unique vintage baby names

Abraham, the first of the Old Testament patriarchs, was the founding father of the Jewish.

This popular, traditional name has been... Olive tree.

We feel it’s time to give a nod to grandmother’s choice and pass on this name to the new generation. During the Romantic period, Raymond was every mom’s most preferred name for their son. Alexander is one of those names that can never fall out with traditional parents.

Jasper is also a better alternative to Joshua, Jacob, and Jayden. Well, then why don’t you opt for this name for your son? The meaning of the Charlie is ‘strong’. Rockabilly was a form of rock and roll popularized by none other than Elvis Presley. This short and sweet name packs a punch for a boy’s name.

We’re sure you will fancy several names in the list. The meaning of this Italian name is ‘star’. With catchy nicknames like Sammy and Sam, Samuel is a great formal name without being too stuffy. Ida is a German name meaning ‘diligent and hardworking’. People in the past centuries were obsessed ywith names ending with ‘ie’, Fannie being one of them. It will make a great name for your son. Many old fashioned baby boy names are rising in the shadows as well like the modern-sounding Harley, Waylon, and Quentin. This beautiful Victorian name has several lovely meanings, like ‘loving’ in Swedish, ‘apple’ in Persian and ‘good’ in Celtic. It will make an excellent middle or first name for your little gem. Even a slew of characters from television shows was named Winifred. It has a balance of sass and refinement. You can name your daughter Sara and call her Sadie as a nickname. Everett has an upbeat vibe to it.

Emperors, kings and saints have borne... Home ruler.

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Lula sounds quite an odd name, but it ranked 36 in the baby girl’s name list during the 90s. Vintage baby names are becoming the trendiest names.

You can shorten it to Sam if you want.

The name Helen, meaning shining and bright lights seems pretty appropriate name for your daughter. This is one of the unique vintage baby girl names. Emma is a quintessential feminine name coming from the Germanic origin. It means ‘wise protector.’. Even Edgar Allen Poe has been just as famous as his predecessor as Edgar Degas. Winifred, meaning peacemaker, was the moniker of Winnie Mandela, the South-African anti-apartheid activist. Jack is one of those short names that pack a wallop in it. It is a sweet, retro name for parents who to give a stylish moniker to their child. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. The name Hazel conjures up the image of a hazy, greenish-brown eyed girl. It’s the Named after an area of Asia Minor, Lydia is one of the first place names.

The name Olive had completely fallen out of style, but is now on the rise. If you want a baby name that’s not a part of the suburban naming trend, then look no further. Naomi is one of the few names that give a sense of determination and strength when you call it out. This lovely Victorian name has many positive meanings in different languages. It’s Howard’s girlfriend from the show “Big Bang Theory”. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services.

It’s also a shortened version of Mercedes. It has a sophisticated, elegant and has a timeless appeal to it.

Just like its cousin Nora, even Cora is on the rise. Lion.

This retro name is perfect for a spring baby. Harvey has something wonderfully vintage about it. In a time, when trendy names are dominating the playground, some parents still long for elegant and simple names of the past. But Harold sound bolder for a boy’s name. This is one of the unique vintage baby girl names.

Annabelle: This cute vintage girl name is seeing an upsurge along with the other ‘elle’ ending names.

This old fashioned name is as famous now as it was before and we don’t see it fading anytime soon. Augustine, a unisex name will make a beautiful name, no matter the gender of your baby. Today, the popular bearer of this name is the “Pink Floyd” brand. 135 Most Popular Lord Vishnu Names For Baby Boys, 200 Sinh Rashi Baby Names For Boys And Girls, With Meanings, 150 Beautiful, Cute, And Unique Middle Names For Boys, 77 Kickass Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings. Grace is truly amazing—and one of the ... Free man. You can use it as a nickname too. Below are 25 of the most beautiful Vintage baby girl names that are all set to make a comeback. This cute vintage girl name is seeing an upsurge along with the other ‘elle’ ending names. Its popularity increased manifolds with the arrival of the German Hanover monarchy.

Despite being a classic name, Mercy still feels original.

This short form of Henrietta given to over 600 baby girls in 1914 will make an excellent pick for your daughter. An enduring and beloved name, Samuel has spent... Born of yew; youth.

No wonder this name has been so popular for all these days. Don’t you think that the fashion in the Victorian Era was simply amazing? All rights reserved.

It recalls all the famous Henrys including Henry Ford, Henry David Thoreau, and Henry Fonda.

Grab a pen and paper and start jotting down your favorites. Pregnancy Spotting And Bleeding: Causes, Diagnosis And Prevention, 2nd Week Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes, 8 Benefits Of Dates During Pregnancy And How They Ease Labor, 9 Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes In Pregnancy, 50 Best Baby Names That Mean Love For Your Little One, 250+ Country Baby Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings, 85 Baby Names Meaning Happy And Joy For Girls And Boys, 35 Popular And Modern Virtue Names For Baby Boys And Girls.

Here’s a name for the “Boardwalk Empire” fans out there.

It means ‘father of multitudes.’.

Calvin is a retro, yet quirky name that’s been occupying a safe place on the top 100 list since the 20th century.

The name captures the purity and innocence of the Romantic era. Are you looking for a variation of Adeline or Adele, the most famous names of this year? This Latin name, loved by authors like Dante and Shakespeare, has a lovely meaning ‘she who brings happiness’.

The red gemstone. It was a favorite with the authors too! It is one of the most popular names of all times.

Naomi means ‘pleasant.’.

Adelaide was the name of the 19th-century British queen. This short and sweet name was a favorite in the Victorian Era.

This elegant vintage name, meaning “free man” has held the place in Top 100 since 1994.

You can shorten the name Charlotte in a number of ways like Charlie, Char or Lotta. The meaning of Clara is ‘bright and clear’. Son of the right hand; son of the south; son of my old ag... Industrious, striving; work. Share your views in the comment section. How can you forget Lizzie from “Pride and Prejudice”? Modern parents love this less dowdy sounding name. Besides, innumerable celebrities are bearing this name. Barn dances, homemade maple ice cream and beautiful petticoats, the golden old period had some great things. Leo is a short and cute name that exudes strength. It has also made a position in the Top 1000 chart after a slow and steady decline.


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