why did boonieplanet shut down
(AND MAKE SHURE THAT YOUR GAME PROGRES IS ALWAYS SAVED! Soo I suggest that you play this game,but you need to give everyone something bc of all the problems, 2 stars, ok, the games amazing. to me! We need your help! Everyvody, the reason you cannot get this game is because it has been deleted. I love this game a LOT btw now they closing the game it's sad cuz i used to play this game an now i found it there are some glichs an the game is gonna end wich is sad btw keep up the great work maybe you can make this game again? It keeps saying (chat room is full) and then kicks me out of my home. I dont give last star because why is there a login gift that is vip... And you cant even claim it when ur not vip... R. U. D. E PEOPLE!!! Also why can't we have AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU WANT on this game as a NON-VIP i get so many friend request but I can't accept as i have over 700 friends (i am aware that is a lot) hope you read this review and respond!!

2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark, CVR 31269008. it's fun at first, then it's not, as there's not many places to go. And maybe and section whereby you can save different looks and when you click on the look it makes your captain wear it. It keeps saying that my chat room is full and kicks me out of my house. spielen I love bonnie planet!!! Every click on the volleyball will earn the player 1 play point (2 if they're a VIP) which will be added to their total score for that game. Please note that we provide both basic and pure APK files and faster download speeds than APK Mirror. would even be fine if they added a Classic Mode with no seasons. This app is rated 4.14 by 43 users who are using this app. When I downloaded it, and pressed the game it loads a LITTLE and says "unstable internet connection please check internet connection and please try again" this is so annoying I waited a good 10 minutes and NOTHING changed!! Its so annoying it always lags like whe I try to type my user name it all turns invisible, Hate the game,If you have a boonie and a egg that needs to be hatched you can't go in to hatch the egg.Wouldn't recommend at all , I like playing this game but it takes forever to load and I had to wait for an our and it didn't work, I love this game a lot but there's one thing I don't like it's that you have to pay real money to be a vip Pls change that other than that I love alot, I love this game it is so cute and I love all the pets it's a simple game! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Might as well pay for a proper MMO or multiplayer Switch game at that point. Until replaced by the new boonies, retired boonies appeared in pop-up messages and on the homepage slides. I'm appreciative for all else, but could you put a little bit more effort being considerate, but only the greediness, will ever touch your heart? I was expecting MSP 2 to Okay so google announced that Adobe Flash will be active only The games are SOO boring, and most of the time it loads to like 3% then stops.

i love it, its not laggy!

Again it's good but I can't get into my house. Great game this has become so popular in my class a the moment so many of my friends are playing !!! ✌❤ now i am sick because I was catching a cold but i Also used to play it alll of the X mas!

The player can also choose to instantly grow their boonie a stage for 12 diamonds by purchasing an upgrade in the diamond shop. Feel free to talk No one really plays this anymore! before all the updates the game was so good but now its just.... bad you shoukd not of made the updates they just made the game wrose. BooniePlanet Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Worlds largest free African-American online community where Black women and Black men meet to chat, discuss and engage on what matters to us. ... i cant enter my house i cant see my friends list or chat same with change how i look i think one problem is it has a bug or IT HASN'T BEEN UPDATED SINCE 2019 IT'S 2020 PLS UPDATE THE GAME AND FIX THESE PROBLEMS . I think it's bad because I have internet and it's saying I don't have it please fix this bug!

please make it the old game and not all the new updates. I personly LOVE the game but every time I try to go on the game since i fixed the device i play it on. from an old player, Hey I like it I think it needs a little more updates it's a great game to play one your bored and have nothing to do, I mean the game is good but i cant enter my house please remove some of these things 1:everytime i go to my house i cant get to go in it because it says "this chatroom is full" WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN EDIT THIS PLEASE IM SOO annoyed IF NOT THEN REMOVE THE"THE CHATROOM IS FULL" thing PLEASE FOR GOD SAKES, I think its good and the boonies are cute but when I do the boonie race it doesn't let me move and it has been almost a month and my egg still has not hatched and I like all the things that I can do, It was Amazing it was like i was inside a magical place in a Angelic dream! MovieStarPlanet Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I love the game but I'm not alowed to go in my house and when my friends invite me to their house it says chat room is full and same when I try to go in my house I do recommend the game and you to download the game but if it didn't do that this would of been a five but if this dose not get fixed its staying a four and I will delete the game if it dose not get fixed,my sister deleted it and now I can't download it. You can help the wiki by expanding it. I even deleted it and redownloaded the app but that didn't help either. It's just forcing ppl being VIPS for all the cool stuff :( its not fair. So let's get in and tell them befor…. Well...i would rate it five stars except...when I try to download it, it just says that it can't be downloaded!!!! It's a fun game but rarely is there anyone to play a game with and sometimes there is noone so you cant play a mini game. I mean, it's fun and all, but there's this new update and u need vip to get ANYTHING that's actually cool. It won't let me into my house. Plz fix it.

one to four regarding the plot, but sadly, they're gone or in a So BSP should add a

era is a disaster. ❤❤❤, I would give it a five stars but I think I would rather play more often if it had NO INTERNET but the rest is fantastic! They could finally get Im relatable...i aint vip... Thats all games ok tho i recomend it but i dont to thos who have short patience... Ps.my name there is Eiffel towa JedMaster1 PeasFur ValeryChain Ty OvO I recomend to kids because you make new friends everyday And its also family friendly And the characters are cute Me personaly i like Foxy i think shes pretty cute so is rayden and the controls are easy you just gotta tap Its a nice game And again Stay safe at home ^^. I hate to hear as of may there will be no more BooniePlanet.I really love the game and yes I had some problems . Boonie Planet is an Amazing Game! But the thing is you have to wait forever to get more beanies. There were once hearts on the like button instead of a thumbs that as well and invite more people to edit the wiki! This game is quite Creative! let you talk to people that are online it is online game yeah it's like normally like the best game I ever played I also have the two other ones movie star planet in Block Star Planet yeah they're great to but I think boonie planets kind of better my favorite was boonieplanet then it's block star planet the last one is MovieStarPlanet I really hope so get either a fourth one or boonie planet 2, Everyone realize that the game shut down, that's why there's a unstable connection. By browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You get to talk to friends, play with fiends, and also explore new things! My connection is perfectly fine and there is no issues with my service. Please can you fix this? Please fix this.

My fav game and its acting like rubbish fix this or I'm deleting. success and it would satisfy many old users who think the Season But over all i rate fi e stars!!! now we have to buy every boonie, you can't earn them. 0 stars!! Fame, fortune & friends is yours!

I have had this amazing game on an off for about a year and I have absolutely loved every moment of playing.


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