off Taranto.

Spruance remained in dry dock until 4 December, undergoing repairs and painting the previously black upper masts and stacks haze-grey to conform to new Navy regulations. In August she offloaded ammunition and supplies and began an overhaul in Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, Va., until 14 April 1981. Mark K. Seglem, on the quarterdeck and toured the destroyer, and President Nimeiry expressed a desire for closer relations with the United States. Basing out of Mayport for the first two months of 2002, Spruance took part in a pair of multi-ship exercises, VandalEx in January and Jtfex 02-1 in February. Following a two-day sea trial off Jacksonville, she conducted an aviation certification and aviation readiness examination while in port (20–24 April). Spruance steamed through the Strait of Hormuz but spent only a single day on 13 March 1983 anchored at Manama, Bahrain, before taking up radar picket station duty in the Persian Gulf.

She returned to Mayport on 21 January 2005 and immediately commenced a period of inactivation availability. Spruance held sea trials (8–9 September) but then (14–16 September) emergency sortied to evade Hurricane Floyd. While underway after the conclusion of the on 30 October, a German Lynx crashed as the helo flew toward the SNFM ships.

She then cruised along the Atlantic Coast, landing at Norfolk (27 May–1 July), Boston, Mass. Spruance deployed largely in response to what journalists dubbed the Tanker War, an undeclared conflict between Americans and Iranians. The SPRUANCE class destroyers are the biggest destroyers the Navy ever had, Each destroyer carries 1,200 shells for the. Following the vessel’s return she underwent an InSurv (19–23 October), and after two weeks of in-port availability, Spruance sailed on 9 November in company with Yosemite (AD-19) for naval gunfire support training at Vieques Island, and to provide gunfire spotter services at the Bahamas AUTEC.

and is slated to go to Jacksonville in coming months. At the end of the 1960th the US Navy started a competition for a new class of guided missile ships which should be more suitable to contribute in carrier battle groups as the ships of the KNOX-class. The warship then launched a Tomahawk missile on the 23rd that flew more than 500 miles and descended intact, via parachute, onto Eglin AFB, Fla. Apart from a trip to Charleston for a weapons onload (7–10 July), Spruance spent the rest of the month in port at Mayport, preparing for deployment. After returning to NS Mayport for several days, she steamed from port (11–14 September) as part of a 90-day operational propulsion plant exam while off Jacksonville, completed a month of logistics assessments, and then another plant exam (11–15 October). 5-inch (127mm) 54 calibre Mark 45 dual purpose guns, Military Officer Greyhounds of the Sea By Gina DiNicolo, https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ship/dd-963.htm, "Shipyard Begins Design Work on Sub for Saudis", https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/rip-6-us-navy-ticonderoga-class-cruisers-could-be-headed-scrapper-48387, "Historical Review of Cruiser Characteristics, Roles and Missions", "US guided missile destroyer to visit Subic Bay Tuesday", "Paul F Foster EDD-964 Final DOI Naval Vessel Historical Evaluation", News story: "Last Spruance-Class Destroyer Decommissioned", List of destroyers of the United States Navy, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Spruance-class_destroyer&oldid=986139443, Articles with dead external links from May 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 529 ft (161 m) waterline; 563 ft (172 m) overall, Scuttled as artificial reef off coast of Delaware, 10 August 2011, 6,000 nautical miles (11,000 km; 6,900 mi) at 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph), 3,300 nautical miles (6,100 km; 3,800 mi) at 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph), Mk 23 TAS automatic detection and tracking radar, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 01:14. To replace these old boats, the Spruance class, a mighty 31 destroyers, were built between 1972-1983, all … (PH1 Lonnie M. McKay, Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph NH 96857), Spruance (right) keeps an eye on Minsk (left) as the Soviet aircraft carrier passes through Tunisian waters, March 1979. John P. Collins Jr., Commander, DesRon 14, Spruance stood out of Mayport on a six-month cruise (25 April–25 October 1988). Spruance turned her prow seaward on 18 October as part of an at sea InSurv, and she then (7–14 December) took part in a series of test sails in preparation for CompuTuEx 1-83 off the Virginia capes.


She loaded weapons there (10–11 March) and the next day returned to her homeport. These vessels have also been modified to make them ‘stealthy’.

