what happened to dennis fung

[103][109], During cross-examination Gerdes admitted having no experience or training in forensic evidence gathering or forensic DNA testing and had never done any of the tests whose results he was criticizing at trial himself or at his lab. The destruction of LAPD criminalist Dennis Fung self-description offered in the letter— which further corroborates When Judge Ito gathered all of the potential jurors at the beginning of the trial, he told them, “This is perhaps the most important decision you will make in your own personal life.” It’s hard to tell if his words were hyperbole or understatement—the guy who’s supposed to be keeping a level head mistakes celebrity for both personal fulfillment and fulfillment of a civic duty. Was Dennis Fung really such a disaster on the stand? Calls In, While Jurors Speak Out / Simpson tells CNN of 'misrepresentations, "O.J. The contamination claim was dependent on all the blood in the case being 100% degraded and the real killer's DNA lost. evidence with his bare hands; then he wasn’t sure. [8][9][10], Judge Ito made several important decisions concerning the DNA section of the trial. Foreman Amanda Cooley responded she had no explanation for that incriminating evidence and it didn't factor into their reasonable doubt decision, implying she ignored it. Dismissed juror Jeanette Harris, who expanded on her stories of racial disharmony among the jury to Ito,, said she was suspicious of what had happened to the sample.

This time he was only allowed to testify about the facts in this case and could only infer from things that actually did happen. They argued that Simpson's blood found on the evidence samples resulted from contamination in the LAPD crime lab with the reference blood in all but three exhibits. representatives had left the scene; then, after seeing a video, Fung The prosecution actually preserved nearly all the samples for the defense but they ultimately declined to test the samples themselves. Although three exhibits were allegedly planted, by closing arguments lead defense attorney Johnnie Cochran had focused on a single exhibit: the bloody glove found by detective Mark Fuhrman at Simpson's Rockingham home.

Even though Marcia Clark emphasizes the 1 in 170 million statistic, exactly what DNA is and why it was so damning was not ingrained in culture, and her “many, many more times” more accurate than a fingerprint analogy just wasn’t good enough. Neither of their publications after the trial mention the Simpson case. 6/29/20 What Happened to Lori Vallow's Kids?

The defense also declined to test the samples themselves for the “real killers” DNA or for EDTA. 9/3/20 Self-Proclaimed Witch Charged with Federal Kidnapping in Missing Mom Case, 9/3/20 Rochester Officers Suspended in Suffocation Death, 9/3/20 Brother of Missing Colorado Woman Organizes Search, 9/3/20 Minn. Attorney General Cites Aggravating Factors in George Floyd Case, 9/3/20 Todd Mullis to Be Sentenced for Killing Wife, 9/3/20 Mansion Murders Trial: Man Accused of Killing Brother and Family, Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield Premieres 9/13, 9/2/20 13th Juror: Carole Baskin Joining DWTS, 9/2/20 A Fight For Justice: D.A. investigator cringes at case's TV retelling", "O.J.

[139], The defense claimed that one drop of blood on the back gate at Nicole Brown's home was planted by the police.

But he indicates that he would be unlikely to offer negative testimony about testing done at state lab", "PAGE ONE -- O.J.

juror thinks 'it's obvious' he'll get parole", "O.J. case", "Witness Tries to Explain Missing Simpson Blood", "SIMPSON ATTORNEY DISPUTES BLOOD EVIDENCE", "Jury Mutinies and Bloody DNA Evidence: The O.J.

Oh, yes, he really was, except that Barry Scheck’s takedown lasted for two weeks. Juror Carrie Bess responded that she thinks the blood belonged to Simpson's children.

The previous record?

As for the other highlights of the episode? She testified to much the same as Dennis Fung - evidence collection, storage and transportation at the crime. 6/26/20 Legal News Update. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13 premieres on September 5 at 10 p.m. Due to its abundance and exhaustive validation, the prosecution considered the DNA evidence infallible. Boy, did ex-juror Harris tell it to the judge--who, by the way, was right to say he was losing patience with the trial's geologic pace.

[28][62][63][64], Criminalist Renee Montgomery of the California Department of Justice Crime Lab testified from May 23 to May 24, 1995. An LAPD criminologist, Dennis Fung's responsibilities related to the analysis of crime scene evidence. [146] All maintain they understood the DNA evidence presented at trial and defended their decision in books and interviews. Simpson. According to The Run of His Life, “She said the deputies had intentionally given the white jurors the extra half hour to shop at Ross while hurrying the black jurors through the store.”, However, it was Hampton’s meeting with Ito to request being dismissed that led to the infamous “jury revolt,” as Dominick Dunne described it to Larry King. The prosecution also produced an article from the FDA showing that not only is EDTA still used in food (which Rieders denied), it is found in the French fries and Big Mac that Simpson ate approximately one hour before the murders. Blake is a world-renowned forensic scientist who pioneered the establishment PCR testing as a reliable forensic science. 6/8/20 Arbery Shooting: Will Use of Racial Epithet Come into Trial?

Scheck’s treatment of Dennis Fung was deplorable.

Jurors, who seemed more alert than on Monday, kept their eyes riveted on the witness but took no notes. Sims denied the claim and said a different photo of the same gate taken on June 13 shows the blood was already there. ", "One O.J. All of the jurors were initially confident in their reasonable doubt about the DNA evidence. [77], The defense called Rieders again on August 14. As Fung moved along the defense table, he came to Simpson, smiled and put out his hand. His review found nothing negative to say about the tests from the State Department and Cellmark Diagnostics, concluding those results are likely valid and If he testified he would have to turnover his reports stating the reasons why he reached that conclusion.

[15] At trial, Peratis's documentation confirmed the blood draw at 3:30 pm and the jail's security camera show that Vannatter left the jail at approximately 4:00 pm and the laser disc recorder on his police car confirmed that he did drive for over an hour to get to Rockingham. The jurors go stir crazy, O.J. Simpson's lawyers could not contain their glee. Critics panned the book calling it "self-aggrandizement" and noted that Cochran says Simpson is innocent because police planted some but not all the blood evidence against him. [111], When Judge Ito instructed Gerdes to narrow his testimony to facts about this case during cross, journalist noted his demeanor changed as his contamination claim became more dubious.

Dr. John Gerdes testified from August 2-4 and August 7,1994. Fung’s eyes. Division (and undertraining of its personnel), but whatever the

reasons, the failures reflected on the prosecution’s case against O.J. Dennis turned out to be the character who met his death during EastEnders’ explosive anniversary scenes aboard the party boat. 8/6/20 Lori Vallow Daybell Waives Preliminary Hearing – But Why? The self-confident and poised Aschenbach had said during jury selection that her advocacy once changed the minds of all eleven of her fellow jurors in another case.”. NEWSWEEK has learned from two police sources that none of the blood collected by investigators - including Simpson's sample--was officially booked into evidence until June 16, four days after the murders.


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