tiffany sedaris mental health

His parents are quote to say that they did not stop the world because they had 6 children and only one was ill. I expressed the depth of my love and affection for her as a friend, and did so again, when we spoke very briefly the next day… It wasn’t enough. Amy grabbed the clutch and started going thru it, showing all of the viewers all of the contents, putting in the jewelry, and almost read the housewives real age from her drivers license before it was snatched out if her hands.

It may be hackneyed, it may be a cliche — it may even be dishonest. This thread is not personally attacking DS. No. - note: actual quote) but I'm thin-skinned, over-invested and stalking you for noting how unhinged you sound.

And in them were family photos that had been ripped to shreds. You gotta admit, that was pretty good.

I am sad that she is gone. Mkay. [quote]You really think randomly quoting me and adding "This one is CLASSIC" amounts to some sort of point? Tiffany Sedaris was very selfish when she killed herself, and ripping up her family photos was cruel. I wrote that, and it was directed to DAvid Sedaris. I’m an artist with a not very kind or interested brother. He repeatedly heard she was living a hardscrabble life. Is no one going to acknowledge the fact that they would be completely creeped the fuck out by someone going through their trash on a regular basis, or is that not what she did? R374, it sounds as if you know nothing about mentally ill people like this woman. A little kindness and the right pills... what is all this she was mentally ill and so impossible to stand crap about. As soon as I read his shocking comment about how "melodramatic" her final act was, I knew for certain that he had complete disdain for her. She wasn't being 'melodramatic'...what part of 'she struggled with mental illness' can't YOU understand? Also, I completely agree with R47. Put a lid on it did not strike me as mean, I read his concern for her in it, and his helplessness.

Suicide is preventable. Sedaris has no emotional subtext. Most people here did not, obviously, read the piece in The New Yorker.

From the tone of David's essay, it seems he never grasped the seriousness of Tiffany's situation, nor did he ever accept the tremendous pain she experienced in childhood. Bravo. Since it was known she was the sister of David Sedaris, townspeople described her using words like "free, eccentric, a collector of things others might not see beauty in" and someone who looked in all sorts of places for "things to recycle in her art.". Jokes are cruel if the recipient is in anyway hurt or offended. Hang in there. His essay on her is quite moving. David Sedaris is a bully, plain-and-simple. So why is that a good point? "YOU'RE A MISOGYNIST BARBARIAN!!!!!" It's generally easier to shrug off an acquaintance's flaws or transgressions than those of someone you love. I forget David is funny. I agree with others who wrote here that she was likely the family scapegoat...and that David's self-absorbed essay only underscores his own narcissism. Well, she was off. to "YOU"RE A CUNT" to "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings and I hope you feel better. I don't like you people. I wish people would read things instead of forming a reaction to what they've heard was said. I knew Tiffany during the last 10 years of her life. Okay, yeah, that would freak me the fuck out. He does mention money (as mentioned upthread), but it seems as a joke to take the edge of a serious subject. No: she was poor and lived in a bad neighborhood because that was the farthest she could get from her toxic, successful, family. That takes the time line back to before David would have had the necessary wealth to lend large sums to anyone. When she was on good terms with one, she was not in contact with the others etc. He'd have no career if he did. If you are interested you can take a look at There's lots of commentary about her on local Somerville message boards...I think she was a bit off.

Now do you see where I'm coming from...? She was effectively sent to a torturous prison for two years of her childhood. The whole thing sort of portrays Tiffany not as part of the family who was shaped by the family she was in, but someone who somehow rejected the family, and her rejection of the family was because she was warped, poor thing, and clearly not a reflection of the Sedarises. Do other authors sell tickets to readings like that?

I was interested, so goggled his family . Maybe it's a result of being the baby of my family, and sometime brunt of sibling "humor," but I always felt a nasty streak of cruelty as well as humor in his family stories. Their mother was an alcoholic, so it's a possibility that she drank while pregnant with Tiffany.

A few articles about the notorious Elan School reveal a lot. Isn't NPR a non-profit, government/listener funded agency? If it's easier for you to replace "clinical depression" with "cancer" then so be it. I still have no idea what you want from me. She never stopped being worthy of help. I'm not being confrontational or attacking. Nothing more.