Some of the men traveled to Rome and while there also attended a Papal Audience with Pope John Paul II at the Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo, the Pope’s summer residence located about 16 miles southeast of the Eternal City. Spruance Class Destroyer Cutaway. As part of her new endeavors, she returned to sea and anchored off Palma de Mallorca to participate in damage control exercises until the 19th. The counter-narcotics voyage lasted until 25 September when she arrived in Mayport.

For the next month she operated constantly with allied vessels, forming working relationships with British, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish ships. Vernon E. Clark relieved Cmdr.

Upon completion of a post-deployment leave and stand down, Spruance’s crew began preparations for her decommissioning. Grahame Park Way With the brief exercise concluded, she anchored in Calgari, Sardinia, for a planning conference for Sharem 121, another littoral anti-submarine exercise (17–22 June).

Naval Academy, The Catastrophic Fire On Board USS Forrestal, The Sullivan Brothers and the Assignment of Family Members, The African American Experience in the U.S. Navy, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. Navy, Contributions of American Indians to the U.S. Navy, Naval Service of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Personnel, The World Cruise of the Great White Fleet, Navy Underwater Archaeology Return Program, Research Permits for Sunken & Terrestrial Military Craft, Scanning, Copyright & Citation Information, Obtain Duplications of Records and Photos.

The vessel nearly foundered and just as Spruance completed an underway replenishment, she received a call from a USAF Boeing RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft that monitored a “Mayday” request for help. Upon the destroyer’s return to Mayport on 21 February, she concluded an aviation readiness evaluation and embarked Commander, DesRon 24, for Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) 97-2. She arrived at Charleston, S.C., on 29 September and embarked Rear Adm. Bruce Keener III, Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group 2/Destroyer Development Group.

The ship arrived to take part in National Week Exercises, joining in a dual battle group operation that encompassed a huge sweep across the Mediterranean (13 January–1 February).

(27–30 November), Spruance operated at sea for the exercise.

She then offloaded weapons and ammunition at NWS Yorktown (11–13 July) before returning to Norfolk for surface warfare training (15–20 July). With the exercises complete, her crew enjoyed a break at Frederiksted, St. Croix (8–9 February). Their size reflected a need for seakeeping ability in all weather conditions: they were more than twice as large as a World War II destroyer and as large as a World War II cruiser. Spruance meanwhile entered the Red Sea on 29 June 1993, and assumed the duties of flagship for Task Group 152.1. In her 25th year of operation, Spruance rang in the New Year and the new millennium in her familiar port of call of Barcelona.

The ship completed the projects, refloated, and conducted sea trials off the Virginia capes (12–14 June). The idea was to reap the benefits of mass construction, but labor and technical problems caused cost overruns and delayed construction.

Ex-Spruance was sunk during a sinking exercise 300 miles off the Virginia coast on 7 and 8 December 2006. The warship often replenished from other ships and helicopters to maintain her constant vigil, and on one occasion on 10 September, from a U.S. Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion that flew from Akrotiri.

The warship passed through the Bab-el-Mandeb (Gate of Tears), rounded the Arabian Peninsula, and on 20 May 1988 relieved Truxtun (CGN-35) and took up station in the Strait of Hormuz Eastern Patrol Area.

The exercise involved 33 warships from seven NATO countries as they played out air, surface, and undersea warfare scenarios for the week (12–18 May).

Spruance beat Hue City and Russian destroyer Nostoychivvy in marksmanship competition, and earned second place out of 22 ships in seamanship, besting every U.S. participant.

Spruance arrived at Mayport on 19 July. While anchored at Mayport for the remainder of July she underwent a training readiness evaluation and a period of maintenance availability. The class was originally designed for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) with point defense anti-aircraft warfare (AAW) missiles; upgrades provided anti-ship and land attack capabilities. The vessels reached Lisbon, Portugal, for an informal port visit in conjunction with a presail conference, and then took part in anti-submarine, anti-air, and electronic warfare scenarios, as well as gunnery and missile launch training exercises.

[6], The entire class of 30 ships was contracted on 23 June 1970 to the Litton-Ingalls shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi, under the Total Package Procurement concept originated by the Whiz Kids of Robert McNamara's Pentagon. (Spruance (DD-963) Command History Report 2003, Ships History, Naval History and Heritage Command), Spruance presents a familiar but somewhat altered silhouette from her many upgrades as the weathered warship steams into JtfEx 04-02, 11 June 2004. A visit to NS Roosevelt Roads (18–19 April) gave her crew a chance to recover from the rigorous exercises before she turned for home, arriving at NS Mayport on the 25th.


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