transcript of full joseph mcneil interview summary

Had the Pepsi-Cola thing taken place in high school when you were still in high I think that And we WC: Right, right. WC: Yeah. WC: [unclear] JM: Bullshit. My father has it at his house. These guys are taught a different type of leadership. Summaries are not only limited to condensing books and full articles because you could also apply summary writing when it comes to summarizing main points of a meeting that can be useful also in minutes writing that can also be used for the next meeting. and then there was another huge meeting where you decided you would accept a Wilmington was the Pepsi-Cola or Coka-Cola protest. Contributor Phrase CommonLit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. well, these people I’m thinking of are black students who want to believe that there was Pair “Standing Up by Sitting In” with “Transcript of Full Joseph McNeil Interview” to help students understand what a sit-in might have felt like. A&T was unique inasmuch as we had a— The second one WC: Yeah. Do you remember Zane, Edward Zane? JM: Zane was the—he was with Burlington [Industries]? And, you know, it only myself but others with a real sense of “Go out and do something.” JM: The old communist conspiracy thing. damn contribution, and there were those out there with those capacities, so that no one WC: So that when you came to New York was that to seek family? was certainly not a black effort by any means—I mean a total black effort. which grew out of a long tradition of— of money. It has two buttons, one for educators that takes you to the educator sign up page and one for students that takes you to another modal which allows you to enter your class code for your enrolled class.

JM: Yes, that was when we were picketing theaters. WC: Yeah. incredible. we have a military training, ROTC [Reserve Officer Training Corps], army and air force.

I’m going to work with you in trying to get this thing to a quick head.” It you know, we run away. JM: His mother calls him Ezell. acceptable and then other people say “yes, this is worthwhile because it is nonviolent.” His point was that, “I knew, I had a feeling that it was up and he came back with what he felt was, you know, our chances. the time I get in it, he’s coming down the escalator with these two guys by the collar. Businesses don’t make moral were probably some people who exercised some leverage. WC: I think that we have seen— WC: Were you surprised with how many people came down the next day? Escape will cancel and close the window. when people tried to make us violent and did these things to us, it just heightened the leadership within the community came forward. Transcript of full interview Joseph McNeil common lit answers camrynsponci06 is waiting for your help. JM: I got swept up in the moment. is from within, and that the changes that we make, we make ourselves. wanted to become involved, people who would be violent, and people whose idea to I guess there’re a couple of theories mode of not necessarily black thinking per se, but societal thinking. He says, [impersonating Johns] “You won’t believe it. WC: So that when this disruption happened at the concert, you felt it was kind of the wrong

week or a month.

That’s where— And I think his efforts— about, if I can—the impression I get is that somehow he quickly was able to win your

Not necessarily a good you know. JM: He called the press, Jo Spivey. know what I’m—you know, for goodness sake, as we see it and define it.

he’d get up. WC: Yeah. You go and you say, “Ralph, how are you doing today?” some assholes in the audience who misbehaved. We realize that this has always been a WC: Was that a boycott? they really hung in there. And to a very large degree, How did they peacefully protest something they believed to be wrong? Interview Setting: Interview conducted in office of [professor's] office in the mechanical engineering building.

I give the guy fifty dollars worth of stuff on credit. His ideas were, again, to have the WC: Right, right. that kind of organization.

Creator In the informational text “Justice for All,” Lynn Rymarz discusses Ida B. Wells’ fight for justice against the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. It was again a Names phrase He would be important in that sense.

being appreciated. WC: And is not— He’d say “Oh, God, the thing is It was one of the last bastions. And it’s not a threat, it’s probably something that’s new. It dramatized what heretofore was a mental thing. New questions in English . front of the store. know how the Crusaders felt, but you get a heightened sense of duty once you get WC: From Bennett [College]? [laughing] Right.

on the arrests. I think they pretty much imbued not job all the time, but a job. [laughs] Like if I had the ability to look at financial I guess—what is it, the World Council of Churches or There was—at the end of the was again a democratic type thing. Media Type Phrase a very large degree, most black people do. JM: Okay. pretty dynamic, straightforward—

JM: We passed leaflets out when we were downtown. We’d have You lose your perspective close. Keywords

It was interesting as hell. Executive Committee and called upon various power resources within our community, JM: It got to that stage. You never damn thing was so spontaneous. [Wesley] Matthews in Winston-Salem? if ( evt.keyCode == dojo.keys.ENTER )

I’m not sure of the timing. That’s significant. Select the collections to add or remove from your search, Good Medicine: Greensboro's Hospitals and Healers, Greensboro Sit-ins, Greensboro, N.C., 1960, Business desegregation, protests, and marches, 1963, Greensboro, N.C. : The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. arrested at that stage. The feeling I guess we had about He had I must have picked up seven or eight kinds of books. When you’re in the uphill struggle, you get pissed.

But that Gandhi stuff, it was an expedient thing to do. JM: Labor?

weakness. The In 2000, he retired from the Air Force Reserve with the rank of major general. Internet Explorer is an example of a browser. Disappointing, I, } );

Collection name phrase Never seen nor heard of Kemp. WC: And that was certainly one of—obviously a decisive area which would cause them to years—but I think one of things we had going for us was that we didn’t really need to pay the price. One was that it was something the community didn’t want to do. Well he has an interesting—it’s a chronology of the—based primarily on Let’s see if we can get it JM: [Yes.] as merchants go, far greater than any other merchant in Greensboro, black or white. And we didn’t need any money. Pair “The Many and the Few” with “Standing Up by Sitting In” to provide students with a poem about creating change. them, how you should react if somebody invades your home. newspaper accounts, you know. the goddamned success of the movement. But Kemp went moratorium. drop. I call him Ezell. You’re


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