timmy the ghost at disneyland
They were enjoying their ride on It’s a Small World when the ride stopped, the lights came on, and Cast Members helped guests off the ride. No matter where you go in the world, it seems like there’s always a woman in white ready to give you an early heart attack right? He is known to get on the ride with a human passenger…but disappear at some point during the ride’s journey.

Not quite as spooky, but as your Doom Buggy travels by the ghostly ballroom scene, you may notice a large spider on the glass just before you pass into the attic. It is said that Walt Disney himself haunts the park. One night, a woman went up, did her usual cleaning routine, shut off the desk lamp, and went downstairs. It is unknown what caused her accident, though it seems most likely that she unbuckled her seatbelt to check on her children. One-Way’. There was only a few inches of clearance, and the train ran right over Cleveland, and he got sucked up into the mechanics.

According to an account on Imgur, a twelve-year-old guest was visiting Disneyland with her family. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Disneyland Trip Report- Timmy and Alice In Wonderland While waiting to get on Alice in Wonderland which had just shut down due to movement inside the ride, one of the guests in line asked about the shut down and mentioned that it must have been a ghost. The Cast Members discourage this behavior and are often left to clean it up, but that hasn’t stopped people over the decades from dropping the remains of their dearly departed loved ones into the ride. While riding the Matterhorn, she was thrown from her bobsled onto the track, and another bobsled rode over her, causing the entire ride to shut down.

Outside, there was an ambulance and police car. The most prevalent story associated with her is that she’s spotted often around Main Street and guides lost children in the park to Guest Services to be reunited with their parents. As the story would go, a child would be snatched from a stroller while the mother’s attention was elsewhere. Thinking there was a short in the lamp, she went back into the apartment, unplugged the lamp, and left. When the family developed the film later that day, the last photo on the roll appeared to be a figure hanged from the ceiling. I don’t know if that is true, but it was certainly a good way to keep us from misbehaving. It is possible that an actual incident that took place in the mid-eighties instigated the panic, but its details were very different. Sure, cemeteries and old houses with a history for murder are one thing, but the happiest place on Earth? Before the Haunted Mansion opened in 1969, it has been said that a guest went on an early test ride, had a heart attack on the ride, and died of fright. While the ghost himself isn’t really all that scary, the story behind it is straight out of a 1980s summer slasher set up. In the 1970s, a man fired his gun at the glass.

After his death in 1966, the apartment remained empty but the workers at Disneyland treated it exactly the same – they made sure it was cleaned frequently and kept it secure. When he was alive, he had a personal home/apartment built above the fire station on Main Street. Another family was caught sprinkling the ashes of a loved one inside the Haunted Mansion, but Cast Members were unable to figure out who was doing it. These bones are thought to be behind the paranormal reports that have been made by visitors to the ride, over the decades since the 60’s. Buried Alive: 7 Shocking Cases of People Who Were Mistakenly Declared Dead, 25 Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes that Will Give You Nightmares, Nightmare Fuel: 5 Real Stories that Will Validate Your Fear of Clowns, Investigation of a Haunted Hotel Produced The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded, The Woman in Black and the Mystery of the Charfield Railway Children, The 10 Most Bizarre Cults in Modern History. There have been numerous reports from children regarding this strange lady in white. A lot of others. If anything in the park is going to be haunted, it’s probably going to be the park’s resident ghost themed attraction right? a Cast Member? The reported ghost of a Victorian lady that wanders the Main Street from time to time. It is said that several of the skeletons on display in the ride when it opened in 1967 were real skeletons, donated when Imagineers had a hard time replicating the skeletons. As with any large public place, the threat of kidnapping is always present. The story goes that, late at night (though not necessarily on Grad Nite) a ghost can be seen running along the Monorail track, and disappearing at the very spot where Cleveland died. The skull’s identity has never been made public but it is a freaky little tidbit for next time you’re on the ride. Ghost in the Rivers of America (Image via stufffromthepark.com) As nice as the lady in white is, this story gets back to the more spine-tingling side of things. In the 1980s, a woman riding the famous Matterhorn roller coaster named Dolly Young was thrown from her bobsled and killed by an oncoming bobsled. Overall, she seems like a pretty helpful ghost to have around. Sometimes places with a reputation for being haunted don’t exactly have the most obvious backstory. © 2018 The Occult Museum.com | All Rights Reserved. I went, and frankly, I found it far more crowded than it normally is, with a bunch of idiot teenagers doing idiot things. Sometimes he is described as a grown man with reddish hair – other reports have him at the much younger age of a teenage boy.

They eventually dropped off the teenager, unharmed, in a neighboring city and drove off. Here are some of the scariest and strangest ghost stories and urban legends to come out of the Magic Kingdom. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. As we mentioned with the crying boy, people have taken to spreading the cremated remains of loved ones across the ride track of the Haunted Mansion as a way to give the ride its infamous 1,000th ghost. Upon closer inspection, the Cast Member discovered an empty urn, engraved with “Rest in peace our dearest grandma Joyce.” Allegedly the urn spent several months sitting in the video surveillance room in the ride, until a couple Cast Members took it up into the catwalk and set up a makeshift shrine to Grandma Joyce. On Main Street, she noticed the light was still on. When he was spotted by security, he took off running and was killed when a monorail hit him. Sometimes he is described as a grown man with reddish hair; sometimes as a child. Opened in 1955, Disneyland is the dream come true of Mr. Walt Disney the father of Mickey Mouse and the entire Disney empire. The Scole Experiment – Proof of Life After Death. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Grad Nite is an annual tradition in Los Angeles where, immediately following your high school graduation, you are bussed out to Disneyland and given free reign over the park until 6am the next morning. As a Los Angeles native, I have been going to Disneyland since I was a baby, and never experienced anything creepy, but others have. I know my mother-in-law has made this request (don’t worry; we told her it wasn’t going to happen). Dropping ashes within the Mansion is a constant happening and one Cast Members have dissuaded against for decades. Thinking she had forgotten to turn it off, she went back to the apartment, shut off the light, and came back downstairs. This ghost is called Disco Debbie, allegedly the ghost of a former Cast Member who died while working on Space Mountain. There’s a longstanding rumor that Disney hides the true number of deaths that happen within the park to ensure good PR. In fact, it holds a record for being the most visited Dark ride and Disney Imagineers worked hard using old magician tricks to create these illusions. I loved every minute of it – what a magical place…but I remember an elderly worker there holding a conversation with myself and my mother…regarding the ghost of Walt Disney himself! On one occasion, a female cleaner was working at the park late at night, and Walt’s apartment was on the cleaning list. He kept an apartment over the fire station on Main Street, where he and his family would stay to enjoy the park, or where Walt himself would go to get some work done. The glass was bulletproof, so it punctured the glass but did not shatter it.


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