terraria secret seed
The Terraria soundtrack is also changed to the Otherworld soundtrack. Another small bonus: all blocks break twice as fast.

Almost all blocks are changed to honeycomb except for jungle and distortion (crimzone). Flying islands are now always affected by corruption or bloody biome (depending on your "bad biome"), and the chests on them are replaced with locked gold ones, like in the Skeletron dungeon. There are only two biome chests: jungle and snowy. Closer to hell, the honeycomb will change to crunchy honey. Spider nests, marble and granite caves, and glowing mushroom biomes will be much more common.

And as another inconvenience, the developers made it so that Skeletron Prime's bombs destroy blocks when they explode. When generating the world, there will be a moment with the moon in the form of a smile. During the generation of the world there will be an inscription Generating bees.

When generating the world, random numbers are replaced for a few seconds with the message: "Setting traps". Secret world seeds are world seeds which have been discovered as secret easter eggs that generate worlds with strange or unique features. In the world selection menu, the tree on the icon of this world will be half distorted, half crimson.

Just like in the world of Drunk World, the Jungle Temple is made of green blocks and is much larger than usual.

If you break a brick, then it will take on the usual texture, placing it will be brown.

After drinking the Red Potion, you will receive 3 random buffs for half an hour! In this world, you can see unusual generation, find exclusive items and hear music that is different from the original. The trunk of the tree extends to the very top of the dungeon. All floating islands are generated near the snow or desert biome.

Now cocoons with larvae will be spawned all over the world. Much like other sandbox type games, players usually generate a random world with a random seat.

Terraria - How to Obtain the Moon Lords Legs (Journey's End / Update 1.4), Terraria - How to Access The Easter Egg Two Evils World (Journey's End /, The Division - Open World 15 Boss Locations (Update 1.4).

Players that are trying to craft Zenith can use this best Terraria 1.4 seed to pickup an Enchanted Sword at 3459' West, 10' Surface.

All demons fly with a voodoo doll in their paws, and houses are built of red-hot bricks. There will be a merchant instead of a guide. There are three all-new secret worlds available for players of Terraria to unlock through these seeds after update 1.4.

Unlike regular world seeds, which affect only the usual world structure, secret seeds can produce worlds with characteristics that would not be attainable through normal world generation, i.e., they can affect the game's mechanics while playing in that world. A "forest" will be generated in the world from several giant trees standing close to each other. When generating the world, there will be a mushroom biome background instead of the usual. The only advantage: in the loot you can find Red Potions, which, unlike using them in any other world, are still useful in this seed. Bosses also have twice the health, and some have been resized.

When generating the world, the loading bar will change from distorted to crimson.

Speaking of the dungeon, it is filled with even more thorns and for some reason looks with its exit towards the ocean. In this world, things aren’t how they normally are in Terraria games.

In the forest during the day, music from Terraria: Otherworld will play.

Both corruption and crimson will be generated in the world.

For example, the Wall of Flesh has become smaller, and the Skeletron has become larger! When generating the world, all text will be replaced with random numbers. After the Journey’s End update, Terraria players have figured out a secret seed that generates a very strange world. The clouds will be in the shape of the face of Redigit, the main developer of the game. The entrance is generated as for the dungeon located on the left side of the map. Instead of a guide, a party girl will appear in the world.

Only hell and pieces of the mushroom biome were left untouched. Loot in giant tree chests is much improved, and there may be exclusive items: Moon Lord's legs, red potion (about 8-10 trees to the left of the spawn in a small world, probably). All rabbits are filled with explosives! Be careful when breaking the jugs: if there are bombs in them, you will not be able to lift them, as they will immediately catch fire and explode in a couple of seconds!


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