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Wait!" The 1984 logo plays, but, when the Pegasus starts growing his wings, Richard Pryor says "Easy boy, steady!

TriStar Television instead of "******* white horse! Edit. 1 1st Logo. Abbey Well | Ades (mineral water) | AdeS (soymilk) | AdeZ | Ambasa (Japan, South Korea) | Ameyal (Mexico) | Apollinaris | Appletiser | Aquarius | Barq's (Cream Soda) | Beat | Brisa (Colombia) | Chinotto | Ciel | Costa Coffee | Dasani (Drops) | Dr Pepper | Fanta | Five Alive | Fresca | Frestea (Indonesia) | Fruitopia | FUZE | Fuzetea | GEORGIA | Guaraná Kuat (Brazil) | Heaven and Earth | Hi-C | Honest Tea | Inca Kola | Innocent Drinks (90%) | Kapo | Kia-Ora | Leão (Matte | Chá, Brazil) | Lift | Manzana Lift | Lilt | Mello Yello | Minute Maid | Oasis | Pibb Xtra | Pop Cola (Philippines) | Powerade | Qoo | Quatro (Chile) | Royal Tru Orange (Philippines) | San Luis (Perú) | Sarsi (Light) [Philippines] | Schweppes | Seagram's | Smartwater | Sprite (International | North America | Europe | Lymonade | Zero Sugar) | Surge | Tab | Thums Up (India) | Truvía | Tum-E Yummies | Vitaminwater | Thunder Super Soda (Philippines) | Verde Campo (Brazil) | Sparkle (Philippines), Former/Defunct: Tri-Star Pictures was renamed as TriStar Pictures in 1991, with the hyphen removed from its name under Sony Pictures Entertainment. Other AXN-branded channels: AXN Black | AXN White | AXN Spin | AXN Sci Fi | AXN Mystery | AXN Movies, Sony Channel: 2Formerly co-owned by Warner Bros. Film productions 1991–1993.

2Was co-owned with Warner Bros. Studios. True Entertainment | Sony Crime Channel | TruTV1 | Sony Movie Channel | Movies4Men | True Movies | Pop | Pop Max | Tiny Pop, India Networks:

Communications Company (Others) | Embassy Communications | Embassy Pay Television | Merv Griffin Enterprises (Others) | Rastar Television | Coca-Cola Telecommunications | Barris Industries | Barris Program Sales | Four D Productions | The Mimus Corporation | Diplomatic Productions | Culver Entertainment | Victory Television | Columbia/Embassy Television, Sony Pictures Television Networks On DTV Airings It Says "Freaking White Horse!". Latin America | UK & Ireland | South Africa | Turkey Content is available under $1 unless otherwise noted. Screen Gems Television (Others) | Columbia Pictures Television (Others) | Columbia Pictures Television Distribution | Columbia TriStar Television | Columbia TriStar Domestic Television | Sony Pictures Television International (Others) | Sony Wonder Television | Screen Gems Network | Colex Enterprises | Spelling-Goldberg Productions | Tandem Productions | T.A.T.


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