thinnest r38 insulation
Install Knauf Insulation in your home and stay comfortable-year-round. Hello Larry, please check with your local Home Depot for this information. Thank you for your inquiry! Other sizes/edge configurations may be available with minimum order.

If headroom is the issue I would add 3/4" strapping (you need it to level the rafters anyway) and then spray foam the rafter cavities flush with the strapping for R40+. When I remove these kickers, I'm planning to add more 2x6 arranged at either 12 or 16" oc. Use either oc or cc spray foam (not sure which to choose) directly against the roof sheathing to fill all areas/spaces between the rafters. We got a new roof out of it.

Please contact or call 1-800-Get-Pink (438-7465) and an agent can get more details about your application and provide additional information. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Documents are in Adobe® PDF format. Hello: I live in downtown Toronto (Zone 6), Canada. Aspen Aerogels makes an aerogel blanket called Spaceloft, and Thermablok produces narrow strips of aerogel that may be a more cost-effective way of utilizing aerogel insulation without breaking the bank. If anybody has ever used firing strips, rigid foam boards and sheet rock only and no exterior insulation did you have a condensation issue and was it worth the cost and loss of some interior square footage? The nice thing about a wood sided house is that it'll indicate problems if one knows how to read the signs.

Easy to Use, Easy to Install, Easy to Work With, Good Size & Weight, Easy to Use, Performs Well, Easy to Install, Easy to Work With, Quiet, Great Value, High Quality, The R-21 Kraft Faced Batt Insulation is comprised. You could feel the heat that was no longer escaping. Does it have any yet known waste hazards when no longer needed? I am trying to find out when you should replace the E brake shoes on my tru... How to Insulate a Cathedral Ceiling with... How to Insulate a Cathedral Ceiling with Batt Insulation. Everything went great and it was very easy to use! What is the thinnest layer of insulation option available out there that would still give me a rating of R-38? Though the question wasn't posed, it's important to check that the flooring structure of the attic is sufficient for occupation as living space before converting the use. Not only are the rafters all 2x6 but they're spaced at 24" oc AND supported by multiple kickers place roughly halfway up the roof pitch.

Unfaced insulation does not have a vapor barrier; used over existing insulation in the attic or where moisture control is not needed., Insulating with EcoTouch® PINK® FIBERGLAS™ Batts & Rolls, Installation Guide for Light Density Building Insulation, EcoTouch® PINK® FIBERGLAS™ Insulation with PureFiber® Technology Product Data Sheet, EcoTouch® PINK® FIBERGLAS™ Insulation - Manufacturers Fact Sheet, R-38 Cathedral Kraft-faced 15.5in x 48in Batt, R-38 Cathedral Kraft-faced 23.75in x 48in Batt, R-38 Cathedral Unfaced 15.5in x 48in Batt, R-38 Cathedral Unfaced 23.75in x 48in Batt, Delivers comfort – helps homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, Will reduce monthly heating and cooling costs, Offers Owens Corning’s exceptional thermal and acoustical performance, Certified to include a minimum of 58% total recycled content **. This makes it suitable for energy efficiency retrofits. by foam insulating the roof line, you are, by detailed air sealing as defined in pdf file attached, you can, continue air sealing & insulating walls and between can diy or opt to foam insulate walls & between floors, if you foam insulate, price the entire roof line of the house (creating an unvented attic), vs just foam insulating the, bonus room roof line/knee walls etc. There are 3 window dormers located along the knee wall so should help a little bit. This stuff would bring a stop to the energy crisis. Bought this to use in the flat part of the ceiling in an attic I was finishing. Aerogel is indeed extremely water absorbing!!! The batts are a good length to handle.

products for insulating your crawlspace and basement.

lol. Other methods mentioned--such as flash and fill with batts or loose fiber or foam boards may be cheaper on a diy basis but will be less thermally efficient. It will be relatively expensive, but seems to work very well. Thank you for your inquiry! exxon said no sorry. Considering I have 2x6 rafters and need 1" ventilation space between the insulation and roof, I basically need to find a way to insulate 4.5" of space with R-38. From the basement to the attic, effective underfloor insulation provides added acoustic and thermal comfort. Hello MandiJF, these batts are 12 inches thick. Handle Swivel-Lock Retractable Utility Knife. Very easy to install since it comes in 4ft.

Your safest bet on the framing changes--roof and floor--would be a stamped plan from a structural engineer/architect. Many layers of paint serve as a flexible covering which inhibits the house's ability to 'breathe'. I'm not sure I understand.

What type of strapping material should be used (i.e. Check your local building code for requirements. It's a hazzard that should be avoided but the hype is litigiously overblown.

Is motorcycle/bicycle level of safety adequate?

x 3 in.

So, which one is water-resistant? It is breathable, but it doesn't absorb water.

Thank you. x 4 ft. Attic Insulation Rafter Baffle Proper Vents (70-Pieces), R-38 Kraft Faced Fiberglass Insulation Batt 24 in. Kraft-faced insulation has a vapor retarder that helps to control moisture transmission through walls or ceilings.

Closed-cell spray foam has an R-Value of R6-6.5 per inch. The best method is Worthy's suggestion of insulative sheathing on top of roof deck.

They work great in 10 in rafters. I'm building a brand new addition to an existing 1888 brick house, on a narrow 17' wide lot. and 0.40 in. Thanks everyone for the replies. © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC.

Aerogel has been around for several years and they still have not brought the price down? That option isn't possible now., page 6 shows detailed information on air sealing attic kneewalls, this is the ticket to making this bonus room in the attic livable. 3-Speed Black Professional Blender with 2 Single Serve Cups, Hot Shot II - Color Tuscan Texture 12 ft. I'll likely be sistering more 2x6. As well, you will have to make changes to the HVAC system to ensure proper air handling. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be thinnest r38 insulation by on September 15, 2020 in Uncategorized Know exactly how much you need with our The map and chart show each region of the U.S., the subsequent zones and corresponding R-values. Thermablok strips can be installed on the exterior of the studs during new construction, or can be applied on the interior during remodeling as well as new construction. *How* the paint starts to come off will often indicate *why* it's coming off.


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