Aw, hang in there, 346. has anyone outside of datalounge remarked on this creepy new yorker article. They'd have to "sober" up first...or even just grow up. Someone who publicly shits on his ill sister who took her own life. I'm sorry you feel that way. At r146. This is why so many public figures request that their private papers are not made public for 50 or 100 years: they do not want to hurt or unbalance relationships of the people around them. He's funny, successful, and you like him, so he can write about whatever he wants.

Nothing less. Family memoirs break taboos – and trust | The Sineater, Pingback: Friday essay: Can you keep a secret? Apparently, she never forgave her parents for this, or her siblings, either—she thought her brothers and sister somehow should have gotten her out of the institution.

To contribute to your sister’s wellbeing if you have the means, no matter how hard she is to get along with, seems like a no brainer.

[quote]I hope he never suffers like she did.

Her family might still think that the place was just “horrible” in that the food was bad and she got yelled at never knowing that she was abused. I told you.

Maybe you can be my biographer? If you or someone you know is struggling with this, please know it’s so important to seek treatment and I’m here to help. The [italic]New Yorker[/italic] piece says she OD'd on pills of some sort. It sounds like she lost hers as a child, and then had to deal with a famous last name without any of the perks. Don't shoot the messenger. Over two vanloads of possessions were pulled from there and other locations by friends. I respect that this is his experience and his sister and his grief and his work and that he is a writer of such a high caliber that his musings, reflections and essays are published in The New Yorker. The most expensive orchestra seats are long gone and being scalped at $250 per ticket. Somerville is a true melting pot of all races/ages/ethnicities. Glass is no idealist.

I do not give a hoot what anyone else says about this letter.

That does not qualify you, however, to censor DL. Right. Family members should always be taught to respect and support others' opinions, especially if they differ. Medical bills are no reason to give up on life, R346. Sedaris wrote an essay about the complicated, contradictory and confusing reactions of a family dealing with suicide and mental illness. I'm assuming the apologists are just fans with the same sorts of mental health issues that he apparently suffers from.

[quote]The New Yorker piece says she OD'd on pills of some sort. my soul/true, fine mama”; her antique baby blue high chair, in part covered with ancient happy dolphin decals, in which sat a doll (representing her) and an old stuffed animal; a rabbit (representing the rabbit she once owned) named ” Little Sweet Miss Bitsy Who’s Its” AKA, “Hooos” (the number of Os varied with her pronunciation), (she gave it away when she could no longer afford or manage to feed it/care for it), she had already long since given away her cat “Mister Wonderful”; those beautiful, multi-colored old vivid lead paint broom handles David mentioned (which she used to have strung together as a divider between rooms when she had a larger apartment) and the cheap plastic flowers she scattered around her body before taking her life.

If he's a comedy writer, I guess he can't write about family drama? My therapist told me to run. I love how DL'ers have now concluded that David has committed career suicide, so to speak, with this article.

Sedaris then seems heartless and kinda evil in his New Yorker article. I could go on and on.

I think two other pieces read Great Britain 2.5% and Iberian Pennisula 3.5%. Imagine her anguish. For god's sake, it's a fucking Memoir! This may be true of your experience, but it's certainly not universal. It's not the fault of the family — or anyone else. Why does he have to justify and defend himself? There is no earthly explanation why Sedaris couldn't throw a few of his many, many, bucks at his horribly broke little sister. If he didn't offend anyone, then why are you defending him? The stories, though, she keeps. Tiffany sounds like my partner was, brilliant and impossible Like my partner she probably was borderline, due to trauma.

If you can't find the email you can resend it here. But not bullying. It doesn't matter what it is to me. His schtick is starting to wear thin. She didn't comes off badly (a little crazy, yes); he comes off as a weirdo control freak. Mary at 217, yes, I had too much coffee and free time the other day. But, if you grow up in that kind of environment, it can be hard to understand why an outsider might be bothered by it. Also: non-profit=no profits. [quote]Can't have it both ways, sweetheart.


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