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The TOZ-18 is the same rifle redesigned to accept a 2.5-power fixed focus scope. It is possible to mount the magazine of 5 rounds and 10. П.А. It uses 5- and 10 round detachable magazines. No rust, but may have corrosion pits which do not render article unsafe or inoperable. Selling Baikal IJ-27 EM-1C made in USSR. TOZ rifles are a family of .22 Long Rifle bolt-action cadet rifles manufactured by the Tula Arms Plant (Russian abbreviation TOZ stands for Tulsky Oruzheyny Zavod). Home / Firearms / Rifles / TROY. It features twin extractors on the bolt which makes case ejection very positive. Baikal TOZ-99 22LR SEMI-AUTO target rifle, CHIAPPA 17HMR LITTLE BADGER RIFLE .17HMR, 16,5'' non restricted, Chiappa 1886 Ridge Runner 12" 45-70 take down, CHIAPPA 1892 ALASKAN TAKEDOWN 20" .44 MAG 920.312, Chiappa 1892 Alaskan Scout 16" STS 44MAG TAKEDOWN 920.311, CHIAPPA 1892 Alaskan TD 16" Chrome 357Mag 920.349, Chiappa 1892 Carbine 12" "D" c.44 MAG 920.371, CHIAPPA 1892 COWBOY ACTION .357 MAG 16''F.OCT.BARREL, 8 SHOT, CHIAPPA 1892 COWBOY ACTION.357 MAG. TOZ-122 TOZ-122 is a multi charge hunting carbine, a rifle of true Russian pedigree. It features an adjustable aperture sight. List your classified ad today on GunPost. Home of the Rocky Mountain Rifle! Canada Rifles Shop. The TOZ-78 is a .22 LR, bolt-action repeating rifle.

Available in Halifax, NS, VERY VERY NICE CLEAN BAIKAL IJ18M ( I THINK ITS IJ18M , MY RUSSIAN IS BAD LOL ) 20 GA , 26.5 IN BARREL CHAMBERED 3.0 WITH FULL CHOKE , WHOLE GUN IS EXTRA CLEAN, NO RUST, NO CRACKS, INTERNAL HAMMER WITH SAFETY AT TRIGGER GUARD. If the rifle is used for its intended purpose – hunting, high precision from him is not required. It is based on the TOZ-11, and was produced using more modern manufacturing techniques. Varieties. Tang safety, auto enable upon closing the action. It is based on the TOZ-17 and comes in various improved models. This feature is considered the main drawback of the rifle. It has a similar appearance, sights and functions much the same as the Mosin–Nagant rifle. Кузьминский. Toz Rifles Show Filters

The company offers three options for a hunting rifle. [9] This model does not have iron sights. Small-caliber rifle TOZ-99 is designed for commercial mining of small fur-bearing animals such as sable, squirrel, and birds – of grouse, for example.

Рогачев. TOZ-12OPF — is a single-shot .22LR, bolt action cadet rifle.

The Rifle is everything one can ask from a Russian Firearm, rough, tough and reliable. Owner reviews and the price of the carbine-melkashki TOZ-99 are given below. The cost of a hunting rifle of small caliber relatively small. Enter your email address to receive special offers from Century Arms The weapons permitted for use in any region except tropical zone.

The difference between the models is small, their main indicators are no different. Carbine TOZ-99 semi-automatic refers to, i.e., allows to make several shots in a row without spending time for manual recharge. Stored the gun unloaded, with their drummer.

The stock connects all parts of the rifle and serves for convenience when shooting; it has a butt, neck, and forearm.


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