twisted willow branches for sale
Popular grey spanish moss (Grandfather's Beard) hanging bush.

Sold Out. 2 rocks approx.

View Scale.

Great for Artificial Floral Arrangements and craft projects. 7x7x5cm. Total height is 98cm. 8 pieces per bag. Inexpensive & versatile natural looking twig garland. Realistic brown twig with coating.

Collections MUST HAVES.

100cm (Bundle of 20) Qty: Price: £6.50. This Willow Branches Safety Gate is a premium, dual-mounted pressure baby gate engineered for safety but designed as a work of art.

Wire base with latex foam coating. Total length is 98cm. Artificial moss mat roll 2m in length. DS0023 Willow Stick (Thick) 175cm White.

Willow Branches. Regular price $14.95 Sale price $14.95 Sale. Also known as 'Grandfather's Beard'. $12.00.

Price: £0.00 - £24.00 Buying Options. Evergreen garden Bush in pot.

$18.00. Natural wreath with real green moss. 3ft Twig Garland Natural. Seeking the best willow branches with good quality and affordable prices from DHgate Australia site. DS0031 Twigs / Decorative Sticks with Pine Cones 150cm 3 Colours. Great for floral decoration & event styling.


Contorted Willow Branches REF: Scale.

The leaves provide a quirky texture during the spring and summer and then fall away to allow the distorted branches to create lines against fall and winter sky. Total Height 120cm. Total Height is 98cm. Notify Me.


Aubusson basket. GST. 11x9x5.5cm,

Artificial pussy willow stem.

Use in floral arrangements & event decoration & styling. Leaves are curled, narrow, tapering and bright. Artificial pussy willow stem.

Sydney's best range of quality artificial twigs & branches plus fake moss sheets & moss rocks.

Saturday 9AM to 12 Noon Versatile artificial moss mat for floral art, craft or woodland theme decoration.

12 Metres. SALE; FAQ; CONTACT US; MILK MONEY; Beautiful Inspiration .

Small hanging plastic green moss clump on stem. Popular hanging moss bush.

Aubusson basket. True to na. Queensland Brisbane Region. Total length is 98cm. S8883GY > $ 17.00 ea.

The leaves provide a quirky texture during the spring and summer and then fall away to allow the distorted branches to create lines against fall and winter sky. Real Dried Spanish Moss.

12/09/2020. H0298NT > $ 3.00 ea.

Currently the colour is green/natural not dark green as pictured.

View Scale.

DS0022 Curly Willow Stick / Decorative Sticks 180cm 4 Colours.

18 Henry St, Henley Brook, Perth, Western Australia Total roll is 1.5m in length with 14 branches ranging from 15-45cm.

Add that rustic touch to your event styling or floral arrangements with this 1.8m bunch of natural look vines.

Coated Twig for a realistic look.

12  x 1m natural looking twig pieces in a bundle. Sunday - Closed Public holidays - Closed, Beautiful and realistic artificial flowers Perth | Call (08) 9249 6606, Dasies, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums & Sunflowers, Peonies, Ranunculus, Delphiniums & Hyacinths. This deciduous tree works well as a focal point near water features and gathering spots in the landscape.

10 Metres. Total length is 26cm. Can be used as a bunch or separated into individual strands. _____ The Milou’s weave thread has the appearance of willow branches. 0499 772 575 This is updated in March or April each year. Spanish Moss Hanging Bush 98cm Grey. Tall silver plastic twig branch. Plastic. 30cm diameter. DS0027 Grass Bunch 125cm Green.

DS0024 Bamboo Stick 127cm Eggplant / Green . This list describes the Willow (Salix) trees that we generally grow in our bare root nursery.

$8.50 Sold Out.

Plastic. Real moss dried & dyed. Closed Public Holidays

Tuesday to Friday 9AM to 3PM Opening Times Corkscrew willows add personality to a landscape with their curly-cue leaves and twisted branches. $12.00. GST. Due to vagaries of production and demand however not all of the trees listed here will be available every year. Canopy. 4 rocks approc.

Artificial Flowers & Plants - Realistic plastic and silk flowers, ACC0097 / 98 / 99 Wicker Wreath & Ring (Floral / Plain / Olive), DS0002 Decorative Sticks 180cm Orange / Black / Red, DS0002GRE Decorative Sticks 180cm Green (Yellow Tips), DS0003 Decorative Grass Bunch 143cm 2 Styles, DS0006 Grass Bunch with Coloured Tips 90cm, DS0015 Glitter Decorative Sticks 115cm Silver / Bronze / Gold, DS0018 Prairie Foxtail / Pampas Grass 124cm, DS0021 Twig Stick / Decorative Sticks (Thin) 170cm 4 Colours, DS0022 Curly Willow Stick / Decorative Sticks 180cm 4 Colours, DS0024 Bamboo Stick 127cm Eggplant / Green, DS0026 Wild Grass Bunch / Wheat Bunch 61-93cm 4 Styles Orange, DS0031 Twigs / Decorative Sticks with Pine Cones 150cm 3 Colours, DS0033 Tree Branch 110cm (Fully Twistable) White / Green, DS0034 Decor Stick with Yellow or Purple Flower 165cm, DS0035 Green Decor Stick with White Tips 160cm, Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm - WE CAN DROP TO OUR DEPOT IN BIBRA LAKE OR WE CAN … Minimal care to keep them healthy.

Maximum Spread.

Maximum Height . Share: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Google+; Shipping . Saturday 10am to 4pm Realistic looking moss covered stones. Notify me when back in stock. Also available in dark brown - not pictured. Watering is needed only when there is little rainfall or soil is dry.

DS0033 Tree Branch … Inexpensive & versatile natural looking twig garland. ex. 25cm diameter. ex.

Artificial Australian Native Flowers & Exotics, Artificial Peony, Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Flowers, Topiaries, Cones & Spirals & Boxwood Balls, Artificial Roses and Baby's Breath Flowers, Artificial Sunflowers, Gerbera & Daisy Flowers.


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