what happened to the families in plastic china

He later visits a gaudy Beijing car show where his eye is caught by a model costing the equivalent of $11,500 — this Western-style luxury is in stark contrast to Peng's reported wages of $6.50 a day.

That’s the main source of outward tension in the film, though the squalor in which they all live is a painful commentary on the costs of rapid growth in such a stratified country. Kun, meanwhile, puts in many sweaty shifts himself ("Only from dirty works like this can I support my family") and complains that he makes low profits because of excessive government taxation. The success of the first film got Wang invited to California, where he toured recycling plants as part of his next round of research. But where do these taxes go if not on public education? Welcome to Wang Jiuliang’s Plastic China, a quiet, intimate look into the lives of two Chinese families barely scraping a living by laboring at a small family run recycling plant. Following up his 2011 Beijing Besieged by Waste, Wang now shifts his attention to Shandong, a province on China's eastern coast.

Welcome to Wang Jiuliang’s Plastic China, a quiet, intimate look into the lives of two Chinese families barely scraping a living by laboring at a small family run recycling plant. Getty Images/EyeEm This story is part of a group of stories called Wang’s camera catches heartbreaking images of Jie, the preteen with a collapsing weight of responsibility on her young shoulders. The owner of this busy enterprise is Kun, a married man in his late 20s who has one son, Qiqi, who is 3 going on 4. Executive producers: Ben Tsiang, Jean Tsien, Chao-wei Chang, Hsiao-Ming Hsu

In Yi, Mandarin Chinese Up to 60 per cent of Quebec’s plastics went to China before its ban; Halifax is reportedly sending three hundred tonnes of plastic to landfill, and Calgary is sitting on five thousand tonnes of plastic waste, with all of that having gone to China in the past. Sales: CNEX, Beijing (contact@cnex.org.cn) In 2016, the Ontario government released its Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario, diverting our wasteful ways towards a completely circular economy (zero-waste) by 2050.

The daughter of a young plastic factory worker, Yi Jie, looks over a heap of plastic while cradling her baby sibling. Harmful, insidious, invisible forces are evidently at work here, both of a socioeconomic and physiological nature. FACEBOOK Premiering at IDFA in Amsterdam in November, it landed the runner-up Special Jury Award in the "First Appearance" section restricted to debut and second works. The picture that takes shape here is of a 21st-century economy that functions as a self-perpetuating trap for those unlucky enough to find themselves within its toils.

“As a grownup in China, I share a responsibility of finding ways to make the country a better place to live.”. As research on plastic and its detriments on the environment increasingly pop up on our news feeds, it’s obvious that we’ve reached a breaking point.

A magazine advertisement for the Sandals Resorts looks like paradise; catalogs with computer parts offer up opportunities to build paper versions of electronics she could never afford. “That part of the industry is very sensitive, and if you have nothing to do with them, you can’t get in,” Wang said. Either the government is already losing faith in the reality of its implementation, or it needs a bigger budget for advertising. A serious-faced child, Jie is the real focus of Plastic China, the future prospects of this "fast learner" dependent on education, which her father says he can't afford.

Here’s how the outcome of the U.S. election could impact Canada. 2:53 PM PST 12/30/2016

But while everyone we see is in some way a victim, that doesn't excuse personal flaws and self-defeating traits.

“They don’t know how the United States really is, because all they have received is information from Chinese TV, which is made by the Ministry of Media,” Wang said. by We all must initiate a seismic cultural shift that sees a serious slowing down of our relentless consumerism. The whenever is ambiguous, as his 11-year-old daughter Yi Jie tells the camera that he’s been promising to send her to school since she was five. Where Wang achieves sentimentality and awareness at displaying his subjects’ somber existence, he fails in giving his audience any objective information about the health, social, or environmental impacts of the Chinese recycling process.

Then the country stopped buying almost all our recyclables. Yi-Jie, who lives in a spare room at the plant with her parents and siblings, spends her days working and constructing imaginary worlds atop the piles of trash that cover the ground.

A deliberate shift in consumption will not happen overnight. Twenty-something Kun is a hard worker with a dream of buying a new car to boost his social status. Jie's reflective silences, meanwhile, speak eloquently for themselves — a real pity, then, that Plastic China is the latest documentary to feel the need to insert poignant tinkling piano for any kind of downbeat sequence. Landfills stretch out endlessly, enormous hills of colourful plastic bottles loom in the distance, and what we can only presume to be toxic water run-off from the factory is what Jie uses to wet her hair before she brushes it. The Beijing section also includes a trip to the Great Helmsman's mausoleum, where communist slogans now carry a decidedly incongruous air: "All the people will have a well-off life!" Neil Young

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Wang turned his focus to imported plastic, and after some digging, learned that it was being brought to a little town in the province of Shandong, along the coast. A serious-faced child, Jie is the real focus of Plastic China, the future prospects of this "fast learner" dependent on education, which her father says he can't afford.

If we do nothing and continue to turn our beautiful world into a Wall-E-esque nightmare, then the fate of our civilization will be suicide by garbage. Concentrating on one boss, one worker and the worker's preteen daughter — who spends more time laboring than schooling — it's an empathetic, intimate, quietly moving story of wealth inequalities.

Hsiao-Hung Pai went to Fujian province to talk to some of them !’” Wang recalled. It is imperative that we completely eliminate unnecessary plastics, and that can only be achieved by radically changing our habits and becoming conscious of the environment with everything we do and everything we buy. All rights reserved. The country’s populist leader, Premier Wen Jiabao, had the illegal ring of refuse sites investigated and then cleaned up, which was at once a major victory and just the beginning of Wang’s dive into the dirty downside to China’s capitalist surge.

You need an active subscription to post a comment. The ban was initiated in January of this year and undoubtedly the shockwaves are being felt in the international community as countries look to Asia for another foreign landfill. Without a fundamental cultural shift in our society’s grievous over-use of plastic, we will see the same mountains of scraps growing in our pristine backyards just like Peng, Kun, and Yi Jie see everyday. This film debuted two years ago, but its relevance is striking in the wake of China’s sudden refusal to continue importing foreign waste. Peng is helped out by his three children, with daughter Jie — who looks about 10 — shouldering much of the burden of labor and childcare. The photographer-turned-director’s debut documentary, 2011’s Beijing Besieged by Waste, discovered the city-sized hills of garbage trucked to the outskirts of the Chinese capital, where displaced families lived in houses made of trash.


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